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  1. Conform White Water to Flat Tank Displaced Mesh

    I already tried that, but the white water doesn't line up with the surface mesh correctly.
  2. Hello! Leaning H15 here and I'm having trouble understanding how to do something we did in Naiad in Houdini without using HOT... since you can't use HOT in H15 from what I've read... although I may be wrong. It's your typical Boat on the water sim using a flat tank for the main fluid sim. Then I surface it using polygon soup in particle surfacing node. I read the bgeo.sc file back in, then apply the displacement map generated by the oceaneval node. Okay that works so far, but now on with the white water. How does one conform all the white water properly to the displaced flip mesh? Also, am I going about this the right away displacing the mesh? I noticed that one could just put the ocean wave setup after the surfacing node and cache that out as one, but someone told me you don't get the same detail with the former method... Can someone please help or upload an proper workflow example! Appreciate it!
  3. Beach Wip - H12.5 Fluids

    Hello Folks! Here's a Beach that Igor Zanic and I been working on using the new Fluid Solvers in Houdini 12.5! https://vimeo.com/67440849
  4. Magnetic Force and Flip Fluids Problem...

    Okay, I tried that method, and it keeps the fluid from compressing (that's what it looks like...), but as soon as I add a vopsop force via vopsolver (oh let us say a basic quaternion setup in the vopsop)to add some finer spinning type waves, the fluid drops all the way to the bottom during the course of animation, yet the point count remains the same (now that reseeding is off...)???
  5. Magnetic Force and Flip Fluids Problem...

    Okay I'll try that! Thanx!
  6. Magnetic Force and Flip Fluids Problem...

    Hello Ikarus! Okay, so the reseeding makes sense because the points are becoming too crowded and thus are deleted... Magnetic Force Dop eh? I tried that (without much thought though) and it seems there's no way to put a metaball on it to deform the surface in the dopnet... I had to use magnet in a sopsolver... just trying to get a whirlpool effect here, and I was using magnet with metaball to form the funnel in the fluid since spinning flipfluids didn't do this alone... So what can I use in conjunction with the magnetic force node ?
  7. Hello! Does anyone know why a metaball & magnetic force setup inside a sopsolver to displace a flipfluid, deletes the fluid like it's draining? The magnetic force is pulling in the flipfluid, and I'm losing volume; like a vacuum... thanx!
  8. Sopsolver to work on one dop object only...

    Yes it does! Thank you for your time mate!
  9. Sopsolver to work on one dop object only...

    YES! I believe you solved it! You're not PEON, you are an Illusionist! Wow! Great man, it works perfect and you can control how much you want to enter the fluid via lifespan param... this is efficient now! Can you explain what you did so I can follow it better? I see you use 2 vopsops in the sopsolver. The first one you create params and assign constants 0 & 1... @birth==1 is in the Point Group of the 1st vopsop ... after this i'm lost but you did great! Gosh, i have so much to learn...
  10. Sopsolver to work on one dop object only...

    Hello! No. Think of a waterfall. The emitter pours fluid into the tank fluid. There is no need to fill the fluid tank, i just want the interaction part, then delete those particles (only from the emitter) after they interacted with tankfluid. Killing by age would work because it would be e.g. 3 seconds of life from emitter to tankfluid, then delete... BUT ONLY EMITTER POINTS, not the fluid tank points too... That's the kicker... If someone could figure this out, then I can complete my project... that's the only thing holding me up...
  11. Sopsolver to work on one dop object only...

    Okay, I add birth attribute in the box_emitter... but problem is, using sopsolver in autodop... since dopimport imports fluidtank and source emitter because of one flipsolver, it deletes all points... I want the box_emitter points to enter the tank fluid... then start to delete because I don't need all these extra particles... it's for a much larger scene, but I'm trying to get this workflow right before I apply How you been Ikarus? Where do you fly to next? Here's the file: deleteEmitterPoints_1.hipnc
  12. I don't know if it's me, but mantra seems to crash (unable to start mantra error) and I can't initiate a render, so I have to restart houdini. I'm using Ubuntu 12.04. Sometimes the particles from one filter node which isn't enabled, still shows in the viewport. Whitewatersolver was crashing when particle seperation was set @ .02 for main fluid sim That stopped when I set main fluid sim to .03...
  13. Hello! I'm using a sopsolver inside an autodopnetwork to delete points being emitting from a box object into a fluidtank. Problem is, it deletes all the points, not just the one being emitted from the box. How can I tell the sopsolver only to delete points that are emitted from the box_emitter, and leave the fluidtank water alone (but they both still can interact using one flipsolver of course...). thanx!
  14. Density altered by Speed in Fluid Source

    Okay, here it is. This is a simple setup, but the main thing is, the input type in the fliptank has to be a Surface SOP... Thanx! SopVaryDensityVelocity.hip
  15. Density altered by Speed in Fluid Source

    I can try that, but what is the order of solving? Do I disable density in the Fluid Source and add the density attribute via SOP Solver... i've done that, but you think you could alter density in the Fluid Source by reading in the velocity and getting speed from it somehow...