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  1. Get All Houdini Alembic Attribute into maya

    Yes,it's very fast plugin,finally free downloading.now it supporting the arnold motion blur.
  2. Get All Houdini Alembic Attribute into maya

    No,just the new plugin for maya.no any SOuP plugin used.the motion blur same as houdini motion blur,just using velocity attribute !
  3. Hi guys: I write a plugin can rendering all houdini attribute in arnold: https://vimeo.com/135574441
  4. HDK&KrakatoaAPI Render DSO

    thanks,i will share it later!
  5. HDK&KrakatoaAPI Render DSO

    hi,i compiled a source PRT_ROP,you can put it into the DSO that in houdini folder . PRT_ROP.rar
  6. HDK&KrakatoaAPI Render DSO

    Hi,guys i made a plugin render particle by krakatoa .some test images: hope you like~ PS:just for fun Thanks ! Video Sample : https://vimeo.com/117037826 I will share the Houdini13 PRT_ROP, Houdini14 PRT_ROP,tomorrw.but it's not this Plugin,This plugin render particles in houdini direct!
  7. i create a dopSover named "vel_drag",i add two prameters to it.how can get the node parm my code sample: hou.pwd()->"it's return the AutoDopNetWork",not my digital asset node. "vel_drag" should dopNode type. who can help me,thanks!!!
  8. Flip foam splash

    hi. http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2124&Itemid=360 i use flip method to simulate fluids,it's have a surface field(may be call"distance fields") and a vel fields.i use vop to manage the particle's motion which i just control position and velocity. the position that i use "surface field" which judge the distance of the particles fluidsurface,but the particles also stick into the particle fluidsurface,how can i fix it? the sidfx's flip fluid. you can see the splash particle's emitter in curvature,and only the splash particle near to the main particle's fluidsurface,the particle will stick into the fluidssurface. my English is bad.so sorry.
  9. MotionVector Pass

    Hi everyone.I have a question of MotionVectorPass.In my scenes,the hot Ocean which i use.Geo Translate that i can render out.but the ocean deform i can't.someone have an solution about it?thanks.
  10. this effects how can i do

    thanks reply!
  11. this effects how can i do

    can you do a example which use torus,thanks a lot!!!i use sdf is uncontrollable
  12. this effects how can i do

    hello,everyone.someone can help me this effects how can i do.thanks. the particle motion is not quikly.I think it's not the really water(sph/flip) motion,i think it's should use "attractor" node.but even then i didn't achieve that. someone tell me it's should use a sdf field to achieve that,i try it,but final i suffer defeat after defeat. Who can help me,thanks!!!!!! the address: http://manymany.asia/?p=361