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  1. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    - Better svg / font / text tools - Better UI for basic deformer Twist / Bend / Wire ... - listing and preview of shaders from external renderers in the material palette - glsl context were we can control all the viewport shaders with a nodal network like ShaderFx - Ability to work with a glsl PBR shader in the viewport without being forced to use a mantra shader - ability to export the glsl PBR shader to UE or Unity - new UI paradigm for task requiring manual interactivity with the viewport like modeling / sculpting / uv layout - COPS on steroid + UI enhancement of all CC tools Hue Curves / Curves / Histo - Faster Mantra / Faster Bake
  2. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    @cinnamonMetal, well i do but not in digital format, it's on printed version of cinefex and computer graphic world magazine. You have and ipad app that sell old cinefex issue for only 5 bucks, lot of nice Maya and XSI ads there, sesi ad were kinda minimalist at the time. Maya best ad period were beetween 1999 and 2005 ... before the arrival of the dark ages. I will send you a PM with some few i have find online. and i will stop talking about Maya on a Houdini nerds forum, i think it will be a clever idea if i want to avoid any stoning scenario ...
  3. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    I like their new old school advertising It remind me Alias / Wavefront prints for Maya 1.0 -> Maya 4.0
  4. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Looks great jordi. As a side note, you might already know but you can plug this directly in houdini https://github.com/wjakob/instant-meshes By using the Gamedev tools instant meshes https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/houdini-game-dev-tools-instant-meshes-bridge/
  5. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    That would be nice to have a GLSL context / material builder inside the MAT context and - be able to create GLSL shaders directly with VOP/Snippets like node - have main houdini VEX function translated to GLSL with an equivalence for the principal noise (alligator, perlin, simplex ...) - to have houdini shaders build with a concatenation of a VEX context and a GLSL context could be cool , Thus VEX procedural operation could be dsiplay directly in the viewport (gl_displacement for ex) - in other word GLSL is not a black box anymore where you can just plug map or use preconnected att you have all the power at your disposal directly by entering in the new GLSL context Something like maya shaderfx, but in a cleaner way and with an equivalence beetween Viewport (GL) and Rendered (VEX) shaders. Translate the GLSL network of the Houdini viewport preview to a UE4/Unity network directly would be ice on cake.
  6. Small tablet or laptop for Houdini

    Razer are very compact and powerfull but noise + heat are invevitable if you want a 13-14 inch gaming laptop https://www.razer.com/gaming-laptops MSI Phantom / Asus ROG / Gygabyte Aero are good series for compact laptop with good perf. I personnally love asus ROG serie because their cooling system design is great , ( few noise / few heat )
  7. MOPs: Motion Graphics Operators for Houdini

    Thanks Guys ! Great Stuff and very sweet logo .
  8. Cigarette Smoke Pyro fx - Question

    Hi check this, some interesting idea http://pepefx.blogspot.com/2016/04/cigarette-smoke.html
  9. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    - hexadecimal color input in the color picker - gltf 2.0 import / export - better typo font / svg support for motion design - some love on the traditional deformer likes twist deform / wire deform to make them more straightforward / user friendly ( i still do twist in VOP in H ... ) - a visual preview of the shaders coming from external render engine in the shader palette ( octane / redshift / arnold / prman )
  10. Swirl Pyro Equivalent

    i reopen maya and check inside houdini microsolver. if you look inside gaz vortex confinement solver you see that the logic is extremelly close to what i describe for maya. i think i would start from that instead of vortex boost if i was trying to replicate it. confinment in houdini is close to what you get in maya with high details solved on and a decent rez, you get those extra swirl. but replicate the maya swirl behavior when high density grid is off would need some custom work. i find that confinement when you use high rez introduce a lot of parasite motion. one way is to use the exact same logic but as a post process to displace your sim. basically you compute the confinement but you don't add it to the velocity in the grid, you use it to advect your density along the confinment vector, like a sort of displacement. this logic of advecting extra detail is also there when you use uprez node on the shelf, but it is a 2 step process. i recommand to watch those 2 videos to better understand pyro, they are great https://vimeo.com/42988999 https://vimeo.com/119694897
  11. Swirl Pyro Equivalent

    I don't think that you will have the exact same thing as Maya Fluid swirl parameter , by default. If i remember correctly from my maya days , swirl just - take the velocity grid - analyse it to isolate area of high curl - multiply velocity vector of the grid by the input set in swirl in the isolated area. In houdini we do add swirl with all method mention above, aka confinment microsolver and vorticles but i think you will not be able to replicate the exact same thing as swirl. I have set a dumb scene with all methods and you are right it does add at some point curl noise to the vel grid. it is not just a dumb multiplicator. You could try to play with all methods, i find vorticles to slow down sims a little bit. I agree with bunker from what i have see the closest thing to maya swirl would be to start from vortex boost confinment. But a simplify version of it where you just compute curl with gaz analysis isolate the area you want and then use this as a mask to multiply your initial grid would be sufficient to replicate maya swirl. Cheers E confinment_test.hiplc
  12. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    that would be cool to have some AI based denoiser for mantra like the nvidia and pixar stuff https://developer.nvidia.com/optix-denoiser https://www.disneyresearch.com/innovations/denoising/
  13. NodeGraphPro.incNodeGraphPro.incGotcha ! With the new graph the background pref of the network view are in a new pref files. C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 16.5.378\houdini\config\NodeGraphPro.inc edit this line : GraphBackground: GREY(0.5) NodeGraphPro.inc houdiniPref.zip
  14. Hi Guys I was wondering how to modify the Network View Background color, in order to match the old houdini pro UI presets. I am playing in the 3DSceneColors.bw files, where i think it is the only place you can modify this, but i haven't find yet the good id for what i want to do. Any Ideas ? Thanks for your time. Cheers E
  15. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Thanks thomas , the pb with resample is that it create uniform space beetween points, i you want to get uv coord it's not working. In the hip attach the first method use a resample to get u with att transfer.