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  1. Wire solver,rigid to elastic?

    I created the attribute for kangular.What puzzles me is the value.Do i need to add a expression in there to make it work because at this point I cant see any changes. Is it possible for the wire to affect a group of points as opposed to the entire curve? This way I can make sure that points 0-10 stay unaffected by the wire solver?
  2. Wire solver,rigid to elastic?

    Hi I just started experimenting with wires and I have a sphere that has a long wire attached to it with a pin constraint. The wire behaves nice and ropey when the sphere moves but I want the initial start of the wire to be rigid on points 0-10 and then flexible onwards.I want to do this to the part where it is attached to the sphere so that it looks like its being held firmly while the rest of the wire droops down.I am guessing that the set of points that I want firm should have a very high 'non-elastic' factor while the rest of the wire should behave as it is but I have no idea where or what to do next from what I have set up.Need some advice. wireRigidityOdforce.hipnc
  3. Creating cables

    Wow Macha thanks.That is exactly what I was trying to achieve.So the 'prim' is what makes it happen.Good I will read up on it.One thing in did notice was that the polywire geo is sticking out of the box at one end while on the other it is correctly lining up on the face.How can I fix it?
  4. Creating cables

    Hi.I have two opposite faces and the intention is to create a curve between these two but I cant get my head around it.Trying to build small cables from one geo to another from faces that I specify. All I need to figure out is how to get those curves, then I can use a sweep sop to build the skin for the cables.Any ideas how I would go about doing this?
  5. Align object to curve that is at geo level

    Oh man Anim, you rock!That worked wonderfully.
  6. Hi is it possible to align a object to a curve that is being animated on a carve node?I have a curve that grows over time using a simple carve op and I wanted a different object to follow it, but at the object level.Think of it as a small bud at the end of a growing tube.Normally I do this by using the align sop and everything is in one object.The curve and the following geo.This time I want to keep the object seperate from the curve.Tried to search for how to do accomplish this but i am stumped.
  7. Copy and paste parameter problem

    Thanks,it worked but i needed finer control over the operation so i added a /100*2. Now the sphere scales from 0 to the correct value. Because the parent rot starts at 0 the sphere also starts at 0.If I wanted to make the sphere start at a different default value i added /100+0.2 to it and it now works perfect.
  8. Copy and paste parameter problem

    Hi, I'm trying to control the uniform scale of a sphere by deriving that value from the rotate slider of another piece of geo by using a simple copy and paste parameter. The problem here is as the source geo rotates, the target sphere scales up way beyond expected. e.g roate value goes up to 1.6, sphere value also goes up to 1.6. I want the sphere value to go up by 0.06 or 0.6 etc and not strictly following values from its parent param.Is there something I can use to achieve this? I tried ch("../blah") /4 etc but nothing works. File attached. copyParam4Odforce.hipnc