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  1. houdini as a animation packg.

    well, Now I am more atracted to houdini then ever The interface is a bit when you're used to maya, but when I rememember my first time sitting in front of maya , and that I was something like: what the f*is this.... now, think I could work in maya with my eyes closed... so everything can be learned... Once I get into the basics of houdini, it'll be easier to work... Anyway Thanx for your thoughts people, now I am going to workworkwork and when I make something I'll post it for you to see.
  2. houdini as a animation packg.

    heheh I downloaded it [version 7] and I am learning it already. and I 'am impressed already
  3. I am starting to learn houdini these days, and I am pretty animation-orientated . Till now I worked in maya [ a lot], and a bit in XSI and max. Mainly all of my works, including rigging and animation is done in maya. From time to time [when there is not enough time for building a rig from scratch I do some things in combination with kaydara motionbuilder, which has amazing rig]... to cut the long story short: I read about animation tools on sidefx site, and heard some opinions from people on Jason Schleifer's forum Jonh and And His Dog, but I'm eager to hear more from people who do the serious animation& rigging work in houdini. So, I supose most of you are familiar with rigging and anim. workflow in maya, XSI [at least one of them], and that you can write something to compare and describe them according to houdini. thank you in advance and much respect