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  1. Particle noise based on age attribute

    Yes, toggle on the "Use VEXpressions" option in your Force and there is a preset in the dropdown box on the right you can use.
  2. lava flow question

    Fantasic, thank you for providing some educational reference, Jesper! I really appreciate it, looking forward to checking this out
  3. Delete Vellum Particles with constraints

    I haven't seen an indication in discussions that you can for this particular issue aside from separating/culling by patchname; However, if you haven't already, it's worth posting this issue over on the SideFX forums to see if one of their engineers can offer any solutions (and maybe H19 has provided a way forward for this particular sticking point)
  4. Delete Vellum Particles with constraints

    Keep in mind the points are all part of the same patchname, though - vellum doesn't like it when you try and alter geometry components for the same patchname on the fly, so it's wiping out the whole patch/sphere instead of just those specific points where P.y < 0. This has tripped more than a few people up, myself included.
  5. lava flow question

    Thanks for the tip, @Jesper Rahlff - do you have any recent simple examples of this you could post to demonstrate? The H15 example mentioned in Houdini Blueprints is not using any rest coordinates and I've only used dual rest for Pyro texturing with single rest for melting/stretching FLIP so am unaware of the typical use there. I did find an old post by @toadstorm again here https://www.toadstorm.com/blog/?p=312 but it's 7 years back and a lot has changed since then so perhaps there is a more direct way to implement it now.
  6. Is the data being clipped by Blender? I'm not familiar with Blender, but if you are certain the cache exported correctly from Houdini (ex: check frame in Houdini's gplay viewer), double-check that the density range of your volume settings in Blender match the density range output in Houdini (or whatever Blender's equivalent setting is).
  7. lava flow question

    Yes, you'd want to enable rest coordinates in order to have your texture coordinates stick to the lava for shader use; there is likely an example of using it somewhere onodforce, (I recall @Atom had one with a melting phone screen awhile back) and you can check out @toadstorm's overview of the overall concept on his blog https://www.toadstorm.com/blog/?p=312 In the case of lava, I don't believe you'd need full dual rest since the texture stretches by nature (someone please jump in and correct me if I'm mistaken) but worst-case you could have both enabled for safety and delete unwanted data in post. Edit: With regards to previous conversation about generating initial frames without sim; remember the FLIP sim in the end is merely a large point cloud which can be generated from any geometry input; given that the surface and shading of lava is at its simplest a lot of overlapped noise functions, you should be able to model the shapes you want and apply an appropriate texture prior to their input into the FLIP solver.
  8. I'm guessing you already checked out the Houdini documentation on it; I don't know if it's helpful, but have you checked out Arise Works' tutorial on the layered shader?
  9. Thanks for returning to offer the solution you found, great reference for anyone else running into the same issue
  10. rbd object ignores velicity past first frame

    Perhaps for standard RBDs it only calculates an initial point velocity on that first frame as it sets all the forces up as per standard DOP network kickoff, and then afterwards relies solely on the physics simulation rather than manual forces? Purely speculating here - I'm sure someone else on here has or can dig deeper into the guts of the solver and tell you the exact reason
  11. How to export vdb's in the right way

    Yes, as @Atom noted, disabling the auto-resize would cause your volume to start clipping - review his advice on increasing dissipation to help contain it within locked bounds. With regards to the number of exports you are wanting, take a closer look at how many you actually need in Blender, Velocity in particular - what field(s) is Blender actually using for the high-res result you want, and are you judging that on what you see in the Blender viewport, or an actual render? Remove anything you don't actually require for the final result in Blender rather than exporting everything and cut down on the overhead.
  12. Blood Smudges with Fingers and Warpaint on face.

    Yes, it's absolutely possible in houdini. Check out creating wetmaps, using the SOP Solver with attribute transfer between the surface with paint/blood and the surface being painted on. Once you have the basic element, you can add noise/breakup in either houdini or comp
  13. You appear to be converting your VDB to polygons before running the VDB Segment By Connectivity - you'll need to leave it as a VDB for that node to do its work before converting to polygons
  14. Replacing my vdb with initial high res mesh

    Atom's suggestion would certainly be the quickest and easiest, and has long been the go-to for swapping between things like unfractured and fractured geo, etc. so that's worth trying first. Without knowing how you're trying to do this (even simple example files with a basic workflow are always good if you're requesting help on the forum), but I'm assuming meshed particles, I'd suggest either a much high-res VDB to better match the shape of the letters at their final position and either use an VDB Reshape erode setting to animate filling it in cleanly once the blobbier letters are in place overtop to hide it, or perhaps trying animating a Ray SOP for the final letter VDBs (converted to Polygons) to see if you can get them to conform to the text geometry better.
  15. Visible voxels in collision object in pyro sim

    In addition to Atom's excellent suggestions, double-check your viewport display options: in the Texturing tab, make sure you're not limiting the 3D Texture display resolution which can lead to blocky and low-res viewport visualization