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  1. particle birth rate with velocity

    Hi thanks for your answers! Macha, I should have mentioned I am using point emission so I can't use your trick. Marc, your solution works fine for a surface, but the result is visually not very obvious for a point I can see it stops emitting when $CR==0 but I can't see the decrease in the rate if you could have a look into my file and let me know where I am wrong, would be great! thanks again for your help guys birthrate_and_speed.hipnc
  2. Hi I have a popnet set to emit from points coming from the first input connection I am trying to define my birth rate according to the input points velocity the faster the more particles, the slower the less but I can't find how to use length($VX, $VY, $VZ) in the birth rate it tells me: "Variable is not defined. Using '$VZ = 0'." "Variable is not defined. Using '$VY = 0'." "Variable is not defined. Using '$VX = 0'." I checked the "attributes" tab of my source node and it inherits all attribute. I even tried to "create local variables" but this does not help. do you guys have any idea how to set this up? many thanks! M