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  1. Hi Mark, If I change the Scene Renderer to anything other than H11, then the point attribute display disappears entirely. I'm switching from CentOS soon, so hopefully that'll fix it.
  2. Ah ignore this - just seen it working on a colleague's SL6 box. Problem found: it's a display driver issue. I'll play around with the inspect_object.py script and post back results.
  3. Hi all, wondering if anyone has got the different Visibility settings for displaying custom attributes in H12 working? http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini12.1/ref/windows/displayopts_3d (See attached image) I'd like to only view attributes on points that I hover my mouse over. At the moment all geometry displays all attributes, no matter what setting I have under Visibility. I'm on a CentOS linux box, so it's probably a stinking graphics driver issue. Also, has anyone played around with a python script (inspect_object.py) for the new H12.5 Inspection Mode? http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini12.5/basics/inspection just wondering if that is the way to go? thanks
  4. Ol' London Town

    Wotcha Marc, Working in London is a good laugh, I do miss all the fun pub outings, otherwise known as "weeknights". The non-overtime thing is a quite rubbish (just make sure you get a decent wage to begin with). The work can be mostly regular 9am-6pm hours, as Christian states, but it really depends how long the project runs. Hopefully it'll be OK, making up for all the commuting you'll inevitably be doing. Look to live on the train line to Euston or Charing Cross, depending on which office you head to, then you can avoid getting onto the Tube (which is nasty)! Would imagine you'll shack up in the glorious English countryside, visiting castles on the weekend and jetting off around Europe occasionally - after all, one of the best reasons to go to London is that its quite easy to take excursions to the continent. The weather will make you miss Sydney, although it doesn't actually rain as much as people will tell you. England in spring is really beautiful too: http://static.photo.net/attachments/bboard/003/003QNd-8540584.jpg You won't get such ludicrous tax breaks as Australia, but the price of bananas is significantly less. Also beer, a staple source of nourishment for Londoners, is pretty cheap. London's sure got a lot of entertainments, but do go see England - a much friendlier place located outside the M25. Hope it works out, Tim