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  1. evaluating python script every frame

    but would it recook? Do i create a hidden time dependent attribute?
  2. evaluating python script every frame

    Hey dudes, I know its sounds simple but i am not really sure how to attack a python problem i have efficently. I have camera information stored in one single file for a sequence. Now i wanna create a custom camera hda that reads that file. I tried different ideas so far without enough success. For example using an expression to setWorldTransform of a camera node inside my hda. Worked great but as soon as i make that otl live, changing its content created a permission error. I tried a python script in the hda onUpdate... but change of time does not seam to trigger it. I know i could wirte functions in the hdaModule() but how would that update it? So the basic question is, i have ONE file for a sequence inside there is a world space matrix and some other parameters, i have a python API to read the file and get the values out. How do i go about creating an otl that is fast and updates every frame. Thanks! jo
  3. Hey Fellow houdiniers... is there a way to access the filename of the currently done file in a post render script? Basically i want to run a check on an exr file once its done... i just dunno how to access the file name... i am kinda looking for $FRAMETHATIJUSTFINISHED.... thanks! jo
  4. python version and os.system

    Ha! Thanks so much! Calling it explicitly with python2.6 did the trick! Thanks so much!
  5. python version and os.system

    [johannes@xw6600_014 ~]$ which python /fuel/depot/public/python/2.6.6/el5_5.x86_64/bin/python [johannes@xw6600_014 ~]$ hamster [johannes@xw6600_014 ~]$ /fuel/depot/commercial/houdini/11.0.636/el5_5.x86_64/houdini11.0/python/bin/python # this is the print from the os.system() call same command. good idea! but what does that tell me? thanks! jo
  6. Changin attributes at rendertime

    thanks a lot!
  7. python version and os.system

    Hey folks, i have a rather strange problem! here is a dump of my python shell: Python 2.6.4 (r264:75706, Jan 27 2010, 11:18:14) [GCC 4.1.2 20061115 (prerelease) (Debian 4.1.1-21)] on linux2 Houdini 11.0.636 hou module imported. Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information. >>> import os >>> os.system( 'python -V' ) So i have python 2.6.4 inside houdini, but as soon as i run python with os.system() i get a different python version, 2.5.4. here is the corresponding shell output: [johannes@xw6600_014 work_johannes]$ echo $HOUDINI_PYTHON_VERSION 2.6 [johannes@xw6600_014 work_johannes]$ Python 2.5.4 [johannes@xw6600_014 work_johannes]$ python -V Python 2.6.6 [johannes@xw6600_014 work_johannes]$ as you see i have set HOUDINI_PYTHON_VERSION and i get a print fron houdini that says 2.5.4 and the same shell uses 2.6.6. I am invoking a shell script that runs python code ( to be able to run it as sudo ). But json is not found. Its not part of that python version by default. Soo the one million dollar question is why is there A) a different python version in the python shell and the os.system() one? As the shell i started houdini from behaves well! Where does it get 2.5.4 from?! and what can I do to make sure its all consistent? Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much jo
  8. Dudes! Can you change attributes on geo in mantra before the rendering starts? I have a bunch of points that get loaded with a delayed load procedural. Can i change the size of those @ rendertime? Basically i dont wanna re cache but make them all half the size when rendering? any thoughts? Thanks Jo
  9. Scene organisation

    Hey! Hmm so yes i was doing the right thing but as you say some smarter or more procedural way for this would be amazing! Will set all takes for now .... is there anybody ou there who can come up with a smarter procedural solution? Thanks jo
  10. Scene organisation

    Hey Matt! Thanks for your reply! I am aware of the fact that you can copy takes. I am currently struggeling with the fact that i can not copy things INSIDE a take. Lets say you make sphere1 and edit it. Put it in a take to change its shader for a pass. Then you copy sphere1 and get sphere2... now in the take sphere1 and its changes are listed but sphere2 is not listed. The only way around this to redo the changes for sphere2 in the respective takes.... basically i have an asset that represents a laser beam, now i want to add another one and every time i do this i have to redo the takes. Sucks. So i was wondering if you could setup smart bundels with a pattern like sphere* whem you do your takes.... every new sphere woudld be in there and the attributes would be the same. I am just wondering what the standard way of people is here, if you tell me that i should approach this differently i am happy too. Thanks so far! Jo
  11. The VJ challange

    Hey Guys, as a bunch of us, I started all this fx business due to an early interest in visualls and Vj`ing. I would love to start a challenge that uses sound inputs, and or peripheral inputs to generate stunning images in near real time. The challenge is to generate trippy, interesting looking images with basic blocks and then change them around to the music. I had the idea when i recently used a track of the best band in the world ( Iron maiden, arguments about this off topic please ) to generate a random noise pattern for a shot in one of the movies we are currently woking on. It worked pretty well and i love this gimick. Nowerdays the world of proccessing and using code to generate images on all levels is pretty advanced so get your party hat on and WOW us with amazing images playing to your favourite track. Extra points of course if it contains maiden Rock on jo
  12. Scene organisation

    Hey! I was wondering if any of you could share insights in how to organize a scene with loads of passes smartly. I am running into an issue that i have a fairly small asset. This asset exists a couple of times in the scene. I set up a take for the first one but had to realize that takes dont just copy and paste... what would you suggest? What would you do? How do you think to set up a scene properly ? Thanks for any thoughts! Jo
  13. Programmatically generate HDA`s with python

    Thanks so much works like a treat! jo
  14. Hey , I am trying to create an hda wih python. Lets say i want to generate an otl that contains a grid node and a parameter that creates its divisions. Clicking that together is easy. How do you aproach creating that in python only save the otl somewhere and install it in the current scene? I found hou.HDADefinition but can not get it to work. Does somebody want to share this? http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini10.0/hom/hou/HDADefinition Thanks Jo
  15. FIle node .. push the button!

    dude too easy!