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  1. 1 Minute VEX

    Love this.
  2. ReSeed FLIP Only When Points Are Above Waterline

    I've been working on a similar thing. There's some discussion here: https://entagma.com/quicktip-fluid-splashes-using-flip/ and
  3. Houdini Mac user population

    Thanks for all the comments. I'm going to get a Linux box after 18.5 comes out and move Houdini to it. I've been looking for a reason to learn Linux anyway.
  4. Houdini Mac user population

    Right, I'm not worried about SF dropping support, but they adopt a lot of open source projects (which is great) that often don't support Macs (e.g., AliceVision) and develop new tools (at least Labs) for Mac after Windows (e.g., Substance plug-in). And yeah, the viewport issues are a pain.
  5. Houdini Mac user population

    Thanks. Interested, what platform did you move to?
  6. Houdini Mac user population

    Ha, nw, I just reply too quickly sometimes.
  7. I'm wondering how many Mac Houdini users there are out there? Wondering if the Mac population isn't big enough to warrant the additional dev? Between Apple's ongoing beef with Nvidia and SideFX's preference for Window's tools, e.g., Substance, AliceVision..., I'm considering a solo Houdini Linux or Windows box. Anyone else doing this? Thoughts?
  8. This is great, thanks Julien
  9. I have an FBX with many embedded locked OTLS. Is there a way to globally unlock them? I'm trying to change the texture path on a shader for the OTL geo with Pre-Flight but can't b/c the OTLs are locked other than import the FBX with unlock on?
  10. OT: Foundry sale

    I've seen very little discussion of Roper's purchase of the Foundry. I imagine most of us touch Nuke once in awhile and the sale to a Florida industrial parts maker seems like an odd landing for Foundry. Strange or did I just miss that news cycle?
  11. Cross-posting from SideFX...per point friction works great, except I can't get it to workwith balloons (pressure contraints). Any ideas? HIP files attached. vPerPtFriction.hiplc
  12. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    Second the Wacom. I moved offices recently and used a mouse for a few days b/c I was too lazy to unpack. After the second day or so I unpacked a bunch of boxes and pulled out the Wacon. You'll love it. Made for Houdini.
  13. Custom attract

    I've never tried in VOPs but you can do it pretty quickly with a wrangle using MinPos, Intersect, Distance, etc. distance.hiplc
  14. H17.5 Launch Event March 7

    Back to the original Q then, do SideFx people sleep?