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  1. Restrict Groom Brush to a Specific Guide?

    If you have your guide groom sop selected, hit whatever your hotkey to go into selection mode (i have mine remapped because im left-handed), then have the radial menu setup to have screen brush. And you will groom on the guide select. https://abvfx.me/portfolio/guide-width/ If you jump to the 3:20 mark you will see i use the radial menus to plant and then select the screen brush to sculpt. Groombear is not required for this functionality.
  2. Hey guys, I'm basically using the guideGroom sop inside of a regular Geometry object. But if i use the radial menus or shelf to switch to screen brush or plant guides it pops me out of SOPs and now im at OBJ level and puts me into select mode. It works just fine if i use a Guide OBJ but I want to do this inside a regular Geometry OBJ. What would i need to add to the shelf scripts to do this? I took a look at the furtoolutils def startGrooming(kwargs, tool=None): active_pane = toolutils.activePane(kwargs) if isinstance(active_pane, hou.SceneViewer): groomobject = getGroomObject( active_pane, 'Select an object to groom and press Enter to complete.', acceptlegacyfurobject=True) Not sure how to edit this so that it will accept regualr OBJ nodes. The workflow i currently use is with the guide groom node active, hit select, grab a couple curves, then radial menu what brush i want.... but if this is done in an OBJ node, it pops me out wanting me to select a groom object. Im trying to not use a Guide Groom node, because its quite heavy there is an extra subnet full of unnecessary calculations. cheers Andrew
  3. Howdy!

    I'm not leaving anytime soon. It was 2002 when I found this place, I was a lurker for a few years before making and account and saying a word. I think it was the Apprentice edition combined with 3DBuzz free training + 3D World magazine that got me here. Such an exciting feeling i had knowing absolutely nothing. Nowadays, i now know what i don't know...... which is still a lot! But I use Houdini everyday for work while many of my colleagues are still forced to use Maya, and I think this place is partly responsible for that in creating a truly creative community that embraces the sharing of knowledge, one that has never devolved into petty drama (which often happens with old school forums etc). Thanks Marc for making this place, i dont think i would have a career using Houdini if i didnt have help from the amazing people here. SESI have their official forums (as they should), but this is THE Houdini community for me and many others. Here's to another 20 years.
  4. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    The grooming workflow from H16 and up is now SOP based and not a rendertime procedural by default. If you want to sculpt on the final hairs that will be rendered you can, its just not that fast.
  5. Epic Games Invests in SideFX

    Yea i am weary of any investment into SESI or any company that i enjoy using their products. This arrangement though looks like a more symbiotic relationship. Neither party is dependant on each other and it isn't based off sales. I think it is going to be a great partnership. First things first.... nice exporter for Houdini hair into Unreal. They bought out Shave and a Haircut to get rid of that stupid patent by Joe Alter so they could invest in yeti but yeti is no match for Houdini's grooming tools... among loads of other things.
  6. I still was unable to get decent randomisation and i wasnt the only one. Another groomer had the same problem, so he made a tool to replace it.
  7. I imagine what you need is Guide Skin Attribute Lookup Sop. First input is the guides/hair and second is the Skin you want to inherit UV's.
  8. Procedural Skin Pores

    Did you get anywhere with this? This is a very interesting subject.
  9. So one thing ive realised that make things look a little "same-y". Is the frequency random is fine, but its applied all over. Is there a way to keep the frequency but adjust the seed per primitive? I tried using the @id but it doesnt work.
  10. Also it might behaviour as expected but that means i wont be able to get a different seed of the same frequency per id right? Random freq will give me a different hmm, weird. Every time i turned the Rand Freq up it did it all as one. Thinking about it, I have has this happen before with guide mask random tab where it will treat them all as one. Cheers for the example Tomas. I'm gonna take a look now.
  11. Thanks @Sepu im gonna try this right now. edit:// yea so i tried this. I couldn't put it in the amplitude because that will just increase/decrease the effect, i need a random seed on the frequency or just even a random frequency for the prim. When i put it on the Frequency Guide Attr i get random behaviour. But when i switch it from two to continuous/discrete and other distribution is i get a much more random effect. So this work. I was thinking is there a more elegant way to do this. I don't think so. This is exactly what i need. Perfect Cheers
  12. Yea i thought of doing something along the same lines. Didnt work for me. Created it in the parameter and also did it via a wrangle on the prims. Still didnt work. Can you show me a screenshot, because if its working for you im doing something wrong. Yea it just generate a random value on all the hairs. You would think it would generate a random frequencey per hair, that would be great. This behaviour also occurs with Amplitude too. The random Amp just randomises it but on all the primitives. If you use a mask then all that does is mask the effect leaving other unchanged. If i could maybe just randomise the seed based on the $id that would be the ideal solution.
  13. Hey guys, i have a silly problem that i cant solve. I am using things like frizz, wave, set direction with the groom tools but i cannot use expressions to randomize the effect per primitive (per hair). I figured i should use something like rand($id); But nothing works in the parameter box. What can i put in the Fequence parameter that randomises it per hair?
  14. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    In the feature list in the sneak peak there is something listed you might like. Paint Sop is now stroke based. It's independent of resolution. If I would suggest something. It would be more options for animators to streamline their workflow and have quality of life changes. No point having amazingly low level control for TDs and riggers if no one animates in the software. Can we wean people off Maya? Apart from that I love what sesi are doing
  15. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    Maybe i mistyped what i mean. I mean the ability to pixel paint in uv space. Say i have an attribute and i want to control it with a map, i cannot paint a 512, 1k or 2k map on the mesh in Houdini. I can do this in Xgen and with proprietary hair systems, but Houdini i can only paint on points. It cannot easily create simple float textures at a resolution i specify. The grooming tools are great but this one feature would allow for so much control