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  1. fx math

    This is all you need. No joke. https://www.khanacademy.org/
  2. Start my autodidact learn to Houdini and FX

    Hey, I teach an intro and a fluids course for CG Society. My Intro course starts again in the beginning of Nov. Ive received very positive feedback over the years from students who have taken this course. The course is designed to not only show examples of creating effects, but we really dig deep on the fundamentals behind creating fx which is paramount to becoming a solid fx artist. http://www.cgsociety.org/training/course/introduction-to-fx-using-houdini Let me know if you have any questions! Spencer
  3. Hey Diego! Thanks a lot for posting this, as well as contacting CGSociety. It is always frustrating to see my workshops being pirated, but its an occupational hazard unfortunately. I wish there was a video self destruct button I could press when a video gets pirated...maybe thats an idea worth developing
  4. CG Workshop - Intro To Houdini 14

    Hey Everyone, CG Workshop is currently enrolling for the Intro To Houdini 14 course. I will cover a variety of material and get into many technical low level concepts, such as the math, geometry, and trigonometry involved in gaining complete control over an effect. When it comes to making great FX, there aren't any push-­button solutions. This course helps to lay that groundwork to understand what is going on under the 'hood'. I will take you step-­by-­step through the construction using production techniques in Houdini, right from looking at the UI and procedural modeling in Week 1, and eventually on to particles, grains and fluids. We will cover methods that give complete control when you're procedurally fracturing geometry, creating dust and debris, dissolving effects, as well as procedural animation and modeling, to name a few. http://training.cgsociety.org/course/introduction-to-fx-using-houdini Check it out and let me know if you have any questions! Spencer
  5. Fix points positions like in example

    Subtract the P from the neighbor 1 P to get the direction to slide and add that back onto P...basically works like a peak SOP fix_pts_Spencer_v2.hipnc
  6. Fix points positions like in example

    Hey, I did this using a point VOP where I found the 2 neighbor point positions, then did a mix between their two positions. The bias of the mix was based on the distance the original point is from the nearest neighbor. Hope this helps! Spencer fix_pts_Spencer.hipnc
  7. CG Workshop - Intro To Houdini 14

    Hey Panupat, I will be updating all the videos to Houdini 14. The examples which I go through wlll be similar, covering the same information more or less. My previous class had a lot of VOP work where this course I will use some of the wrangle nodes instead, but very basic stuff. I will also touch on the grain solver doing a couple examples.
  8. Orienting normals

    You can do a double cross product to get correct orientation. upVector_v1.hipnc
  9. how to grab flip visualization color in sops?

    Actually, that over complicating it...you can just use a Color SOP > Ramp from Attribute. First create a 'speed' float attribute with the value to be length($VX, $VY, $VZ)
  10. how to grab flip visualization color in sops?

    the visualization is just mapping the length(v), speed, to Cd. To recreate in sops, just put a vopsop down, I think its now a 'point VOP' in H14. Put a length vop down, plug in 'v' to get your speed. Plug that into a fit VOP, set your source min/max to be the range of your speed Plug fit VOP in to Ramp VOP, set your colors to be 0,0,0.9 at the left side (0), 0,0.9,0.9 in the middle (0.5) and 0.9,0.9,0.9 on the right side (1) Plug Ramp VOP into Cd
  11. import your uvs via import attribute VOP, then feed into colormap VOP
  12. Vorticity for particles

    you can create a vel field from the particles v, then measure the curl (vorticity) of the vel field and map that back onto the particles. Ive attached a simple example. vorticityFromPops_v1.hip
  13. water in glass

    On the FLIP Object > Properties tab, turn up the Particle Radius Scale. Turn it up to 2 will make sure all particles get resolved and usually help with volume loss. Also, particle separation as Luke suggested too.
  14. scattering options

    Cristobal, I just realized it was you! Still in London I see. Hope all is going well! It may seem like a hack as there isnt any expressions or scripting, but I like easy ways Its putting a point in the centroid of each prim which sounds like what you are after. Will do the same thing as the popnet trick of emitting per prim. Another way, though may be computationally more expensive is to plug your geo into a facet SOP > unique pts, then add a primitive SOP > tick on Do Xformations and set scale to 0. Then add a Fuse SOP > tick on Keep Unused Points. Scaling the prims to 0 will use each unique prim centroid as the pivot location.
  15. scattering options

    Feed geo into divide SOP > uncheck 'convex polygons' and tick on 'compute dual'. then add an Add SOP > Delete Geo But Keep the Pts. Another trick you can do is instead of using the divide SOP, you can replace that with a convert SOP > Convert to > Circle. Then feed that into the Add SOP > Delete Geo But Keep Pts
  16. CGsociety Workshop FX-FLuids

    The general feedback on the format of the workshop has been quite good. Basically, there are 8 weeks and each week has between 90min-2hrs of content split up into ~10-15min videos. You do them on your own time and there is a forum where you post questions, work, etc which myself, as well as the other students participating, can give feedback on.
  17. CGsociety Workshop FX-FLuids

    Hey Tom, Obviously, I do have a biased opinion but I think its is definitely good value for the money This course dives into the low level concepts used to create, and control fluids. Its is more than just a course telling you what buttons to push to get some effect. It comes from a production point of view and also is more about teaching proper techniques and concepts that you can use and adapt to create whatever your need is. The methodology for generating the foam I think is worth the price of the course alone. Jason, as you have not taken the course I am curious what you are basing your feedback on? I disagree entirely that the course is the same as doing those tutorials and using the shelf buttons.
  18. you cannot delete them but you can set them to 'invisible'
  19. pop group infro in h13 ?

    Hey Greg, Funny, I ran into the same issue and I got as far as being able to see that the group creates an attribute per the group name so Im interested to know where the quick lookup to number of points is as well!
  20. Delete bad geo

    Facet SOP > Remove Degenerate
  21. Flip and Sop Solver

    Your flip particles come in at 'dop_geometry' SOP inside the SOP Solver. The flip particles are stored in the 'Geometry' field of the dopsim. Under the Geometry Data Path of the DOP Import 'dop_geometry', its is grabbing the path 'Geometry' from the chs("../datapath") reference
  22. Problem when Copying UVs

    make sure your uvs are a vertex attribute and not a point attribute
  23. Remesh SOP > Divide SOP Remesh SOP creates evenly sized equilateral triangles followed by a Divide SOP and tick on 'compute dual' will give you voronoi cells. You can take it a step further and get the center pts of those cells to plug into a voronoi fracture uniformVoronoiCells_v1.hip
  24. Fluid Fx Workshop

    Hey, I am going to be teaching a Houdini Fluids workshop in March for Intermediate to Advanced Houdini Users. Check it out! Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! http://goo.gl/QqNw15
  25. Fluid Fx Workshop

    Hey Adrien, Heuristic is just a fancy word for showing ways to drive simulations, emitters, etc using attributes and/or voxel data