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  1. This seems like a simple one, but I must be missing something. I would like to create a vdb from a camera with fog volume values inside the frustum area. When I choose 'From Camera' the vdb sop node shows me a frustum guide with appropriate dimensions but it always gives me 0 voxels. This is Houdini 16.0.633
  2. Hey everyone, Is it possible to use python or hscript to tell me which context houdini is running in. For example, mantra, hython, or interactive / native houdini? Adam
  3. VDB from Camera Frustrum

    well I feel better that I am not missing something obvious. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, I am creating an HDA programmatically and I would like to set the value of 'Editable Nodes' which lives on the Node tab within Operator Type Properties. Either HDAOptions or HDADefintion.setExtraInfo() seems promising, but I have not gotten further than that. Has anyone else done this before? Adam
  5. HDA - change 'Editable Nodes' via Python

    ah, got it. Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, Im working on a crowd system and I would like to kill agents when they collide with a static object, and then transfer all of their attributes and geometry to a new primitive to use in another simulation. I've tried two approaches so far, but neither give the result I am after so far. Please let me know if there is a simpler way to go about this. One is to use a crowdtrigger with the type of RBD Impact Data and then transition my agents into a "Dead" clip/state. To get this functioning, it seems I need my Crowd State RBD Ragdoll mode on Animated Static, but when I set this a bunch of my agents disappear, and the collisions don't seem to be very accurate. I'm sure I can get around both of these issues, but the real problem with this method is that when my agent dies I would like to capture his current state and the current frame of his clip, and not have to move it into a new one. The second method is to use a popkill and then create a new point and transfer attributes when the original particle is dead. This kind of works, but it may be a lot of work to rebuild the geometry to match the original crowd prim. It needs to be a packed prim, it has some index paired attributes, and some other attributes which I seem to be only able to access via agent* vex functions. Adam
  7. Ah ok that will do the trick. Thanks Atom
  8. Hello Odforce, I am newish to c++ and new to the hdk. I'am curious about the differences between const GU_Detail * gpd1 = inputGeo(1); and GU_Detail * gdp1; duplicateSource(1, context, gdp1); I am mostly wondering what situations you would use one over the other. I have discovered that trying to use inputGeo causes GEO_Closure to complain: GEO_Closure closure(*gdp1); no known conversion for argument 1 from ‘const GU_Detail’ to ‘GEO_Detail&’ but GEO_Closure instantiation works with duplicateSource. I am guessing that it has to do with having a read only pointer vs a copy of the geo, but any details about the mechanics of working with geo from one sop to another would be useful.
  9. Cool, makes sense. Thanks Symek. Is is possible to view the hdk source files? I've only been able to find the header files.