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  1. eetu's lab

    awesome very handy tool! thanks
  2. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    Go Pazuzu!
  3. eetu's lab

  4. eetu's lab

    awesome! that quaddel growth process link you shared was nothing short of inspiring for sure!! please keep us posted on updates
  5. Random link of interest

    CAMPFIRES ON STEROIDS: PHOTOS OF WEAPONS-GRADE EXPLOSIVES BURSTING INTO FLAMES http://www.featureshoot.com/2014/04/alain-declercq-blast/#!FKhA3
  6. lol at the previous comment! Nice one Matt! Thanks for sharing!
  7. .rat mip-mapped?

    Thanks for the response symek and thanks for asking my next question teratera!
  8. PBR snack

    bumping. Christian pics are gone for me too..
  9. DOP POPs, Torque, Physics, and YOU

    please do!!
  10. .rat mip-mapped?

    Hey guys, are .rat files mip-mapped when created with iconvert or do you need to add a special tag? the help for iconvert mentions a mipmaps tag but I don't know where to put it or if I even have to... any thoughts?
  11. Hey guys, i've been using H 13.0.347 on my current project and have found that when you promote a parameter in a vop sop it doesnt read the top level values until you expose the parameter input inside the vop network. Is this a recurring problem? My colleague is having the same issue.. Bug report? Thanks
  12. Activation on Impact with an object like ground

    Had a similar problem a little while ago.. does this post help? http://forums.odforce.net/topic/18203-how-to-use-impact-data-of-rbd-objects/
  13. Creating the Paper Look

    try looking at the wiresolver perhaps as well? You might find that it is faster for what you are trying to achieve and it's pretty easy to get a stiff, paper-y look! Early on in this video you can see the basic setup... -> https://vimeo.com/81414364
  14. Free Masterclass with example files + code

    WOW thanks guys!
  15. Hey guys in the textport when you type 'exhelp' you get help for all hscript expressions available in houdini. Is there an equivalent for vex functions? like 'vexhelp'? Can't seem to find any info on this.. Thanks