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  1. Realistic Neuron Modeling

    Finally we have the perfect neurons. I simply use mantra surface material with falloff opacity to make more like x-ray environment, and some lights.
  2. Realistic Neuron Modeling

    Now we have a perfect SWC file. The file shows the "skeleton" of a neuron: It is still a "skeleton", it has no "skin"(membrane) and no soma. So then we add membrane and soma to the skeleton. The way to add membrane is very simple, just use polywire SOP, and the soma is base on a sphere modeling. The really trick thing is the connection between soma and membrane, we called them bridges. More information can find here: http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-319-09891-3_1
  3. Realistic Neuron Modeling

    Before to get this, I have tried many ways, such as L-system method: Although it can illustrate some important morphology of a neuron, it still not realistic enough. Then I find a website called neuroMorpho.org which contains thousands of neurons morphology data. You can download them for free. These are swc files which contained laboratory data by using 3-D reconstruction method. The format is very similar to .bgeo or .obj. In a swc file, each line represent a point with attributes, such as id, position, type, radius(pscale) and parent. The parent attribute is very important, it defines how these points are connected. For more information about SWC file, see here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11545695 Unfortunately, the SWC files have some mistakes, like z-jump problem. So first we try to fix this problem: http://www.frontiersin.org/10.3389/conf.fninf.2014.18.00002/event_abstract
  4. Realistic Neuron Modeling

    Hello everyone. We need to build realistic neurons in recent project. Here is the final result:
  5. Yes, you are right, and it really confused me. However, if I simply delete the "null2", it is still not working. Only disable it can make it right.
  6. Why things got different when connect to a Null SOP? Hello everyone, I have used Houdini for 4 years and it's the first time I met this strange thing, and I have no idea why this happen. Any help will be grateful, thanks. The popnet works fine, it can create fireworks. (img 1) But when I connect a Null SOP(others like merge SOP, cache SOP also have the same problem) under it, the result has changed.(img 2) My houdini version is 12.5.316.22 And the here is the .hip file : firework_ud_v001.hip
  7. Flip fluid don't rise up in the box

    I've had the same problem before. Thanks, eetu, the thread has solved my problem.
  8. Python notepad

    I like to use pyScripter
  9. Awesome work! I was hesitated to change my game develop engine. Now I'd better to try unity3d.
  10. createNode and node position

    have no idea about the center of the network editor, but u can move the node position after creating: n1 = hou.node('/obj').createNode('geo') n1.setPosition(hou.Vector2(3,3))
  11. How to get a multiparm block's name?

    I think my qeustion is same like this:Sidfx link but there isn't help either.
  12. How to get a multiparm block's name?

    Thanks for replying. While what I need is each parameter has exactly the same expreesions or scripts, and can return different value, because their parameter's name is different. Your method needs to write different expressions in each parameter.
  13. How to get a multiparm block's name?

    I'm doing this for /out to generate render command script. For some reason I can't use Hqueue. So I want split the render task by this way. When I need to render a 100 frames, and the numbers of parameter is 2, the first parameter will show "...1-50", and second will show "...51-100". When the number is 5, there will be 5 parameters and show "...1-20", "...21-40", "...41-60", "...61-80", "...81-100" Well, I hope my poor english make my point clear.
  14. Hi, all Is there anyway to get a parameter name which is in a multiparm blcok folder? The Image shows the result that I want. For example, when the user put "+" button ,and a new parameter will be created, its value is the parameter's name. And My question may be similar with this. But I didn't get help from it. Any suggestion will be grateful ,thanks!