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  1. Pyro Emitter delete circular shapes

    Do the same artifacts appear in the render? This may simply be a display issue in your viewport, in which case you can try increasing the texture resolution of the viewport in your display settings (ctrl-D hovering over viewport pane)
  2. Hi Joe, welcome to the forum. You're experiencing the opposite side of that double-edged sword for a software package that is constantly evolving - old methods you rely upon tend to go out of date and you need to adapt to the newer workflows. Older Houdini tutorials are still good for wrapping your head around the workflow concepts (creating sources and passing data between contexts, etc.) but you will save yourself a lot of headaches and hair-pulling if you get up to speed with the current workflow instead of trying to retrofit older tutorials (trust me on this, I've wasted enough time of my own doing just that). If you understand the concepts of setting fields for fuel/temperature etc. using SOPs geometry fed into DOPs, you should be able to sort out how to do something similar using the new workflow methods as well - I'd suggest checking out some of the tutorials on SideFX's channel https://www.youtube.com/c/houdini3d/search?query=pyro to get a feel of the new workflow and go from there. Worst-case, if you're unable to get it to work, post your working .hip file here and a link to the tutorial you're trying to replicate and I'm sure someone will help you out (note many questions in the forum requesting workflows that don't post at least a simple file to show they tried on their own don't get much response).
  3. Volume not colliding with ground

    In your Static Object DOP, switch the Mode in your Collisions->Volume tab to "Volume Sample" instead of "Implicit Box". You're already calculating the VDB it's using for Proxy Volume and the Division Size matches your VDB, so just let it use that and it should be okay
  4. realistic sparks / embers

    Do some particle sims with variation in overly-bright orange and yellow (or blue or whatever) color ranges and render them either as tubes or points of varying size with motion blur and glow/expose them up in comp with color/brightness fading over life to indicate spark death. I've used multiple spark setups over the years and they essentially have all boiled down to that basic recipe so don't overthink it too much, save all that thinking for the pyro and rbd sims
  5. It's usually best to post a version of the .hip file that isn't working and allow others to post edits to your setup to help you out
  6. Your best bet is to post an example of the setup you are trying to use that is not working, and allow some of the knowledgeable people on the board to repost some edits of your setup to help you out.
  7. My guess is you need to be using a Static Object DOP pointed to your collider geo and enabling "Use Deforming Geometry", making sure the collision relationship in the "Merge" node is set correctly
  8. How to Control Pieces in Detail?

    You've pretty much got it; as the previous post mentions, just set the piece or pieces you want static to active = 0 and the pieces you want to sim to active = 1 fracture_edit.hipnc
  9. Procedurally split faces

    +1 to Noobini for the Gauntlet throwback
  10. Nobody may know why off the top of their head, but if you posted a simple example of your setup, you would likely get an answer more quickly.
  11. [Solved] HDA -> UE4 -> Landscape Grass Type density

    Thanks for following up to provide a solution to the original problem, sant0s81. No doubt it will be a welcome tip for others that run into this problem and start scouring the 'net for an answer, so kudos to you for helping make odforce an invaluable treasure trove of useful info!
  12. Help with explosion sim

    Agreed, posting a .hip is the best and fastest way to get help on the forum. At the very least, screencaps showing what nodes you have in the network any main simulation settings. If you're going to just post a video, definitely better to post an abbreviated version to yutoob or similiar lightweight streaming channel; asking people to download a 200+ MB file just to witness at a result you're having for a setup they have to guess about is not likely to get you much help.
  13. setting attributes that stick

    You will still need a SOP Solver as @Sepu recommends in order to save the history across frames - check out Matt Estela's excellent tutorials here: https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=The_solver_sop
  14. It seems you are dealing with a number of custom elements/settings that will be hard to help debug without at least a simple example file for people to dissect. If you're able to post simple/proxy geometry with an example I think you'd get an accurate answer much quicker
  15. random rotate top face of polygon?

    @Librarian, I'm curious to check out the github file(s) you mention, but I've done a variety of searches on google and github and am unable to track down the rock/stone example repository on gitHub, just simple or irrelevant files - was it something released by a user or by side effects, or possibly linked through another site? Searching on odforce itself the only relevant result seems to be the mention in this thread