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  1. Our office has been contaminated with crypto currencies as well.  We have two groups, the ones that buy them and will wait for a few years, and the ones that try and play with them on exchanges to try and maximize profit.

    I personally started with ethereum last summer, now my portfolio is diversified in smaller coins like Ripple, Metal, Mana , Funfair and more... I'm using tradingview.com as main source of information, following a few experienced users there can help a lot.

  2. Sometimes your agent bounds are to small and when generating the geometry for rendering it gets clipped.  You can see this bounding information by enabling the display of primitive hulls (just under primitive numbers in your viewport.).

    If they appear to small compared to your agents, you will have to increase it. A trick I personally use is making a big box as agent layer and I set it as collision layer. For the geometry of this layer I delete the primitives and keep the points with a scale of 0 so that it will not appear in the render but will still make valid bounds.

    Hope this helps !

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  3. On 2/24/2017 at 10:37 AM, Noobini said:

    but scissors ? They missed a golden opportunity to go Fruit Ninja style tho...want my katana !!!!

    I made myself a Katana icon :)

    You can grab my svg and put it in your Houdini folder (may be hidden)
    ..\Houdini 16.0.504.20\houdini\config\Cursors

    Make sure you backup your old cut.svg, just in case you want those scissors back !



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