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  1. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    In the feature list in the sneak peak there is something listed you might like. Paint Sop is now stroke based. It's independent of resolution. If I would suggest something. It would be more options for animators to streamline their workflow and have quality of life changes. No point having amazingly low level control for TDs and riggers if no one animates in the software. Can we wean people off Maya? Apart from that I love what sesi are doing
  2. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    Maybe i mistyped what i mean. I mean the ability to pixel paint in uv space. Say i have an attribute and i want to control it with a map, i cannot paint a 512, 1k or 2k map on the mesh in Houdini. I can do this in Xgen and with proprietary hair systems, but Houdini i can only paint on points. It cannot easily create simple float textures at a resolution i specify. The grooming tools are great but this one feature would allow for so much control
  3. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    The groom tools are great but there is one massive caveat. We cannot paint on the mesh in UV space. This is a huge missing feature. By doing this one thing, it becomes more powerful than tool like Xgen and even some proprietary grooming tools ive used. It allows for so much control. Using point attributes is very limiting and having to go back and forth between mari/mudbox is just way to time consuming.
  4. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    In the area of character animation. PSD editor/node interface. And blendshape editor. The current one is fine, but you have to use chops, vex or hscript to allow for correctives. Or make a custom GUI in python to automate adding, removing, editing shapes. In this respect, it feels like the old Maya blendshape. The new one from 2016 allows users to setup correctives on the fly. I'm not envious of Maya but that is one feature that is very attractive. The only other thing I can think of is some approximation of Vop textures in the viewport. They don't have to be high rez, and it's not asking for shaders to be previewed in the viewport. Just soemthing in the viewport without having to render. This aside, best release ever, I say that every time but this version feel like an exponential leap.
  5. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    Also with H being so high in the forefront of most people radar as an FX package it seems like a no brainer to give it some strong comping tools. I don't need Nuke for my everyday needs but it feels so foreign having to learn little portions just for simple things like comping little dailies/turntables etc. Much more comfortable in H.
  6. Just took a look, there are a lot of room/channels for non-game development (#hou-modeling etc). And with it being very accessible i will be happy to use it. Plus discord saves all public conversations so you can come back to it later.
  7. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    Have you checked out Pixar's USD (Universal Scene Description). It is some interesting stuff. I thought it was just some super efficient scene viewer but it seems integrated with presto. There are a bunch of other videos on that channel on USD workflows in a pipeline etc. And since USD and the viewer(hydra) have been open sourcedm i doubt SESI won't be taking a look at it.
  8. H16 at Siggraph?

    I love that idea. Very useful. Colours are great, but there are always nodes that you want very easy access to. Something like a scale slider or in true H fashion a value ladder to boost it's size I'm also curious because in the roadmap they Robert said the shapes can be custom. I imagine there will be stock shapes for most node types then. Maybe it might be useful as another quick identifier to only have select nodes with the new silhouette and other to remain as blocks. So many possibilities, im sure they will get it right though.
  9. H16 at Siggraph?

    I'm not super hot on the node design but it is new and i get what they are trying to do, i doubt it is set in stone. But everything else is very exciting. Especially the radial menu. It might not seem big but i think it will be huge how people interact with H. Especially in animation.
  10. Funny quick tip

    Nice. Can i add? Group SOP - Can't say how many times i see people manually entering boundary edges or points for geometry with a hole in it. Group Sop - Edges - Unshared Edges. Can be for points or edges. I think it is often overlooked.
  11. Hair and Beard Character WIP

    Cool, glad to help. To be honest that video was done on a whim (never expected it to get as popular as it did). The next one will be a little more focused. On the curve groom sop the cump guides (in the drop down) along with planting guides is gonna get you what you are looking for. Clumping has always been difficult to manage locally compared to globally on the fur node. You can paint attributes on the skin but it never feels like an intuitive process.
  12. Hair and Beard Character WIP

    Great start. I was actually just prepping some stuff for another video covering the changes between my last video which was in h13 and new stuff in h15.5. As for the clumping issue, to be honest the new system allows for tons of curves to be manipulated you can manually clump the guides. Using the cump curves tool and not from the fur node. It's hard for me to explain, it will be something I cover in the update video.
  13. VEX vs Python?

    Tons of things but something that it is brilliant at doing is just manipulating Houdini in general. And by that i mean just simple nodes. If you are into rigging, being proficient in python would be a useful. You could work out a nice control system by hand... then use python to automate the process. This would be different than a digital asset because you can use python to edit/control the current set of nodes in your scene. Just think of python as a high level control of Houdini, batch type jobs, nodes etc. Vex is efficient low level control dealing with geometry/attribute etc.
  14. Join Head To Body?

    The best way i know is manually making sure points line up and are right on top of each other. I also make a group of each border (to be safe) and fuse with a very low tolerance. Benefit being you can have all your blendshapes (if that's what you chose) are isolated to the head.
  15. Shelf Tool from OTL Scripted Button

    Tom. Thank you. It works perfectly. I have bound this function to a key and it now works flawlessly. I changed "groomsurface" to "groomscreen" as that is what i use most often. Thank you so much.