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  1. Hi, I'm having problems on me fur rendering tests. I'm using version 11.0.831. I'm loading my file from an UNC path like //computer/work_directory/scene/myfile.hip. I played around with combing fur, adjusting densities and changing fur length. It is quite strange but if the add_furlength node is active when I try to render, mantra crashes after rendering a few tiles and pops an error message : UT_NetPacket::read: No such file or directory I tried to disable my firewall as I read that it could interfere with mplay and mantra, but I still get the same error each time. As soon as I set that node to be bypassed the render goes fine. I also tried using another attribcreate node the recreate the furlength attribute, but yet it still crashes the render. Anyone already bumped into this ? A workaround would be great. Cheers Bruno
  2. Did I miss something ? I bought part 4 but didn't see the part with the particles emitted from the car that are shown on your picture. It's actually the part that I was interested in and caught my attention when buying it... I'm a bit disappointed. edit : typo
  3. Hi ! I'm doing some research for a featurette that I'll probably have to render in the next months. Everything is done in Maya until we reach the point of rendering. I want to avoid using mental ray as much as possible as it gave us a lot of trouble in our last production. I see two choices here. We do not have the budget for renderman or 3Delight licenses, but could afford using V-ray as we already have V-ray licenses and would just need a few workstations with the Maya plugin. My other option would be to use Houdini and Mantra for rendering but I have some questions on the subject. As it will only be used for rendering, I guess Houdini Master is not required. I was also thinking that one license per lighter would be enough and we will not need to buy anything else as we can render on as many nodes as we desire. Is that right ? About transferring the data from Maya to Houdini, are there tools that will help us ? I had issues with fbx crashing Houdini. I also tried the bgeo writer from houdinistuff.com but was having problems exporting a rigged character with multiple meshes. It could be scene related, so if anyone has experience or better workflows I'm intrested. It will be a stereoscopic film. Is it easy to transfer stereoscopic cameras from Maya to Houdini ? And is Mantra optimized for stereoscopic rendering like Renderman is (speedup when rendering the other eye)? some things will still be rendered in Maya (fluids, particles, etc) as we do not have the budget for Houdini Master licences. I want to be sure that the renders will match between both packages (aspect ratio, subdivisions, etc). Any advice on the subject ? That's it for now, maybe more will come to my mind later. Thanks for reading ! Bruno
  4. Maya to H11 rendering

    Thanks for all your precious information Ben. Just out of curiosity, has anyone used alembic to transfer the data between both packages ? http://code.google.com/p/alembic/ We'll maybe have a few days to test things, but feedback from experienced users is still welcome. Bruno
  5. Maya to H11 rendering

    What kind of person should be hired ? Do you think it can be handled with just python and mel ? I also have the feeling that it well worth it's money and if things run smoothly for our featurette, the pipeline will probably be re-used or enhanced for the full-feature film coming after. I don't really understand what you mean when you say "Escape is a good option". Can you clarify ? And we will not shade or light anything in Maya, so we don't want to translate Maya materials, we'd rather do them all in Houdini and reassign them automatically based on naming conventions. Thanks for your inputs !
  6. Maya to H11 rendering

    Well all the problems I talked about where with Maya2010, not 2008. I don't know if things did change a lot between Maya2010 and Maya2012(I was busy with other things ^^). I still think that for characters with displacement and motion blur work mental ray is not the best option.
  7. Maya to H11 rendering

    I'm already familiar with shading and lighting with Mantra, although yet I didn't go too deep in shaders, often having the desired result with the already existing shaders and a bit of tweaking. I have the feeling that the mantra surface shader will do for most of the asset we have to render. It'a mainly characters with a bit of sss. Well, the list is rather long but just to name a few problems. Note that we where using mental ray for Maya, not a standalone version. Memory issues when rendering on the farm. Frames that will render in the viewport will crash when rendered on the farm. Having to manually adjust subdivisions on each shot. No optimisation for stereo rendering forcing us to recalculate final gathering for each eye. Subdivided geometry crashing mental ray. Render problems if skinned characters are to far away from zero.(subdividing them brings some noise to the subdivided mesh). Problem with render passes forcing us to split our scenes in different versions to be able to output all our passes. That's what I have in mind. Maybe things have changed since Maya 2010 but I'm not too optimistic.
  8. Houdini 11 Sneak Peek

