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  1. Thanks for comments and examples, but i want to reach the wall oscillations. I think, that problem was in 0 velocity in static object(for some reasons, animated object in SOP context has 0 velocity in DOP). I tried to add velocity to statick object, but that not working. Check file please. MovingGroundWithVel.hipnc
  2. Thanks for comments, i do it later. Now little update.
  3. I trying to create earthquake, but stuck on gluing wall to ground. I divided the wall into two parts, the lower part of which will be glued to the floor and the top, which is glued to the bottom of the wall (with glue_constraint). Then in DOP, in object 'lower wall "in the "glue" I enter the name of the ground object. After that, I connect parts of wall with the glue_network_constraints, and it turns out that the entire wall is glued to the floor (without glue_constraint). Please tell me how to solve this problem Sorry for my english Attached scene file. And video: fun with earthquake. Earth_shacke.hip
  4. Thank for answer. Problem with corners, yes, but on windows and doors no. WOW, Thank you for answer, Peter!! I'm very glad, for your answer. I read this topic http://forums.odforc...mbling-effects/ . All what i have, it is another test on concave, with tetrahedralize SOP(screenshot below). Could you explain me more detail about recursive voronoi split operation? Also i'm trying to scater a lot of points on concave geo, to achieve more pieces on corners, but simulation is very slow. Sory for my english.
  5. Here is my house destruction WIP. On the videos in this post you can see what I made myself, before I stuck with the problem of a concave geometry in the corners (which can not properly handled by the Bullet engine). By default, the Voronoi Fracture HDA creates concave geometry in the corners (you can see it on the screenshots below) and if there is another object located in the corner (for example bricks behind the stucco), the simulation starts to explode (because the Bullet improperly complements such geometry to convexity). I tried to search some info about how to implement a Convex Decomposition algorithm in Houdini (may be HACD*), but I haven't any result yet. All what I have for now, is my concavity-testing VEX node, that finds all the concave parts, but I have no idea how to cut them on a convex pieces. It will be cool, if somebody can help me with this problem. Below you can see my tests. *Hierarchical Approximate Convex Decomposition http://kmamou.blogsp...ate-convex.html http://www.khaledmammou.com/hacd.html http://masc.cs.gmu.edu/wiki/ACD
  6. BulletSOP 2.0 beta_v4 for Win64 and Linux64

    Milan, this tool is extremely fast, i just installed this and it's amazing, THANK YOU!!!
  7. BulletSOP 2.0 beta_v3 for Win64

    Amazing work Milan, thank you! Tell me please were i can find some info about how to realise "Volume Hull", or some kind of HACD in Houdini?
  8. Hi all! I have a fractured box (screenshot below), and i want to get collapsing result like on this video With "translate" node i animate the position of fracture points, to get a progressive collapsing result, but on simulation i have a bad result with one peace of geometry(screenshot below), i'm new in Houdini help me please!