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  1. It will probably depend upon your needs/interest. My advice would be to check out the trial version and run through some tutorials to get a feel for working with it in order to make your decision compared to Houdini's Pyro or the Axiom solver
  2. Might want to look into Grains - search the forum, there have been some topics about tearing and such that might give you some ideas for this
  3. Hmm. I'll go back and check in a 19.0 session; I've been deep in 19.5 for awhile now so I may be mistaken
  4. Likewise all in work scenes, unfortunately. I'll have to see if I can reproduce it at home in a less-complicated setup. It was definitely an issue across multiple earlier versions of Houdini, I don't recall which, but I feel like the range was somewhere in H17 up to about H18.5 as you note, and our entire team was seeing it. I never experienced it in any H19.0 build at all that I can recall, but it quickly became apparent again when I moved to H19.5
  5. I see this same issue; it was a problem in earlier versions of Houdini that I thought had finally been resolved for good in H19, but nope, now it's back for me with 19.5.435. I can confirm it's extremely aggravating to be trying to work in a scene and have unselected and undisplayed nodes cooking their networks for no apparent reason. Frankly, it makes me want to just revert back to H19.0
  6. I don't believe there is an overall function to do so, but you can copy the slope and acceleration values for the keyframes within the channel editor which should do that. You'll need to do it per keyframe you're matching but that may be something you can script or it may even do within CHOPs (I'm not familiar with CHOPs so couldn't really say).
  7. Without context, people would have to just guess at what you're doing - I'd recommend uploading your file or uploading a screenshot of your material network for best help.
  8. Once your mesh is thickened and watertight, you will likely need a higher voxel resolution for your collider as well - I suggest halving your collision resolution until you see proper representation of the geometry in VDB form - also cull out/down parts of any sections you don't need to collide with to reduce the calculation time.
  9. Not sure whether you're looking for a long, continuous laser bouncing or somethign like laser bolts from a weapon, but I'd suggest using points to draw a line you can apply a polywire to, then carve along the line to show the laser path.
  10. It may have been a restriction on time dependencies inside of Mantra but It's been almost a year since I switched to Karma. Might want to check out a similar approach in Karma/MaterialX shaders instead at this point as Mantra is on its way out
  11. If they are all significantly smaller than the geometry you'd like to keep, you might want to try the Labs Delete Small Parts SOP (available if the Labs nodes were installed during setup)
  12. Check out Tyler Bay's CG Forge site and Youtube channel, he creates great content for all skill levels and he's got a 25% off sale right now that ends in under 13 hours. https://www.cgforge.com/
  13. The side effect of speeding up force along the curve tends to be your particles overshooting turns and/or flying off the curve - any reason not to just run the sim at a controllable speed and then retime the particles afterwards before you mesh them?
  14. I've used the Clean or PolyDoctor SOPs to fix some bad geometry orientation before; not always a sure thing, but one of those might be able to help
  15. From my understanding, the rotation/orientation of Grains cannot be calculated or used for instancing - at most you can have them orient to velocity which may not be useful for you in this case - see this post: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/84596/?page=1#post-365640
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