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  1. Dammit I was pretty sure I read and wrote it all correctly. There's a reason why I hate camel casing Thanks a lot David !
  2. Glad it worked for you ! It's quite useful for me as well, I can now totally skip the expression editor window ! Lot's of clicks saved !
  3. It's actually working for me with Windows (10). After installing it, do you see that option if you right click on a text field ? It took me a few tries before being able to add the shortcut, but in the end it appeared in the shortcut options, I could set it and it persisted after closing/re-opening Houdini.
  4. I did a bit more digging, someone (Arthur Yidi) actually made a plugin to handle it as you can read in that thread : http://forums.odforce.net/topic/8758-external-text-editor-for-scripting/page-2 It works well at least with Houdini 14 (havn't tried in 15 yet), you can map the external editor to any hotkey (I used Ctrl+E) and it goes straight to your external editor, without opening the expression editor. link to the plugin : https://github.com/ArthurYidi/Houdini-External-Editor Much better solution !
  5. I usually do alt+e e Quickly typing both "e" one after the other. Not the best solution I guess, but it opens up sublime together with the expression editor at nearly the same time.
  6. Thanks for the tip Atom ! Back on topic I wonder if something can be done in houdini.pref to change that behaviour ?
  7. Houdini -> V-Ray

    mantra -host1, host2 ,host3 will distribute your render across your hosts. Even simpler than v-ray
  8. Nore sure this is what you're looking for, but you could try these steps : You'll first have to unpack your alembic so that you can select points. Then, use a rivet, grab a few point around the place where you'd like to get your rivet. Now if you parent your geo to the rivet, it should follow your point selection.
  9. Did you look at the h15 Masterclass on Mantra rendering ? They talk about it around minute 50.
  10. Maybe you could render your animation with a Deep Camera Map (in your mantra settings), then use Nuke to clip your deep animation and separate them into the requested picture files. I did a quick test and you can use an image to clip your deep files in Z (within Nuke), works well with volumes.
  11. CarClaw Making Of

    Yes, very nice for your first Houdini project !
  12. tearing granular sheets

    Mmm, not sure about pdb, be theres s been similar effect in this thread, maybe it can help : http://forums.odforce.net/topic/22960-anotherghostintheshell/ there's a flakes.hip file you could look into.
  13. Minute Houdini Tips

    Very nice tip indeed !
  14. Hey guys, I need to separate in an object closed (watertight) meshes from other meshes which are opened. Is there a easy way to do that in a foreach sop ? Cheers Bruno
  15. Worked like a charm, thanks !
  16. mudbox ptex to Houdini

    If I remember correctly Ptex in Houdini requires quads, not triangles, although this could have changed since version 12... Maybe worth a try !
  17. Commercial Porsche Black Edition

    Very nice ! Did you render everything with Mantra ?
  18. Not totally sure about what you need here, This video from another thread could be useful http://forums.odforce.net/topic/17105-short-and-sweet-op-centric-lessons/?p=135253
  19. What about adding a vdbsmooth ?
  20. I'm doing some research for a future project possibly involving a beast hit by arrows and bleeding heavily while travelling a water surface. So the questions are probably obvious, how do I get all these simulations to interact ? I know about Houdini's fur, wire solver and flips, but as I can expect some close-ups where we see the blood clumping the fur, while beeing driven by it's relief, and as the fur itself has to float on a water surface, while the blood, after leaving the fur has to dissolve itself in the water pond. I'm not expecting a complete solution, but if you already tackled that kind of situation I'm rater intrested in hearing from you ! Thanks Br1
  21. Just bought it, hoping to be able to start playing a bit tonight !
  22. The (very) first Days...

    Great work indeed ! How many hours do you have in your days ?
  23. Pass solid color from map into instanced objects

    Hey Adam, looks like the file from George is doing what you need. Each points transfers a color to each sphere, so there's no variation of color on the vertices/faces on those spheres.
  24. 4. There's also the new Attribute Randomize SOP if you're using Houdini 14.
  25. It's strange, the $ID should be preserved even when the particle dies, as stated in the docs : i@id Default is -1. A unique id for the particle that remains the same throughout a single simulation. Always use @id rather than @ptnum to avoid things changing when particles are deleted. Use findattribval() to look up the point number that corresponds with an id. Are you using id or ptnum in your copy1 node ?