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  1. Happy birthday...

    Hey Hey! Thank you all!!! And happy birthday to TJvoll Monsieurblack Slapdaddy and Hedphelym. For me actually this is like a double birthday, considering the fact that just three weeks ago I received a liver transplant.
  2. Logo Challenge?

    Such a challange could be a good conundrum! :thumbsup: I doubt that I could come up with something good but I would sertanly give it a try anyway.
  3. Baby Horsfield

    Congratulations man! And three cheers to your wife!
  4. Happy birthday...

    Thank you! :balloon:
  5. need help in programmin Tcl/Tk...pls

    You should really ask for help here Tcl Developer Xchange
  6. Car modellinig

    Check out this tutorial: Modelling Lesson 1 And this one: Chord Length or Uniform
  7. lawsuits and patents

    WOW! This is mind-numbingly ridiculous! That's it! Today I'm filing for a patent for Stereoscopic viewing. People, reach for your wallets because I'm gonna sue every single one of those who uses two eyes for looking at the world. Those of you who doesn't have enough money must tape over one eye with a masking tape. :oneeyedsmiley02: PO Box Stremik :stupid: Vladimir
  8. lawsuits and patents

    Although I'm not a professional but even not intensive use of Houdini over past several years has shown me that in the world of computers there is always more than one way to solve a problem. If what I think is right than why all these fancy stuff you're talking about can't be done using some different upproaches? Why one should buy the rights or wait till 20 years pass?
  9. EA lawsuit

    Holy cow! And I thought driving a cab (used to do that a while back) was the worst job in the world! I don't get one thing though. First people let somebody ride their backs and than they complain that the rider is too heavy.
  10. level sets in houdini

    I see. That does look preatty neat. Much cleaner than regular animated mesh. But! This kind of metaballish behaviour gives the model a feel like it was cut out of a solid piece of rock or whatever. What I mean is, when a character bends his arm the surfaces that are being pressed against each other rather being blended together like metaballs than squishing and deforming one another. And another thing that popes in to my head is how would the texturing be handled in these "level sets", when topology of the model changes all the time?
  11. level sets in houdini

    I'm not shure if I understand the whole level sets idea correctly but something similar can be simulated in Houdini with Surfsect SOP. Isn't that so? Vladimir
  12. Aligning

    Well, It works but it only takes me half way there. The Copy SOP just creates another (second) copy of the curve and aligns it to second point (I need two points. For the Beginning and End of the curve) using the first point in the curve. Moving Pivot to the last point of the curve woldn't work because like I said second Copy sop makes just another copy of the curve. What I need is to take the last point on the curve and Align it to a second point created with Point SOP. Vladimir
  13. Aligning

    Hi! Haven't talked to you all in a while. Good to be here again! Boy am I a moody person or what?! Sometimes I get sick of computer so much that the very thought about it makes me wanna spit my guts out! When this happens I can't come near it for about couple of months. And then, again I get interested and spend nights infront of it. I wander if anybody else reacts to computers like that or is it just me? Anyway. I wanted to ask a small question about Aligning stuff. I want to align ends of an curve to a surface of my model. And also to animate this curve. To make the curve slide over the surface of the model touching it with curve's ends. Unfortunately, I don't have enough skill to think through any of the upproaches I could come up with :stupid: so I was hoping that the good people of this forum will help me out. Heck! They always do! :thumbsup: One of the ways I thought of was to get the uv coordinates for two points on the model's surface and align ends of the curve to them but I dunno how to do this. Or maybe there even is some better way to do it that I don't know about Anybody?! Thank you! Vladimir
  14. Custom ROP project

    WinOSI? I've come across this one about a year ago when I was searching for a way to render light dispersion. Rainbow, in particular. I dunno about now but back than... sheesh! That thing was slower than a dead turtle!
  15. Reading new posts

    Huh! Looks like I'm the only one to like "My Assistant" so far. That only vote for it is mine.