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  1. Freelancers Bible!

    Wow Andz that what I'm talking about. That was some the best incite I could have ever got, thank you. I sorry for being a dick about the freelance question. I hope the whole houdini community will forgive me for not having a professional attitude towards this industry, I am still young so there is hope, hopefully. I sorry I even brought up the whole programmer thing. Didn't know people were goto get emotionally involved. I'm just not good with code. I was trying to get incite from someone who isn't a math wizard, but I guess saying that has a finned a lot great people so I sorry I will keep mouth dumb mouth shut at least after this post. I not trying to be a smart ass, but isn't commercial art a contradiction itself in that money and art don't mix. Thank you odforce for tolerating me. Dr. Gore P.S. I hope I'm not outcast from this community because of my emotions.
  2. Freelancers Bible!

    I had to say something to get somebody to reply Freelancers Bible, look it worked. I wasn't taking a shot at programmers by far or anyone on this forum for that matter, I just know that houdini was mainly a programmers 3D package and that in the last 7 or so years it has become more artist friendly so anyone getting paid to use it mostly knows some code. Furthermore, I would like to personal thank Jason, arctor, and Marc for creating this site and letting me be a part of it. Plus, I like to thank everybody that helped me with my 24 posts ever symek even though he hates my avatar. I don't care what tool you use for freelance if you have made money from it, thats what I care about. Don't get the wrong idea I love art more the money, but I have to eat to. It looks like your tools are math, autocad and paint brushs. Andz have you ever seen the movie scanners, you would be the stronger scanner with math, see my avatar that my head. I haven't used autocad sense high school (not a dis) that where I got my start and your painting
  3. Freelancers Bible!

    I was hoping to get some input on this from odforce, I know I post this in effects it was my bad, I'm sorry. I guess everybody on this forum has a fulltime job at a badass effects company or uses Houdini as a hobby. I was hoping to talk to some freelancers that have used Houdini on different project and could share their experiences of making art and money with me. If not could some of the BIG dogs who didn't start in programming( because I'm not a programmer) share with me how they came up in the world of Houdini.
  4. Freelancers Bible!

    I have worked on 5 freelance project and done ok, but I am still wet behind the ears would the true masters of freelance tell me what to look out for from buying software to making invoices and every in between. Thanks in advance.
  5. The Old Sidefx Video Tutorials

    Thanks for the link arctor. There is a side note I hear that with autorigs your a very, very, very sick man. I have read the help page for auto rig and am still struggle with it in the software. Is there any way that you could break it down for me in a non-technical way, I know that sound bad. I am not as technical as most people on this forum. Sending rig info from one file to another in the otls and bgeo files is confusing me. I just need someone tell just what am I trying to do.
  6. Metaballs On Surface!

    Thanks a million Lukich!
  7. Metaballs On Surface!

    If you are using pops with a metaball copy to it to flow along a surface. How can you keep the metaballs on top surface without going below surface.
  8. Houdini Network Rendering

    Network rendering is disabled in Apprentice editions of Houdini. So I guess you can't take the work files from apprentice to a full Houdini because it will turn the full Houdini into apprentice. Why did they disable network rendering in apprentice it already renders at 640x480 and with Houdini Sidefx logo. How could I make this work.
  9. Houdini Network Rendering

  10. I have never used networking with any 3D software let alone Houdini. I have 3 computers I am able to use. Could I use a wireless router to control the computers. Do you have to use the same os, drivers, and graphic card on all the computers to get it to work or is this even possible. 2nd question how can I get rid of the popping or the black frames that are rendered out when rendering through mantra.
  11. I think I was to quick to ask a question about autorig I didn't ever see the capture/proxy tab there. The character I am rigging is coming from a obj file exported from XSI. Capture rig path and export data to capture rig is kind of throwing me off. Sorry, to have wasted your time such lame question.
  12. I can capture a single polygon arm with capture geometry, color shows and bones move with geometry. But rigging a full character with autorig and capture geometry is not working or showing colors. am I approaching this all wrong. I wanted to have a walk cycle in the works be tonight, but I am still new to character tools in Houdini.
  13. Thanks for the help guys!
  14. I always have problems with cooking, it kills my computer. I think it because I am not being conservative with models and particles. My computer is a Dell Pentium 3 with 996 MHz 512 RAM NVIDIA GeForce 2 graphic card. Any advise on how to create a cool particle transformation of a character without murdering my computer is welcome.