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  1. Thanks a ton!!!! Your wrangle code shows me exactly where I was messing up. I was trying to dump the output of the split directly into an attribute instead of keeping it a variable (as in your example). Exactly what I was looking for, thank you! //s@x[] = split(s@title, "_"); <-- What I was doing wrong string x[] = split(s@title, "_"); //Correct setpointgroup(0, x[0], @ptnum, 1, "set"); //Awesome s@item = x[0]; //Drop it into a point attr for good measure
  2. Hey guys, I've hit a bit of a wall on how to best approach this. I have multiple items with "objName" attributes - These are prefixed with the name I want to break out and group by. IE: objName: CarA_hood CarA_roof CarA_left_mirror CarB_windshield CarB_left_rear_tire CarC_hood CarC_left_rear_tire Using this attribute I wish to make groups: CarA, CarB, CarC. Is there an easy way to do this? I thought I might have luck in VOPS with a string split and pop node, but no dice. I've also tried doing it in a wrangle/python but I'm hitting a wall with the syntax.
  3. Thanks for the reply Tamagochy - How would I go about keeping 2 different objects separated under one glue network? Say I have an object "table" and and object "chair". How can I say that only chair parts can be glued to other chair parts for example? Edit: I think I may have answered my own follow up question - I have to prep each different piece of furniture in SOPS with its own connectadjacentpieces node, merge them all together then feed that into the constraint network in DOPS. I am having troubles getting the constraints network to respect piping in a SOP that isn't a direct link to the attributeCreate node now though. I may be doing something odd though, so I'll rebuild the network and see if its still happening.
  4. Hey guys, Im working on a scene where I have multiple objects that require glue setups - Pretty much a living room: Tables, chairs, television, ornaments etc. I have about 50 items that need to fracture into pieces or sub-components. Right now I'm importing each piece into DOPS separately RBD packed objects (50 or so), and then I am using the glue adjacent shelf button on each of those nodes one by one. This is making a lot of nodes in the scene view and is making my DOPS tree pretty dense and tall - I'm just wondering if this is the most efficiency way to do this. Ultimately, if there is a way to group/tag sets of points which belong to the same object and just have one glue setup that would be ideal. Any suggestions or ideas?
  5. Tamagochy: That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks!! Kleer: Mostly for clarity in my own head. I have 3+ RBD sims that do not need to talk to each other, so for clarity (and sim speed?) I wanted to split them up. Edit: I re-read your reply as well Kleer - The brain icon Also totally works, thanks again!
  6. Hey all. I want to separate my sims into different sections, using a different DOP network for each section. When I build a network using the RBD fracture shelf button etc it add the nodes into the first DOP network I created. Is there any ways to pre-emtpively tell Houdini to build into a new, clean DOPnet? Or do I need ot do it by hand every time?
  7. Hey all, I cant wrap my head around the best way to do this. I have an object, and I would like to split it into separate pieces. Lets say I have a torus, and I would like to cut it up on all 3 axis and cache them out as separate objects (via wedging). Ive tried using the boundSOP, which shows the areas I wish to divide nicely, but I cant find an (easy) way to cut things up using the boundSOP. Any advice or directions to an example file I can rip apart?
  8. Please forgive the x-post from the sideFX forums, maybe the ODForce scripting gurus can help me out - Im having trouble using python in an HDA that I'm sending over to Maya. I've attached a simple example HDA to set parameters using a callback script (button). Works like a charm in Houdini, but on the Maya side I need to hit my 'Execute' button, reset simulation, reload asset, sync asset until eventually the field updates to the correct value. Sometimes it works, other times it bugs out, and other times still it seems like it works but has a refresh issue. Any thoughts? Maya 2014 Houdini Engine 14.0.430 Callback Script: hou.pwd().hdaModule().setInitFrame() Script: import hou def setInitFrame(): me = hou.pwd() me.setParms({"initFrame": 736}) mrhoneSetparmExample.hda
  9. Awesome! Thanks man, I knew it would be something simple I was missing. -M
  10. Hey guys. I know I've seen this in other peoples OTL's but Im at a loss how to do it. I'm looking to create an override toggle in the Parameters pane: If the toggle is turned off, I want a second parameter to become locked/greyed out. Can anyone point me to how to accomplish this?
  11. Thanks for the reply! Sadly niether of those are working for what I need. Do you (or anyone) know the command to check how many licenses are available? i thought it was sesictrl.exe -i but that doesnt seem to work for me. (I may have a permissions problem, just like to check)
  12. Hey all, is it possible to disable the feature that launches Apprentice if a Master license cant be found? We'd still like the option to lauch Apprentice if we specify it, but we don't wan't it to be done automatically. Any ideas? --M
  13. Hi all. I have a scene where I have a volume really close to camera. I know that can increase render times dramatically, so I've increasing the near clipping plane of the camera to avoid the issue. The problem is now that it is now also clipping my holdout geometry. That brings me to my ultimate question... Does anyone know of a technique where I can clip the volume only and not the rest of the scene/geometry?
  14. Ack... That is totally it. Thanks a ton Albert!
  15. Hey all. I'm trying to evolve a procedure I found here: . Basically, I want to be able to return a list of objects based on their name. I'm pretty new to OOP, but I know MEL well. Is this the standard way to select by name/type in Houdini through Python? My code: def printSearch(term): li = [] for n in hou.node('/').allSubChildren(): if n.name().startswith(term): #print n.path() li.append(n.path) printSearch("Rock") print li Error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "tool_5", line 11, in <module> NameError: name 'li' is not defined
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