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  1. Hello all, Instead of making sprite rotate randomly, I'm trying to make it point to my vel direction. Could not figure it out, someone please shed some light on this. Thanks. Goal Current I've seen the following threads http://forums.odforc...rmal-direction http://forums.odforc...prite-rotation/ embrace_ramesh_POPS_001.hipnc
  2. Point Instancing Question

    Thanks for the replies guys! What Netvudu mentioned is what I'm looking for. But the trunc method is also pretty useful for other purposes Thank you so much! I've been over thinking, tried group range, for each etc...
  3. Hi guys, I'm trying to get my point instancing to do like every 6 points instance obj1, and obj2 and so on. The goal is say user could define point 0-6 to be using "/obj/geo1/" and 7-12 using "/obj/geo2/". Hope you get what I mean. Thanks!
  4. Bake SDF for collision

    Thanks for the replies The workflow suggested by tjeeds sounds interesting. But it still isn't able to rop out .simdata right? or is it not needed as you've already set proxy volume? Gonna test it out when I could. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Bake SDF for collision

    Hello everyone, Could someone share how does one go about baking SDF for collision geometry? Do you go into your RBD object, under collision tab to file out the sdf? And what format should be use to bake out the SDF? .bgeo.gz? .sim? Could you bake out sdf in sop level and file in, in Dops level? What about collision for Particles? What's the workflow for setting up SDF for collisions for particles? Could you do it in Popnetwork or is popsolver in DOPS a must? Thanks! bakeSDF.hipnc
  6. pyro burn rate control

    Could it be
  7. Trying to create ther rainbow bridge in Thor

    Your file doesn't work on my side. Anyway you could try creating UV for the box with UV project? I believe by default Houdini doesn't create UVs by default even for default models. Correct me if I'm wrong
  8. Follow curve deformation

    Thank you for your reply. CaptureProximity works like a charm!
  9. Follow curve deformation

    Hello Edward, Thanks for your reply. Would it be advisable to use more bones or less bones? Also worked on the shoelace shader. Any feedback is appreciated.
  10. Follow curve deformation

    Hi all, I'm working on a project which requires the character(shoelace) to form complex shapes. I got my shoelace rig up through follow curve. So my question is how do I make the shoelace follow the deformations of a curve? So that ultimately I could make the shoelace travel across a pre define shape hence forming the shape. This is the effect I'm going for but with my shoelace instead. Things that I have tried. Setting path object for my controls, it moves in an unpredictable manner. Setting path object for only my root control, moves predictably but the geometry is static. Also I'm having some deformation issue where the bends are too sharp. Is this due to the weighting? I've tried increasing resolution of my shoelace. I've tried using subdivide node within the captured geometry node. I've tried increasing number of bones. Too much bones and the capture is not as accurate. Link to my blog where I post my W.I.P http://projectsesi07.blogspot.com/ Thanks for your time. shoelace_geo_v008.hip
  11. Help with displacement shader

    Hi I've manged to fix the problem and learned a lot! Thank you very much Here is a W.I.P shot: To see more please visit my project blog RnD Terrain
  12. Help with displacement shader

    Could someone also please tell me what is this problem? random missing faces?
  13. Help with displacement shader

    Hello Dave, Thanks for your reply. Well the displacement bound is something new to me. Thanks for sharing! I've tweaked the values and notice some minor changes but my geometry is still going haywire. Might be wrong inputs and outputs while connecting nodes in my displacement? But just can't seems to figure out what's wrong... Bump up gamma to see clearly...
  14. Help with displacement shader

    Hi all, I'm trying to make a displacement shader to implement into a snow shader. But it's not working the way I intended. The shader I'm trying to make is here: snow shader Below is the pattern I want to use as displacement. Trying to apply the displacement into here. Results: Things that I've tried: converting the pattern into HSV converting the pattern into luminance Using the fit node to decrease the displacement amount Using the normalized node but it seems like displacement will not work after... Someone please advise, thank you for your time. snowShader.hipnc
  15. Energy Aura Effects

    Hi all Just a little update and problem. I've change my sprite to a simple circle with soft edges. Now I'm getting the light streak like I wanted but there is problem during the start and end of the streak. In other words not enough particles hence a gap in between sprites. Things that I've tried: I've tried increasing sprite size by a ramp where during birth the point 1 and 2 have a big jump and then smooth it out. ropout the particles, file in, timeblend, time shift. Not quite sure how timeblend/timeshift works. Oversampling the pop network, but I heard that it doesn't work with constant birth rate? Motion blur is turned on but doesn't work. particlesTrail.hipnc Thanks for your time.