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  1. If you actually build a hda out of a few rigpose nodes you can have it display the controls of those nodes at the same time. I'd suggest you to look at these youtube videos which will give you a good idea of how to set it up
  2. Hi everyone. As I'm currently learning Houdini and as I find the learning curve greatly smoothed when you have someone near you to interact with, ask questions, get answers, have a beer, etc... I was wondering if by any chance there are a few artists around that would be glad to meet and discuss that great piece of software. Maybe there's already something like a "H-BUG" (Houdini-Belgian User Group) that I'm not aware of. Thanks for your time Bruno
  3. Hi Connor, I noticed the same kind of issues with my character, so I decided to try with the "Erik" character available on SideFX's website. The results look similar although I had to change a few things, like increase damping and exclude COM from the transforms. I attached a hip file if you want to have a look. erik_balance.hiplc
  4. Slow Flipbook

    Hey, I reported a similar issue to SideFX. Even with nearly empty scenes I had really slow flipbooks. It tuned out to be a licensing issue. I was using the Online license server (use SideFX as My License server) in the license administrator. Switching to local license server fixed the issue. Hope it helps !
  5. But do you still see the geometry when zooming out ? If everything disappears, then this may help. Depending on your scene you may want to adjust those viewport settings. I remember it helped both with really large scenes or really tiny ones.
  6. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    Well all of this is already in Houdini and has been there for a while, unless I misunderstood you ..
  7. I'll just follow this thread, I've been looking for this for ages... Couldn't find anything.
  8. string copystamp

    Hey microvswind, here is a way to do it , if you set this at your font text : `points("../attribwrangle3", stamp("../copy3","pval",0),"stri")`, and in your stamp just add a variable pval and set it to @ptnum it should work. string_copystamp_odfforce_Test.hiplc
  9. Purple object on render

    Hi Domid, Your FBX has materials already assigned at sop level, so when you apply /shop/octane_diffuse1 to your female body, the shader isn't used as he's using the ones defined by your fbx node. If I where you I put that body in another geometry container using an object merge, this way, if you have to reload/swap your fbx, you keep it non destructive. Then you can remove the material assignments with an attribute delete (delete shop_materialpath prim attribute). Once you do that, your geometry level shader will be used.
  10. Add a clean attribute after your delete1 and delete2 nodes, it should fix it. I noticed that a mismatch of attributes between static and deforming points could be problematic when using pointdeform in a foreach loop.
  11. Opchange "issue"

    Hey Jack, this should work if you put your variable or expression inside single quotes. '$WORK' instead of $WORK for example.
  12. Have you tried rendering it as phantom (in your mantra node) ?
  13. Color Target from RaySOP

    seems to be working correctly here. File attached.... ray_hit_color.hip
  14. Why is Mantra so Slow

    It renders within 5 seconds here...
  15. Hey Angel, We where having the same issue. Here is a file that has cryptomattes for crowd agents, it was provided to us by Hector from SideFX and it outputs correct cryptomattes for crowd agents or stamped packed primitives. Again, all the credits go to Hector ! cryptomatte_and_crowds_SideFX_Support.hip
  16. Totally agree with the fact that this should not be hidden. Maybe the parameter should be controllable per envlight as well.
  17. Do you mean you want this to be available for rendering ? I usually render to disk and open them later using different mplay sessions, or I just render to the render view. Rendering to disk is still the safest option.
  18. In your flipbook options, just add a session name, make it different for each of your Houdini sessions and they'll all go to seperate Mplay windows.
  19. Have you tired using RBD glue constraint ? It usually does the job.
  20. Tools forum

    You got my vote ! Great idea !
  21. Our office has been contaminated with crypto currencies as well. We have two groups, the ones that buy them and will wait for a few years, and the ones that try and play with them on exchanges to try and maximize profit. I personally started with ethereum last summer, now my portfolio is diversified in smaller coins like Ripple, Metal, Mana , Funfair and more... I'm using tradingview.com as main source of information, following a few experienced users there can help a lot.
  22. Sometimes your agent bounds are to small and when generating the geometry for rendering it gets clipped. You can see this bounding information by enabling the display of primitive hulls (just under primitive numbers in your viewport.). If they appear to small compared to your agents, you will have to increase it. A trick I personally use is making a big box as agent layer and I set it as collision layer. For the geometry of this layer I delete the primitives and keep the points with a scale of 0 so that it will not appear in the render but will still make valid bounds. Hope this helps !
  23. Ocean spectra with Redshift

    If I remember well you can find information on how to convert it for other renderers in the ocean masterclass.
  24. render something with no alpha

    Do you have a simple scene that we could look at ?