    Shader FX, been waiting for that ! Looks like a nice update !
  9. GPS Based City Construction Video

    I wonder how different this is for the David Gary DvDs on procedural cities. Anyone had a look at both and can compare them ? Is it worth viewing this one after the Gary's ones ? edit : typo
  10. FMX 2010

    Too bad it's one week to early for me, having a deadline on may 9th. I really wish I could join and finally meet some Houdini artists. Maybe next time.
  11. Procedural terrain and more

    Amazing technique ! Then end result looks really great.
  12. text to cubes to RBD ODE

    Hi, I'd like a text object to dissolve into cubes. I created and extruded a Font node and converted it to a tetraMesh -cube- object using the isoOffset SOP. What I'd now like to do is to seperate all those small cubes and make them rigid body objects. As they're cubes and as my simulation as to be fast rather than extremely precise, I'd like to use the ODE solver. Can someone point me to the workflow that I should use ? I think I have to use a partition to group the faces of my cubes together, but I don't know what kind of expression should be used in there. I also have no idea on how to bring those as seperated objects to the ODE solver... and I also would be glad to quadrangulate those cubes so that I can later, at render time, bevel them. thanks bruno
  13. text to cubes to RBD ODE

    I made a test using a ground floor and RBD fracture. It all works fine with that method, but as I intend to use a lots of cube, I'd like to change the solver to ODE, but the it stops working. I'll do some more testing and come back to post about it.
  14. exporting obj with mtl

    Hi, I don't know if I miss something from the geometry save tool, but when I export my meshes, not mtl file is beeing created although I have many materials assigned. Do I have to assign those materials through group ? Is there a step required ? thnaks bruno
  15. exporting obj with mtl

    Ah .. ok. At least I know it wasn't me not finding the correct settings. Thanks Michael.
  16. Where Are You Now?

    I'm in Belgium, not too far from Brussels.
  17. I'm looking for the pre-order link, but it doesn't seen to appear anywhere on 3DBuzz
  18. FX Artist

    Nice Reel Ronen. Just one thing that disturbed me. I have the feeling that the passes showcase for your castle doesn't fit. It's too fast. My eye could'nt catch up with what you did there. So I'd either slow it down or just remove it. br1
  19. cool slomo fire reference

    Nice links Carsten ! Are you working on fire effects right now ? br1 edit : typos caused by my daughter having fun with the keyboard
  20. scary GPU stuff

    Did you check Furyball renderer as well ? Seems really promising. Here is a link to a and their website.Realtime fur is quite surprising ! (and I became addicted to their video's musics).
  21. I'm a bit sleepy right now but I'd check http://bulletphysics.com/ Did you already check the website ? br1
  22. For Windows 7 users...

    Switched back to XP after a week on Vista. But I tried W7 RCs on another computer and have been very satisfied with it until now. While we' re talking OS and as I have a computer to re-install, does anyone have good advices on which Linux distro to use for a fast and easy Houdini install ?
  23. RBD activation (.hipnc for testing included)

    Hey Magnus, I'm surprised nobody answered your post. I downloadded your file and gave it a try, the speed gain is quite impressive. Now I just have to digg and understand what you did ! I'm looking for an effective and fast solution to setup my personal earthquake project and it looks like your method could come in handy ! Thanks ! Br1
  24. I'll pay individual fluid videotutorials

    Couldn't have said it better Jonhatan ! About shaders, I was also looking for good tutorials. I bought the cmivfx tutorial on rendering, and lately also discovered a great tutorial for materials with the latest 3D world magazine (November 2009). There's a video on the DvD that shows the basic steps to build up something from scratch which I found really intresting ( I'm still at beginner level concerning Houdini materials).
  25. iray

    Here's a link to a video.