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  1. detail string append

    put this in a python sop node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() geo.addAttrib(hou.attribType.Global, 'ids', '') ids = [] for point in geo.points(): ids.append(str(point.attribValue('id'))) geo.setGlobalAttribValue('ids', ' '.join(ids))
  2. fx demo reel

    hi everyone, ive just finished an fx demo reel, would love for you to check it out www.vimeo.com/zacharydimaria/demoreel thanks!
  3. Smearing pixels in 3d space

    I am trying to achieve an effect for a project, and have no idea how to approach it. I need to take a render's normal pass, and use that to get surface tangents. Then I want to smear the color channel of the render, across the surface, in 3d space. The reason for this is to try and achieve a 'painterly' effect. Basically trying to make things look like impressionistic paintings. I will probobly do some sort of posterization first, but am not sure how to approach the smearing. I know vops, but have never done anything in cops at all. Do you think this is something that can be done in Houdini?
  4. Making a pond

    There is already an example of this in the Ripple Solver documentation. .../examples/nodes/dop/ripplesolver/RippleGrid.otl This example demonstrates how to use the Ripple Solver and Ripple Object nodes. Bulge SOPs are used to deform a grid to create initial geometry and rest geometry for the Ripple Object which is then piped into the Ripple Solver.
  5. Vop problem

    They're not exactly moved how you would think, theyre more explicitly placed into their new positions. zak VopCurve.hipnc
  6. RBD Bug or am I missing something?

    Yes only one fracture.
  7. RBD Bug or am I missing something?

    Not at the moment due to filesize, (unless you want to sim it out for yourself ), but I will try and reproduce it in a simpler fashion tonight or in the morning.
  8. RBD Bug or am I missing something?

    Thanks for the replys, sorry it took so long to get back - I've been trying everything I can think of but these sims take quite along time. The pieces are all in their own groups, and the points are only scattered inside the geometry. I think what is happening, although I could be entirely wrong, is that an RBD Fractured Object just makes a bunch of rbd objects (pieces) glued to one big idea object. As collisions happen, they fall off of this object, instead off off of eachother. Is this correct or am I still very mistaken?
  9. RBD Bug or am I missing something?

    I have, and have had the same problem. I am also not ROPing it out, just geo -> scatter -> voronoi fracture -> filesop. then file-> rest ->dopimport -> file (to save simed geo out). I know if I used the shelf tools after bringing it in as a bgeo.gz to make it a rbd glue object, it doesnt understand that I've already fractured it, and trys to again. But I'm setting up the dopnet by hand.
  10. RBD Bug or am I missing something?

    Yeah. Thats a screenshot of the viewport inside the dopnet. I just turned off the visablilty of the static geometry to help show what I was talking about.
  11. RBD Bug or am I missing something?

    Hello I have an object, that I fractured by scattering points and then feeding those into a Voronoi Fracture SOP. They are being grouped into the default piece*, inside and outside. I then cached this geometry to disk. I then bring this object into a dopnet with RBD Glue Object DOP, with the group mask set to piece*. My problem is, whenever I run this sim, random pieces will stay together throughout the sim. And I dont mean glued together. These pieces are not adjacent, and can be on the opposite sides of the original geometry. It might be hard to see in these pictures, but these two pieces are definitely not touching. This is one example of what I am talking about, but this has happend across multiple sims, with different objects. I'm too new to say that this is a glitch, but I just cant seem to figure out what I'm missing. Zak
  12. Houdini Tutorial Database

    Awesome! Thank you! Will be sure to forward this on.
  13. Thank you, the RBD State node worked perfectly.
  14. I have an RBD Fractured Object, which has changing point velocities. I am trying to use Inherit Velocity from Point Velocity. On the first frame, everything works as expected, but at frame 2, it doesnt. I feel like its because the initial state velocity is just that, explicitly a first timestep velocity. I am new to DOPs and am having a hard time figuring out how to achieve this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Zak velocity.hipnc
  15. Alternative uses for Houdini

    hey luke, could you please elaborate on these photos? did you print this? sorry to say I tineyed your pics and seeing that they are nowhere else on the net, im guessing you did this yourself. im very interested in how you did this zak