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  1. 3 hours ago, dyei nightmare said:

    yes,  houdini has become more artist friendly,  and thats not bad,  but i thought that the main target of side fx were the companies that are working on vfx, but dont want to spend a lot of money on software developers or creating new inhouse software.  but anyway this is a topic for other thread, i mean,  the wrangle nodes system is wonderfull and dynamic,  but,  i dont understand why sesi are putting more effort on modeling department instead of making a faster mantra renderer and less noisy.   

    We can't do both? :)

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  2. I would try adding a CPU temp monitoring app (might be one in the motherboard software package) to see if you temps are getting high (>80C under heavy load).  If it is high before it crashes (80-90C), try reseating the heatsink. With thermal paste you only want a tiny smear - you should still be able to see the copper beneath, looking slightly greyish.

    Then, if the temp is okay, try testing your RAM. You might have got a bad stick. You can do this by pulling some RAM sticks  and retesting, and narrow it down to the bad stick, or use memtest86 (https://www.memtest86.com/). Also, you can try changing stuff in your EFI config (formerly known as BIOS):

    • Disable memory EMP profiles
    • Disable any CPU boost option, or overclocking

    Good luck!

  3. Generally speaking, things which are threaded:

    • Anything written in VEX (wrangles, shaders)
    • Anything written in OpenCL
    • Mantra
    • Many sim solvers, especially for volumes and particles
    • COPs

    Things that aren't:

    • GL Rendering, UI
    • Expression and python evaluation

    Many nodes are threaded, but this varies on a node-by-node basis.

  4. The backticks remove the ambiguity of whether the string field represents a true string or an expression. There's no ambiguity in float and int fields because all the characters must be numeric (or numeric related). If you're not a fan of the backticks, you can key the string parameter, then toggle to expression mode by LMB clicking on the parm label, then entering the expression. Keying and switching to expression mode removes that ambiguity.

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  5. At the moment there's one too many degrees of separation from the scene viewer to COPs when a texture is sourced from COPs and the dependency isn't being added on the COP network nodes (scene > OBJ >  Mat > COPs). It's a known issue which should hopefully be resolved soon. It's live in the sense that anything causing the viewport to redraw will pick up the changes; the COP node changes themselves just aren't causing a redraw.

  6. What Time Machine does is to select a frame from the first input's sequence based on the second input's image, on a per-pixel basis. Black maps to 0, White maps to +10 frames (by default), relative to the current frame. The easiest way to see the effect is by plugging an animation into the first input, and a ramp into the second input. Smaller values, like -2 and +2, tend to give more interesting results, especially when noise is used as the second input.



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  7. Discussions are fine, as are opposing views. But once it starts getting heated and Ad Hominem attacks starting appearing, most often both sides will dig in and the discussion rarely goes anywhere useful after that. It's best just to shut down the discussion to reset it - often that results in heads cooling off, and people can try again if they like.