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  1. RBD Fracture Control (example file)

    Hm I still had this stopping problem with packed primitives even when trying out the sop solver here. But what seemed to fix this issue is tweaking the bullet_linear_sleep_threshold on the RBD Packed Object, yay
  2. POP source ignoring emission attribute on curves

    oh saw that you tried polywire, hm yeah it works because its also a surface as the sphere. some reason emission from points don't seem to pick up. Hm if you dont care about a gradual emission then just delete by attribute
  3. Help achieving Sharp and Thin Smoke Details.

    there are several ways to do this, but advecting particles like Ryan said would work. But if you go with density you could try upresing your sim, ramp to form sharpness in the density, use the sinc filter, also light it properly to get different shadows on your pass
  4. Gridless advection

    This technique is very interesting. Did some motion test today on this, got lots of details from lores volumes and the renders are fast. However I also get popping, reducing the advection steps seemed to help some but still there. Will do some more test on this
  5. Pyro 2 Shader Rendering

    Hm I would suggest start shading basic smoke dont involve fire fields. But check the color of your smoke in the pyro shader.. maybe its colored black, also make sure its lit properly. For the pixelized it sounds like you should check the filters. Can also get artifacts if you upresed the density with weird values or compressed it, if so probably best to redo sim. good luck
  6. Aloe Vera Final

    wow, looks very awesome. love to see it with a camera move
  7. Pyro beat

    Happy new years ya'll! I thought I'd make a new fluid beat, I use the same track and forces as for the previous FLIP beat posted here, but now changed to a smoke sim. Compared to the FLIP beat where I emitted at the initial state the smoke needed to emit overtime as it dissipates. To emit from target source don't really work what I wanted as it will appear before the original smoke reached the targets. After a few tests I went with sourcing itself with a time offset. Heres the montage/reel of sketches and work with audio driven animations 2013: Any ideas or comments for improvements are appreciated cheers!
  8. My Latest fur work

    really nice work tom, fun to see the early sims too
  9. Pyro beat

    thanks ronaldo! working on another one hopefully done soon
  10. Pyro beat

    thanks Prashant! happy to inspire somehow
  11. Pyro beat

    Hello, Looked at another beat with shape shifting a while ago but finally got the time for finishing it.
  12. Pyro beat

    Ah, good you sorted it out. Yeah his tutorials are really great, hope you're audio viz turns out cool!
  13. Pyro beat

    Thanks man, glad you like it! Here the animation are based on the amplitude off the two channels, and a counter with a threshold on the amplitude. Be interesting to take out even more sound attributes like the pitch, but I think in my case it can get a bit unclear if to much going on already. Not familiar with that issue, but I try to have the final audio ready before I import to CHOPs. Maybe in your case you need to fix that in CHOPs though.
  14. Pyro beat

    Hey thanks guys! Hm here's a similar one but with FLIP instead:
  15. Pyro beat

    Hi, I’ve done some more CHOPs driven pyro, but with RBDs as well. Thought I share it here, and any ideas for improvements is highly appreciated (specially on pyro shading/comp in Nuke). Still rendering this on my laptop so a bit limited but trying to optimize for decent renders/time. Fireballs https://vimeo.com/67566626 Some pyro shading and mixing color test. Painting https://vimeo.com/67820300 Here I’ve done a similar example to this fumefx test: https://vimeo.com/65370346, but also from geometry. Maybe this could be useful for example to art direct a colourful smoke from a mood board or so. Stones https://vimeo.com/68041804 And here I use same technique as Painting but emitting from a cracked object. Also pushes the smoke with the velocity from RBD. Rumble With this one I thought would be interesting to use lyrics from a song with the counter and beat from CHOPs. Heart This is the latest one. Here I use one geometry to keep it a constant look, but a counter switches between RBD sims to generate different cracks on the beat. I also added debris pieces flying around with the velocity field. Cheers!