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  1. Hi Georges, I downloaded your dll and played with the provided example files and I have to say I really like it. I'm currently more interested by the granular aspect of things, and there a some nice examples in your files. What kind of help are you looking for. Can non-heavy coders assist you in some specific tasks, tests or maybe help by doing some documentation ?
  2. I didn't have issues transferring from maya to Houdini using alembic. Can you describe the jitter ? Do you have an example file ?
  3. The Walking Cube

    Great job you did there !
  4. crash engine

    Hey it's looking quite nice. If I remember well the metal pieces also deform when the engine touches the ground, on top of exploding in pieces. Like metal being twisted. About the smoke, I don't think you'd have puffs in front of the engine with the speed at which everything moves. I'm eager to see what's next !
  5. How to change the groups name?

    Just add a group node (after your already existing groups). Disable the group creation in the first tab, and go to the Edit tab. There you can rename a source group to a target group.
  6. krakatoa-magma modifier

    You'd have more answers by taking this subject to a place that actually talks about 3ds Max or Krakatoa. http://forums.cgsociety.org/ comes to my mind but I'm pretty sure there are many more forums where you'd receive help on that topic. On top of that, if you own Krakatoa you can probably email thinkBox about your issue or fill in the form here http://www.thinkboxsoftware.com/support/
  7. crowd tutorial

    Hi Guillaume, Thanks for the great tutorial. I'm still looking at some of the impressive things in your videos. I sometimes had issue with your chapter system on vimeo which, when changing chapters, disables the sound. Once the sounds gets lots it's hard to get it back as reloading the page doesn't fix the issue, I usually have to delete the cache and quit the browser. I tried both with Firefox and Chrome and had the same issue.
  8. RSS Feed

    Works great now ! Thanks !
  9. why i get black refractions in this image?

    Just a shot in the dark, but what is your refraction limit in your mantra > shading tab ? Do you have any attenuation set in your material, are you using pbr ?
  10. Random link of interest

    I you haven't done it yet, check the winners from DemoScene assembly 2012. My personal favorite videos are the first one, the fifth one and the last one. enjoy !
  11. Digital pyrotechnics

    It's jsut mind-blowing. The looks of the smoke is great, I really love it at 00:11>00:16 as well as the bright smoke around the tank later on. I guess there's some "real" smoke in the shots as well or am I totally wrong ?
  12. mice warior

    Yes maybe another pose would help. I really like the fur in there. It's still quite grainy in there, is it a desired effect or just a lack of samples ? I'd like to see it's tail somewhere, which could add some dynamic to the picture.
  13. Mud fluid cascade

    I'm unable to see the vimeo link. The video is private.
  14. sss pt

    Hi Aleks, I looked at your file and you're almost there. You don't need the reverse node, but you have to remove the uv info from your object to get it to render correctly. Just add an attribute node and in the vertex tab, delete the uv attribute.
  15. sss pt

    Hi Aleks, I had to deal with that issue before and I'm probably the one that answered about swapping UV in the shader to get SSS to behave correctly. I'm attaching a picture of how I did it. Basically, in the shader you just create a uvcoords node and plug the first output value to V and the second to U. If you have trouble with a file, link it here and I'll have a look at it. I also remember that, at that time as I was using alembic to get my geometry into Houdini (11) I had to use specific settings on my reverse node that probably don't apply to your file, but it could be that you don't need the reverse node anymore once you swap U and V in the shader. Cheers Bruno
  16. Form

    I like it too ! Very nice work.
  17. It's looking really good. I like those small pieces on the right that roll on the sticky part, would be great to see more of those, maybe get some more solid pieces within the melting part.
  18. In a mood for sand

    Hi travis, Thanks for your research and explanations. I'd still be interested in a basic HIP file if you have one lying around, I'm not to worried about baking BGEO sequences, but I'm having some trouble understanding how to override the FLIP velocities with your setup. Bruno
  19. Fracture question

    If you're using the shelf tools, after fracturing your object you can just click the RBD Glue tool, it will create the dop network and add the glue controls. I usually set the Glue strength to 0 (Glue Tab) and lower the Internal Glue value to 10 (from 1000). I think that only he internal glue will be used for you if all your pieces come from the same SOP. I'm not sure how well it works with the Bullet solver as I usually switch to the RBD solver for my tests. Cheers Bruno
  20. Fracture question

    There should be a glue option to allow you to keep your pieces together before the impact if you use rbd-glue object.
  21. Do you have an example file we could try ?
  22. Have you done a full render after setting the sss pc option to write ? I had unwritten sss files when tuning shaders with IPR. The files where not written to disk until I launched a full render.
  23. Alembic Maya -> Houdini

    I remember having issues with namespaces with alembics coming from Maya. Be sure that those are taken care of, as something like Mesh::Name wasn't working last time I tried. Bruno
  24. Viscous Teapots

    More feedback here after a few more tests : Eetu's tip about increasing "Max Cells to Extrapolate" is actually quite usefull as it will allow to compute with less substeps. I ended using only 3 substeps after increasing that value while I had to use 10 substeps before changing it.
  25. Flip viscosity driven by age

    Forget this question. I just had to reconnect the point position to the noise in the vopsop.