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  1. Flip viscosity driven by age

    Thanks Eetu ! Exactly what I was looking for ! I Didn't think about digging deep in the sourcevolume. By the way I followed your WIP thread and was wondering with your viscosity setup (ala *sand solver*) why the sopsolver works as intended when using the flipfluidobject referencing a SOP Path, but not when using a sourcevolume. Any tips ?
  2. Flip viscosity driven by age

    My issue is that I have been unable to get/use birth groups, age or life attributes with FLIP particles. If I follow your suggestion and add an attribute like $BIRTH = $T, that attribute evolves over time, so the result is always the same and all my particles loose they viscosity at the same time whether they have been born early or late.
  3. export houdini animation to maya

    ..or how to revive a thread started 9 years ago. By the way, nowadays I'd suggest using alembic to transfer geometries between different packages. I did it on a few projects with great results.
  4. Flip viscosity driven by age

    This is the step that I don't get. My initial setup is created from the Flip Fluid from Object shelf tool. In the sopsolver I haven't see any presence of "age" or "life" while examining the nodes with the detail view, and I'm not sure how I am supposed to get it into the attribute create.
  5. Viscous Teapots

    I also had some flattening in my tests. I got rid of those by increasing the substeps in the Flip solver.
  6. water drops

    Have you seen this link on vimeo : You can probably get some inspiration from his workflow. cheers Bruno
  7. WIP - Forest Floor

    /bow Really nice renders. I don't know how you lit those but it's lookin great. Any rendertimes ?
  8. houdini 12 interface issue

    does it persist after restarting Houdini ? I had the same kind of issue. Everything went black in the 3D viewport, unable to see anything. I just saved and restared and it did the trick for me.
  9. In a mood for sand

    Totally agree with previous post ! It's looking really nice. It would be great to get some insights and some simulation times as well.
  10. Hi. I'm having strange black horizontal lines in my fluid renders. I can hardly get rid of them, the only way I found to minimize the issue is to reduce the volume step size to a really low value, but rendertimes drastically increase. It's only happening with shadow maps, not ratrayced shadow / pbr rendering, but as the look is set as I want with shadow maps, I'd rather try not switching to raytrace. Any hints / tips ? thx Bruno.
  11. Fluid cloud shadow issue

    I never tried using volumevoxeldiameter(), I'll keep that in mind ! I think I found out what is causing the issue. I'm using standard volumes like boxes and spheres to sculpt out excessive smoke with the volumemix node. I was using low-res volumes and it sometimes resulted in stepped output. Increasing the isoOffset sampling and adding a volume blur node seems to have fixed the shadow on that test frame. I'll now render a few more frames and see if it solves the problem. cheers Bruno
  12. Fluid cloud shadow issue

    Yes I tried that but I loose detail much faster than those artifacts so it's not really efficient.
  13. Well they changed it with H12. Now the shader view actually renders the shaders and give you a pretty good idea of what it looks like.
  14. I usually do that with a python script like that one : # import dos commands import os # variables startFrame = 1 endFrame =6 ifdName = "renderme." ext = ".ifd" for i in range (startFrame, endFrame): renderFile = '%s%04d%s'%(ifdName,i,ext) renderCmd = "mantra -f "+ renderFile print "----------------------------------------------------------------" print "Mantra is rendering file: " + renderFile print "----------------------------------------------------------------" print renderCmd os.system(renderCmd)
  15. I must be missing something. I'm using attrtransfer to copy a red point color from objectB to objectA. But ObjectA is rotating and the transferred colors disappear as soon as the points/primitives are too far from the transfer radius/threshold. Is there an easy way to have those transferred attributes persistent over time in Sops ? Thanks Bruno
  16. Ok I found my solution in that thread. Holding an attribute transfer value I used Chops and a lag node to hold the color.
  17. light map

    there is a projection map slot in the Spot Light Options tab. You can put a texture file there or the output of a comp using op:/path/to/your/node
  18. ocean

    Maybe you can have a good start by looking at that thread (there is a hip file in there) : btw, maybe this thread could be moved to a more appropriate part of the forum ...
  19. houdini v11/12

    I'm not sure I understand what you want to do. Maybe an example link ?
  20. ocean

    What kind of foam, any picture or reference ?
  21. I had the same issue as you do. I guess there is a problem with face IDs when you have multiple meshes in your obj file. What I did was to duplicate my geometry node and in each of those delete part of the geo, so that in the end I only have one "mesh" within each node. Doing that allows you to have correct texturing on all of them but it takes a bit more time. br1
  22. Network Rendering on different OS

    I' m coming back with some feedback. After some hassle and thanks to the support from sidefx I' m now able to render on the network with Windows, Osx and Linux(Ubuntu) all working on the same picture. you' ll need to go through a few steps to get that working. -Ports, be sure that if you have a firewall (and you probably should), tcp ports 1714 and 1715 are opened. -hosts file. That one is actually quite important, adding the correct computers with ip and computer names made it much easier for me, both to get a license from the server and dispatch bucket to the render slaves. So be sure to edit that file correctly on all your computers and OSes as it is what, in the end, made a difference for me between a computer rendering and a computer reporting errors and unable to render. -UNC paths is important for windows and I came to the conclusion that you should try to get a similar path on your Osx computer. I still have to spend some time on the Ubuntu machine I just installed to figure out what has to be done so that it can be a good slave to the Windows7 'master'. As I could only mount folder shares with Osx (I' m a still a little bit confused with non-windows OSes when it coumes to Volumes, Drives, Mounts..) I ended up creating a folder with my windows computers' s name and symbolic links so that the Osx computer path looks similar to the windows path. It' s probably not the best solution, but it works. Ciao bruno
  23. Network Rendering on different OS

    I' m having the same kind of issue. The file is loaded on the main computer (windows) using a unc pth like //server/prject/file.hip. I tried on two windows computers and two Osx machines. Firewall is disabled on the Macs, but it only renders on the windows computers. Here is the error I get from mantra mantra: Network Error[OsxMachine] Unable to initiate communications for 30 seconds. Perhaps this host is running the incorrect version of mantra? I have the same version of Houdini installed everywhere by the way.
  24. Thanks for the info majikal. Would it be possible for you to give me more information on where to place those node in an already existing shader like the mantrasurface ? I' m trying to modify that shader but am not really sure about where exactly I' m supposed to add these nodes. Is it within the surfaceModel ? An example file would be great ! Bruno
  25. What do you use to normalize N ? I have the automatically compute normals toggled on. I also tried point sop and facet sop but it didn' t really change the resulting output.