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  1. warship at stormy ocean

    Thank you Daniel, I wish I could cache more frames for particles where ship interact with wavy ocean but is was keep crashing after particle numbers goes over 8 millions.
  2. warship at stormy ocean

    I have done this project to learn flip integration and ocean surface. developed custom ocean foam and spray to get a bit more realism. configration is I7, start 8 gb ram and updated to 16 gb ram, to cash more particles but I was able to cache max 8 million particles with 16 gb ram. if you have any comments please feel free Thanks
  3. Thanks Sadhu, it's is exactly what I want. looking great cheers
  4. Hello Friends, I added a simple hip file that shows problem. I want to gradually line up/match two deformed object one to another from selected points towards origin. but not all, want keep deformation in middle as it is. just edges around. in my file only selected points line up with other, like Ray Sop operation, Hopefully this explanation is good enough. cheers test_01.hip
  5. permanently add to group, Flip

    Hey Ludwig, can you upload a hip file to share how you solved it, or any other friend can do a hip file? much appreciated, Thanks
  6. In a mood for sand

    Hi Travis, I have tried your method but no luck, probably missed some parts or doing wrong pipe. if you upload your hip file would be great cheers Michael
  7. delete fluid particles

    if you do a simple hip file Rayman, would be great, still could not figure out myself, thanks
  8. delete fluid particles

    am I going to add delete sop inside of foreach node? and what is the expression for delete sop. Thanks,
  9. delete fluid particles

    Thanks Rayman, I will give it a try
  10. delete fluid particles

    Hi People, My question might be answered before but could not find suitable answer. I am suffering to delete some unwanted polygon used particle fluid surface node. basically I am running particle fluid than meshing with particle fluid surface node. but some tiny polygon flying around. how to use measure sop find them and delete. Thank you for helping
  11. viscosity only inside the box

    you are awesome eetu, really thanks
  12. viscosity only inside the box

    Thank you eetu, I have checked two of hip files, but doesn't answer my problem. I want to get slow down when fluid inside the box or sphere, if fluid reach to out of box or sphere border want them to turn actual 0 viscosity. hope this is more clear for who want to answer, Thanks again
  13. viscosity only inside the box

    Hi All, How to active viscosity only inside a box or sphere. Outside of box should be 0 or some numbers. Thank you
  14. project mapping on to instanced objects

    Thanks xray, I will try what you explained here.
  15. Hi All, I have a issue doing mapping image from project cam to instanced objects, using instance sop not "copy sop" probably there is a easy solution I am skipping. if my question is not clear enough i can throw a hip file here. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. cheers