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  1. AMD Radeon HD 3000

    Does someone know how good they are working with Houdini?
  2. Warning On Start Up (solved)

    Series 6 is the first generation which is supposed to be compatible with GLSL. It should work.
  3. Quadro Fx560 Or 8800gt ?

    I thought nVidia Series 8 cards are still pretty buggy under Linux. I heard the drivers are as slow as ATI drivers before they released completely new ones at the end of 2007.
  4. Split A Poly Mesh With A Lsystem

    How can I use a lsystem to split a polygon mesh in pieces? Over a projection or what would be the best way?
  5. Disintegrating Sand

    I think I need both. But for the beginning I'll stick with solid volumes.
  6. Disintegrating Sand

    A jet of water is hitting a sand tower which disintegrates like semi-dank sand.
  7. Disintegrating Sand

    I'm looking for a way to simulate a sand castle disintegrating in water. How would you simulate disintegrating sand in Houdini?
  8. Memory Problem On Dop Simulation

    As soon as I have time I will strip down a demo scene for reproduction this week because the actual scene contains confidential material.
  9. Memory Problem On Dop Simulation

    Deactivating the "Cache Simulation" option in the dopnet operator seems to fix the memory allocation crash, at least for the moment. However, I think Houdini should be capable to cache some hundred frames RBD.
  10. Memory Problem On Dop Simulation

    We have still memory allocation errors here on our side. HT is disabled and we're using FX 3400 PCIe cards with driver version 81.67. We never managed to simulate more than 100 frames in one go. This problem has really something to do with the graphic card?
  11. Blend Fk/ik Handler Missing

    It works very well now.
  12. File System Object In Hscript

    How can I create a file system object in hscript and write lines in it? I lookd into the dokuments but couldn't find something.
  13. Blend Fk/ik Handler Missing

    The blending does not work for me. When dropping the blend factor below 1 the IK CHOP doesn't do its job anymore, it seems to be broken when I activate the blending.
  14. Crowd Crit ?

    Very good stuff!
  15. Crowd Crit ?

    Works very well! I think the shot would work even better if the camera moves.