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  1. Excellent, not quite it but it put me on the right track, I turned off the visualize attr, and also later in the graph on in the deform node I checked delete point colors, and that seems to have worked, thanks a ton.
  2. I have a character that I have setup using the autorig tools. It seems to have added some Cd or UV attributes that are rendering instead of my chosen materials. I get my last viewed Infa-red capture weight painting colors applied to my character. What have I done wrong?! any ideas? keep in mind this ( character rigging ) is not my field of speciality. If I could have someone else do it I would. Just gotta power through. Thanks posted this on SESI Forum as well.
  3. Very sad to hear http://prolost.blogspot.com/2009/02/ten-ye...-orphanage.html any orphans here care to comment?
  4. dof, circle of confusion

    Ok that flipbook DOF thing is way too cool! Yes I would vote for that as a viewport christmas wish.
  5. Ah so your at Black Ginger now. Why would they not sell to SA? Import intellectual property thing or somesuch?
  6. Just found this never knew it was out there Remember Amazon Paint? Same company kinda cool http://www.ifx.com/products/piranha/player
  7. I believe they played music to put "Fluffy" to sleep. Oops my nerd is showing.
  8. Hey rendertan I am trying out this DJV thing good suggestion it seems pretty useful. I am really liking it so far. Thanks for the post.
  9. Iridas Framecycler for us. They have a dailies system if I remember correctly. http://www.iridas.com/
  10. Bridge Collapse

    really great work as always I'm not sure I agree with ihab, I would not expect these cables to go to pieces and if so only one or two strands should be broken out. The cables on this side of the bridge closest to camera do seem a little off but it seems to be a animation (re-sim) fix to me. The only other comment is the camera shake is too cyclic, needs work. It needs to be more random and have a point in the action when it is really prevalent and taper off after( make since?) HTH Great work again Keep after it.
  11. Additionally some research would be in order for this kind of effect - try these http://features.cgsociety.org/story_custom.php?story_id=3154 http://www.detonationfilms.com/ http://www.finalight.com/-/ http://www.bsg-dornier.de/schiessen/index....filme/filme.htm To get started
  12. Woop Woop Thanks so much SESI
  13. Smoke Shader application.

    Hey Symbolic You need to type "Cd Alpha" into the attributes box in the vm_geo_sprite1 node, in your shopnet1/material1 network. This passes the attributes up to the material so that Mantra can render them This gets me all the time, you would think I'd have learned by now. HTH -Lyn-
  14. Houdini to object sequence to Maya Help

    You can write out your obj seq from Houdini and then use blend shapes in Maya. This keep the workflow pretty clean and you don't have to mess about with 3rd party stuff and vague FBX versions. The other methods definitely work and point caching is really great but I just thought I would throw out an alternative. HTH Edit almost forgot be sure to check the order of your sequence it can under some conditions get a bit scrambled. edit -Lyn-
  15. http://www.3dbuzz.com/vbforum/showthread.php?t=164688 the teaser looks great