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  1. web terror

    thanks santos, will work hard on improving it.
  2. web terror

    thanks yeah, i agree the colour grade could be better improved. I would try my best to work on it again. many thanks for the comments.
  3. web terror

    Please drop a line of comment if you could. They will be most helpful. Much appreciated.
  4. web terror

    Thanks for the kind words.
  5. web terror

    My link procedural cracking system and point based web
  6. .rat files

    hi finally gor to rendering it in mantra, it seem to be doing the same trick. Not showing up in either the viewport or mantra
  7. .rat files

    it was disappearing in the viewport. well the same files were working fine in another project file. Thanks for the advise.
  8. .rat files

    I experiencing disappearing geometry the moment i assigned .rat texture files but when i switch to .tif or .jpg texture image, it work perfectly fine. The same happened to an image sequence i assigned to a mantra surface. I'm using Houdini 11, build 547. Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong. .rat texture images were generated using mplay.
  9. just thought i drop in a line as well. yes i was one of the guy who brought in a full scale plaster figure into the lab several nights ago. Yes nights, we do do long nights here. I'm staying in okeford house in winton and personally i think it's a really good location. Apart from the 15 mins walk everyday (i'm not complaining), you have almost everything you need on the high street. Supermarket, pharmacy, pound shop, bars... So it makes for a good change out of lab life. On top of that it's a Masters student only accommodation, that kind of fraction out the crazy parties you might expect in the other Uni-let houses. Guess the rest of the lads had said enough of uni life. That apart, is the beautiful 7 mile beach. Enjoy the year guys.
  10. I am trying to fracture a piece of geometry overtime as it animates (grow). To get around this, i put the geometry through a sop solver so that every frame gets send back into DOPs. The SOP solver seem to be sending a growing geometry back onto DOPs but i can't seem to work the fracturing bit. The effect i am after, is a piece of geometry fracturing (via magnet force dop and fracture parms) as it grows. I guess i didn;t managed to explain myself well in the last post so i thought i post it in again. Would really appreciate if someone could lend a hand or explain why it's not working. DeformingGeoDOP.zip
  11. deforming geometry not reacting

    oh yes i forgot to add that, the fractureparms is supposed to fracture the geometry, using metaball via magnetforce, into chunks and debris pieces. A pop system will be implemented to generate dust particles and smoke.
  12. deforming geometry not reacting

    I have an issue here with an animating geometry (was supposed to be an animating crack line, i've illustrated it here using a clip node of the fully formed crack line animation) I tried using the SOP solver approach but it doesn't seem to be working after the chain pass through the rigid body solver node. The files are as attached and i would really appreciate of someone could lend a hand. DeformingGeoDOP.zip
  13. Smoke Dust Trails

    cheers for the reply and wonderful tips. guess i forgot to mention i'm a newbie in the immense world of houdini, I will certainly check out your suggestions however i still wonder if my machine will be able to handle it. i'll post up a sample file soon. Probably tonight when i get to a certain (respectable to shown to the community) level. Meddled about with particle emitting smoke and my machine went into temporary hibernation. cheers again.
  14. Smoke Dust Trails

    Hi there, i'm wondering if anyone out there could suggest a method to approach creating smoke/dust trails similar to the video? I've tried messing about particles smoke and the end result looks more like clouds than these smoke trails. your kind suggestions will be very much appreciated. sample video