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  1. VEX - delete by attribute

    If you use a blast node: @myAttribute > 0 without the spaces "@myAttribute>0" should work. Or if your attribute has also been declared as a variable "$MYATTRIBUTE>0.5" should work in a delete node in the filter expression parameter. In my experience, using the blast node has much faster results.
  2. Sequentially Carve Lines

    on the "attribvop_carveVal" vop there's a Maximum time parameter which if you decrease will speed up the growth of the lines. It's not the most controlled way (no specific value to determine the gap between) but if you increase the value of the "addconst1" inside the "attribvop_carveVal" it will create a blend between the growth.
  3. Sequentially Carve Lines

    I'm not quite sure if this is what you mean but even if it isn't hopefully it will put you in the right direction. Let me know if you have any questions. EDIT: didn't attach SequentialCarve_v01_tb.hip
  4. $PT in "carve" node

    Do you have an example of how this can be done (controlling multiple curves carve position based on an attribute independent to each curve without using a foreach)? Thanks
  5. Is this what you mean? You should be able to put an image sequence in the first vop. deformGeoWithImage.hip
  6. packed primitives material assignment

    What I thought was a bug was just me misunderstanding packed fragments/geometry. Hopefully this should be useful for more people than just me: The Pack SOP in tomorrow's build of Houdini (13.0.321) will have an option to specify if Packed Fragment or Packed Geometry primitives should be created when packing by name.
  7. packed primitives material assignment

    partially found in another thread : http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=30134&sid=5bc3852085c989c506218238701b0866 Create a primitive name attribute with `substr(prims("../"+opinput(".",0),$PR ,"shop_materialpath"),rindex(prims("../"+opinput(".",0),$PR ,"shop_materialpath"),'/')+1,50)` you need to have assigned materials first. Then pack your geo with the name attribute checked. Once you've copied it all you can pick the packed name on the packededit sop and re assign the material. For me at least this is actually much slower than splitting each object based on material and creating a copy sop with "pack geometry before copying" checked and then merging it all back after assigning the material to the output. I get much less memory usage this way and the viewport is much more responsive (with around 45 million packed polys). I have submitted this as a bug and hopefully it'll be 'fixed' as I'm not sure if it's actually a bug. Hope this helps.
  8. BulletSOP - Your work(R&D's, Article's, Breakdown's)

    You just need to follow the installation part of the readme, not the compilation part: 1.1 Plugin For 64bit OS only! Copy library from "install/<yourOS>" to "$HOME/houdini12.5/dso/" for eg.: WIN -> C:/Users/<Name>/Documents/houdini12.5/dso UNX -> /home/<name>/houdini12.5/dso OSX -> /Users/<Name>/Library/Preferences/houdini/12.5/dso 1.2 Icons Icons created by Igor Bondar( jeybond7@gmail.com ). Thanks a lot! Copy files from "install/icons" to "$HOME/houdini12.5/config/Icons/" for eg.: WIN -> C:/Users/<Name>/Documents/houdini12.5/config/Icons UNX -> /home/<name>/houdini12.5/config/Icons OSX -> /Users/<Name>/Library/Preferences/houdini/12.5/config/Icons
  9. BulletSOP 2.0.10

    Just the scene above unfortunately.
  10. BulletSOP 2.0.10

    That's it! Only now that I've seen it in action do I notice that the object (under forces) tab is described in the docs. I was using the example scenes as my documentation so I kind of missed it as I don't think it is used this way. Thanks very much. I've been able to replace the foreach with a pointgenerate, copysop, attribpromote (to get min index) and attrib copy and it's 10-20 times faster now at this scale.
  11. BulletSOP 2.0.10

    That's not quite what I meant but that's useful to know. I think my problem should be more simple than that. I have attached a very simple adapted version of your 'forces_magnet' example to try and explain it. I would like the corresponding colours to affect each other whilst still interacting simultaneously. Thanks examples_v12a_tb.hipnc
  12. BulletSOP 2.0.10

    I'd like to apply forces to some objects and different forces to other objects. for example: I have 50 cubes being pulled by a central force along a curve and I have 50 spheres with a magnet force along the same curve. So I'd expect the spheres to be pushed along some of the curve by the cubes. Does this make sense?
  13. BulletSOP 2.0.10

    First of all. Amazing work Milan! Do you or anyone else know if it is possible to have different forces affect specific object indexes? I've tried a few things but nothing seems to be working so far. Thanks
  14. Add more then one packed RBD to a sim per frame

    I forgot that I'd added a copy sop to the adapted scene I'm working with when explaining this so sorry if it made no sense. I've attached a file which works for me. Is this what you meant? emit_objects_juri.hip
  15. Add more then one packed RBD to a sim per frame

    Try adding the name/piece attribute to the point before it has the geo copied onto it (make sure use template points is on and you've added the attribute to it) and disable the assemble node. I'm pretty sure this solution should work. I had some problems with the build (I think .198) causing a crash but that has been fixed in the latest. Hope this helps.