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  1. uv for wire

  2. uv for wire

    Hello everybody! i am trying to get correct shape of wire with skin or sweep, to get useful uv after, but mine orient is looking not good to achive correctly shape, and i dont understand why? Can anybody help me with this problem, or mayby any of you met with task like this one ? if briefly i am traing to repit something like this simulation.zip rope.hipnc
  3. Curve attract Particles problem

    there is just need to setup the popcurveforce tornado problem.hipnc
  4. Saliva Effect with wire solver

    some with wire t.hipnc
  5. Spray simulation problem.

    it may be becase your source geometry not solid
  6. Beer Simulation

    you mean like this?
  7. how to achieve this effect in the Movie of Thor

    Unfortunately the button to create a cloud of nebula in Houdini is not present yet, but there are a bunch of buttons that will make just clouds, and if you give them the right shape, lighting,materials and details you will get what you need .. in Houdini one and the same goal can be achieved at least five ways, which you understand only you decide perhaps this will help you
  8. RDB after deforming

    Done , the question is closed thanks guys!
  9. RDB after deforming

    I'm sure there is a much more original solution, these two groups L and R are two pieces after deformation that would be noticed by the solver
  10. RDB after deforming

    something like this rbd.deforming.v1a.hiplc
  11. RDB after deforming

    Only one piece participates, the second does not pick up rbd.deforming.v1a.hiplc
  12. RDB after deforming

    I tried that way , but melting begins to behave unpredictably, with artifacts
  13. RDB after deforming

    it's a simple idea, vdb erode roof_melt.hipnc
  14. RDB after deforming

    According to the plan, after the upper panel has melted, it must fall under the action of gravitational forces, but it does not come through, because the object remains unified, how do I subject the object to the force of gravity force after deformation?
  15. Tracks from the wheels

    just simply vdbcombine ...