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  1. How to Control Pieces in Detail?

    You've pretty much got it; as the previous post mentions, just set the piece or pieces you want static to active = 0 and the pieces you want to sim to active = 1 fracture_edit.hipnc
  2. Procedurally split faces

    +1 to Noobini for the Gauntlet throwback
  3. Nobody may know why off the top of their head, but if you posted a simple example of your setup, you would likely get an answer more quickly.
  4. [Solved] HDA -> UE4 -> Landscape Grass Type density

    Thanks for following up to provide a solution to the original problem, sant0s81. No doubt it will be a welcome tip for others that run into this problem and start scouring the 'net for an answer, so kudos to you for helping make odforce an invaluable treasure trove of useful info!
  5. Help with explosion sim

    Agreed, posting a .hip is the best and fastest way to get help on the forum. At the very least, screencaps showing what nodes you have in the network any main simulation settings. If you're going to just post a video, definitely better to post an abbreviated version to yutoob or similiar lightweight streaming channel; asking people to download a 200+ MB file just to witness at a result you're having for a setup they have to guess about is not likely to get you much help.
  6. setting attributes that stick

    You will still need a SOP Solver as @Sepu recommends in order to save the history across frames - check out Matt Estela's excellent tutorials here: https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=The_solver_sop
  7. It seems you are dealing with a number of custom elements/settings that will be hard to help debug without at least a simple example file for people to dissect. If you're able to post simple/proxy geometry with an example I think you'd get an accurate answer much quicker
  8. random rotate top face of polygon?

    @Librarian, I'm curious to check out the github file(s) you mention, but I've done a variety of searches on google and github and am unable to track down the rock/stone example repository on gitHub, just simple or irrelevant files - was it something released by a user or by side effects, or possibly linked through another site? Searching on odforce itself the only relevant result seems to be the mention in this thread
  9. RIP Grant Imahara

    Am amazing inventor and engineer, and by all accounts an incredible human being. He will be missed
  10. Grains to object

    It is always best to post even a simple example file demonstrating what you have tried to do so people can see where your setup logic might be modified or improved for the result you are after
  11. Houdini HF to UE4 resolution

    Thanks for sharing your discoveries and solutions while troubleshooting this problem, sant0s81! It seems like an issue the rest of us were unable to help with, but your posts will no doubt be very helpful to anyone else that finds themselves with the same issue in days/months/years ahead, so many thanks for sharing the knowledge and helping keep odforce the amazing community it is
  12. In addition to clearing out any existing bad data from a failed install, you should also check you have the latest supported drivers for your graphics card as well as hardware that meets SideFX's published specification requirements: https://www.sidefx.com/Support/system-requirements/
  13. How to control flame shape at birth

    If you haven't found this already, here is an old but very useful thread regarding the mushroom issue in Pyro that is well worth reading - over a number of posts, Jeff Wagner from SideFX discusses why this happens and ways to address it along with a number of other users offering suggestions:
  14. Have you already tried clearing the RAM in the Houdini session itself by using the Cache Manager (Windows-> Cache Manager or Alt+Shift+M)? Usually restarting Houdini is enough to free up the RAM it is using (assuming your OS is doing garbage collection correctly), but it may not be necessary if Cache Manager can flush it. Writing your particles to disk is also a good way to help reduce the amount of data Houdini is having to keep in active memory if you're able to do that without much disruption to your process.
  15. unique ids in a continuous vellum simulation

    SOPs re-evaluates the node tree every frame so there is no history, just whatever the nodes evaluate to at that frame. Check out the Solver SOP for accumulating values ( https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=The_solver_sop is a great resource). In this particular case, if you just need a unique name you can use the "patchname" attribute already output by vellum with a slight tweak to the name you had set in geo1_vellum