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  1. I'm posting this on behalf of Benuts, a VFX company based in La Hulpe, Belgium. We are looking for an experienced artist to help on water/ocean simulation and shading. We're looking for someone with a lot of experience on that specific topic to help finalise shots for an ad, with opening sea - Moses type effect. More information will be provided after contact. If you are interested, please e-mail Alexandra Meese : alex@benuts.be
  2. A little building colapse

    I like it
  3. Hey, Let's say I scatter 43 points on a sphere and use it as emitter. So, in my sim I want to emit 43 points, not more , not less, but I don't want them all emitted at the same frame, which would be easy using npoints("../../sphere/scatter1") and an impulse activation. What's the simplest way to get them to be emitted randomly over 100 frames ? I was going for an emission of all of them at frame 1, then "activating" them later with a group based on random ID, but wonder if I' m not missing an easier method. Any tips ?
  4. Here is my test, it works, I used the the random tab in my group to add particles and activate them. Still, I'll welcome easier solutions. emit_points_frames.hip
  5. Hi, Not sure what happened this week but I have rss errors with Newsblur concerning odforce that I didn't have before. They look like that : 2016-04-24 14:45:25 SAX Exception (553) 2016-04-24 14:45:00 SAX Exception (553) 2016-04-24 09:01:23 SAX Exception (553) 2016-04-23 21:40:26 SAX Exception (553) Any idea of what's going on ? Cheers` Bruno
  6. Hey Marc, I gave it a try using my "unread" activity stream. Kindof works, I get all the unread posts as RSS. Was working a bit better before though, as all unread threads where "combined". Now if I have 5 new replies within a thread, I'lll get 5 RSS topics instead of just one. I'll check if I can change that behaviour either here or on newsblur. Thanks, Bruno
  7. Desert dust Hits, Pyro

    I think the smoke from the meteor trails should stay and float in the air. Right now they tend to disappear a bit quickly as if it was based on particle life, they should dissipate in the air instead of just vanishing. I like the explosions, nice work !
  8. Looks like inoreader is giving errors as well Feed Website: http://forums.odforce.net/ XML Address: http://forums.odforce.net/index.php?/rss/forums/1-odforce/ Subscribers: 9 Posts this week: 0 Date subscribed: Fri Dec 20, 2013 16:25 Last post: 2w Last crawled: 09:06 (A feed could not be found at http://forums.odforce.net/index.php?/rss/forums/1-odforce/. This does not appear to be a valid RSS or Atom feed.) View crawler history (Validate feed)
  9. Latest collection of my rnd work

    Amazing work !
  10. Thought it would be nice to have a place to post suggestions about the new forum look. Here is one as an opener: I have the feeling vertical line spacing is too large, making forum posts look like full of "air". as an example, writing a text and pressing enter or shift+ enter to go to a new line : This is a single line This is another single line (shift+enter) This is a third single line (enter) My feeling is that vertical space between lines could be reduced...
  11. Ah, ok Nathan... shows my current level in Chops ! I works much better indeed with export toggled ! Thanks !
  12. quick update, it seems to work if I put these expressions in the camera translate and rotate : chop("../chopnet1/object1/tx"),chop("../chopnet1/object1/ty"),chop("../chopnet1/object1/tz").. etc ... So I guess I do something wrong trying to export from the chop to the camera.
  13. Hey Nathan, thanks for your replies. Here are my hip and abc files. alembic_to_cam.hip cam.abc By the way, in this hip, the range is not set to full animation. If I set it to full range I correctly see my curves, but they don't seem to get transferred to my camera.
  14. Hey Nathan, I tried your method to extract motion from an alembic camera, but when I set the target object in chops with compute full transform, the motion view show flat curves, while my object is translating/rotating. It works fine with objects that I have transformed/animated in Houdini with keyframes, but I can't get it to work with alembic cameras... Any idea what could be wrong ?
  15. Benuts - FX artist (Belgium)

    I'm posting this on behalf of Benuts, a VFX company based in La Hulpe, Belgium. We are looking for an experienced FX artist to help on feature film shots. The main task is to simulate and light photoreal smoke grenade/smoke trail effects. In some of the shots we mainly see the trail while in others the grenade starts emitting smoke, filling a room. Remote work is a possibility although we prefer to have someone on-site for obvious reasons. More information will be provided after contact. If you are interested, please e-mail Alexandra Meese : alex@benuts.be
  16. od|force forums

    Two quick questions : Are ads actually enabled ? As I don't see any, even as guest browsing the forum, with adblock being disabled. If we register for the "staging" forum, do you advice us to pick another user name ? Or will the current forum user database just overwrite the staging one once we migrate ?
  17. Hi, I wonder if there is a way to change how the color box appears by default. it's probably easier to explain with pictures. I want this color display here to be changed to that one, on every color present in Houdini. Any idea on how to do that ? edit : couln't change the typo in the title, if an admin ca swap "color presention" to "color presentation"
  18. Got a reply from SESI, this is now a RFE (ID=74498).
  19. Polygon to VDB issues

    Do you have any holes in your polygon geometry ? VDB usually works better with watertight objects. Maybe try adding a polycap. You can also try and adjust your settings like lowering the VDB resolution to try and fill the holes.
  20. How you would model a stone wall?

    Nice result ! What engine did you render with ? Mantra or Corona (mentioned at the end of the video). If you had to transfer everything to max, how did you do it, through alembic ?
  21. render deep exr

    Have you tried adjusting the DCM Z-Bias in your render node ? I can help a lot in reducing the size of those deep files. Be sure to test different settings and check them in your favorite comp software.
  22. Hi, I'm trying to recreate the vector field from pepefx linked here It's not really working yet, and I wonder why, I suspect there's something wrong with my pcopen, but it's basically a copy paste from the website. the result I'm supposed to have is this : However, I get that : I attached my current hip file hoping someone can cast some light on my issue ! Cheers Bruno magnetic_field_volume.hip
  23. Dammit I was pretty sure I read and wrote it all correctly. There's a reason why I hate camel casing Thanks a lot David !