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  1. Future work advice

    You're off to a good start, and as previously mentioned, getting a good variation of well-done FX focusing on quality over quantity is a solid approach. If you have classmates that are talented in the other areas such as modeling, animation and compositing, I would definitely recommend teaming up with some of them to pool your individual talents and put together some showreel shots as a group (which will also help show you work well in a shot team which is a critical skill to have in this industry)
  2. In your viewport Display settings, you can check the Optimize tab's "Culling" settings and try increasing the Scene Polygon Limit and/or some of the other options
  3. egg explosion

    If you post an example .hip file of what you have already attempted to do this, members of the forum will likely help.
  4. 2D vellum Simulation

    Why not just place box-shaped colliders on either side of the spring geometry to restrict its movement?
  5. Sorry I don't have time to check your file, but perhaps this tutorial regarding animated vellum constraints from Rohan Dalvi could help if you haven't already seen it
  6. +1 on both of these points. I have made it a habit to use a convert to poly any time I unpack geometry after experiencing inconsistencies with selection when only unpacking geo.
  7. Od Studios launch

    Great to hear - best of luck, Marc!
  8. Duplo Bear via Bullet Constraints

    Useful tricks to know - thanks for sharing your knowledge and work with the community
  9. How to stop emission of smoke?

    Quickest way is just to animate the Activation attribute on your Source Volume node to 0 on the 25th frame or set $FF < 25 in that field
  10. tree destruction - getting that "bendyness" into it ?

    In case you hadn't already seen it, there was this post recently that mentioned using cone twist constraints for a bending-type effect in splintering wood, perhaps that might help
  11. Flip Sink Gradient

    Have you considered ramping pscale down with a sop solver for a particular height/region first rather than deleting outright? I don't have time to run a quick test right now, but reducing pscale will break up the fluid surface and possibly give a decent/natural organic result.
  12. Wire Character Procedural Growth

    I would suggest getting a basic setup built and then enhancing it from there, rather than trying for a high-complexity solution with no prior groundwork laid out
  13. Grain RBD Active/Deactive

    I haven't checked your scene, but if you haven't already tried it, check out the POP Awaken DOP; I've used that to successfully wake up sleeping grains particles
  14. Meshing Small Splashes

    It's difficult to offer suggestions without any real context for scale, motion, settings, etc. but meshing is an issue that's come up on the forums more than once so it's definitely worth searching the forum for related posts that might help. In the meantime, if you have an example setup with lightweight isolated cache frame/sequence you can upload, that would better allow people to offer tweaks and suggestions
  15. flip fluid vortex

    The example file for the POP Curve Force included with Houdini includes a FLIP fluid example; the options on that node can probably get you a lot of the way there