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  1. try this : $HIP/`strreplace($HIPNAME, ".hip", "")`.exr This will puth the himpname and remove the ".hip" extension.
  2. I had a really nice experience using Manjaro and I3wm as window manager. It's another tiling window manager you could try out. Houdini running fine and fast, no crashes at all. http://i3wm.org/
  3. How to revive a 10 year-old thread !
  4. You can enable the colored shadows by toggling faux caustics in the mantrasurface Opacity tab. You can then adjust those shadows using the inside and outside IOR in the Settings tab.
  5. Flowbox project 

    Signed up as well !
  6. Skull

    Looking good, I like all those small Houdini logos !
  7. CMIVFX - Particle Morphing Effects

    Hi Adam ! Just watched the tutorial yesterday. I have to say it was very informative and well done. Sometimes you' re fast with your nodes and I had to pause here and there, but globally it's one of my favorites when it comes to particles ! Thanks for the great work, and I hope you' ll have motivation to make more tutorials !
  8. Wolf fur

    Very nice !
  9. I usually add a small cube somewhere in the scene to make sure there's always some geometry present, else, it won't export the sequence even though you have geometry appearing later on.
  10. explosion on desert

    There's a link to the video in the post ! Nice sim !
  11. The Walking Poly

    Ha ! Very nice setup ! So what's going to be bounce-walking next ? fire sims ?
  12. Sand errosion...

    Did you look at the thread Flip Fluid Sand girl, it should be a good start.
  13. Flip viscosity driven by age

    I'd like to generate a stack of objects falling on each other over time. The effect I want is that when they fall on the ground they are close to solid, but then loose viscosity while aging : - First object is solid at frame 10, and at frame 20 gets liquid while the second object (newly born and falling) is solid. I'm not sure where I can control the viscosity so that it's affected by the age of the particles. Can someone point me to tips/suggestions or an example file ? thanks Bruno
  14. Scale each crack separately?

    woops sorry about the attachment. Looks like it didn't work. Let's give it another try... vor_foreach_br1.hipnc
  15. Scale each crack separately?

    Here is a version that probably does what you want. I used groups instead of attributes. Cheers Bruno
  16. Hi all!

    Vladislav, you work is amazing ! Water, destruction, smoke, I like all the things you do ! Great job, keept it flowing !
  17. Hi, I'm trying to remember how to do this. I'm using a pattern to delete points on a curve, something like !*:10 but I want to exclude the first and the last point. Bruno
  18. Mmm, maybe I didn't state it correctly. I don' t want to delete all points between first and last, only a percentage based on the pattern !*:10
  19. gas explosion

    same here ... dammit !
  20. There' s actually another thread about it in General/lounge. Maybe both can be merged.
  21. Have you tried with Alembic ? I' m not in front of my computer right now, but it' s worth a try...
  22. bullet and densities

    Hi guys, Can anyone confirm that density has no effect on rbd using the bullet solver ? I tried different values going from 1 to 1000000 and the simulation doesn' t seem to change. Or am I doing something wrong ? Bruno