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  1. I hovered around the VFS for some time and went to lots of Annex Pro meetups, Houdini meetups etc and the word was that those 99% placement figures are deceptive. What they do in most schools is that when TD's are out of work, they're given free tuition to courses to upgrade their skills then on graduation from the schools course the school can point at them and say "they got hired right out of the school" I'm a big believer in the 10,000 rule. If you want to get good at something at a professional level, whether its guitar, piano, drawing and painting, mathematics and physics, you're looking at an investment of time of 10,000 hours. 12 months of going to a school isn't going to make you into a TD unless maybe you're already a pro at C++ or something like that. That $40k price tag could be better used to just go sit in a corner alone for a couple years of frugal living to study the subject on your own. One other thought to consider about this industry; Rythm and Hues crew were the best and look how they got treated even as they won an academy award. Look at what kind of lives they were forced to lead and ask yourself if this is really for you.