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  1. Letter Rising from Sand/grains COLLISION issues

    Thank you so much for your reply! I believed that i figured out the issue! I had NO IDEA about the open CL stuff. Theres a ton to learn in this amazing program, and i look forward to creating more! Thanks again!
  2. source flip fluid with velocity

    Did you ever figure it out? I was playing with this too, and couldn't get tit to work either. Trying to get that directional emmiter effect!
  3. Letter Rising from Sand/grains COLLISION issues

    So i just realizes that the artifacts are coming from the rising letter, reacting to the groundplane, stretching over it. It pishes the groundplane up, like its cloth. Is this correct? Do i need to figure out how to stop the letter from colliding with the plane, or is this correct, and i just have to hide the groundplane geo? I didnt even know that was possible!
  4. Hello! I have recently been offered my FIRST FX job! I am familiar with Maya, and some Max, but this job requires that i use Houdini, so now i am all in! VERY EXCITED!!! I have a scene where i have to make some letters rise from sand. The issue is that i cannot get things to collide correctly. Doing my research i have tried using it as a RBD object, and using a trail sop to computer its velocity, but i still dont see any collisions. I use static object, pointing to a VDB smooth as the proxy geo, and all of the collision detection/mode set to volume, but no collisions still. I set the sim up with an initial state file too. Could that be the issue? When i take away the VDB to polygons and VDB smooth, delete and just run the sim as a regular static object, everything works! But...i get some weird artifacts rendering. What is the best approach to this method in Houdini? Im sure the solution is just a setting away, but im lost here. Any suggestions? LetterSetup_001_collProbs.hip
  5. I have a scene where i need a bunch of objects (arrows), to follow each other. For some They need to follow a rigid path (think steps) where they would go, lets say move 10 units in x, 15 units in y, and then 10 units again in x. At other times they will need to have a more organic path. Kind of like an S shape. Im not sure how to approach this. If there was a way to draw a path with a spline curve, and have objects, or instanced objects be birthed, and the begening of the curve, and die at the end, that would be ideal. I know i could keyframe animate the arrows, but that seems tedious, and feels like its the long hard way to do things in this situation. The scene needs to be able to work in Maya as well. Can anyone help?
  6. Expression question

    Hello. Im not sure exactly how to make an expression for this type of animation. I have alot of objects that need to separate from each other, rotate 360 for a certain amount of frames ( ex. frame 50-100) stop rotation at it original position at 0, and then I will hand animated them back to their original position. My question is how to set this up? I can do it by hand, but I know that is not the right way. I think I did something like this with an IF expression a long time ago, but i cant remember. And its such a simple question that it is hard to find an answer for it.
  7. TimeLine dead zone

    So I havent even put any expressions on the geometry, just keyframes. I dont understand where it came from. In my graph editor there are no keyframes either. I just want to get rid of it, without having to do the animation all over again. I will if I have to, but I would rather figure out the problem now, in case I have this issue again.
  8. TimeLine dead zone

    So I am doing some Animation and I have several nodes selected. I have extended the timeline and I can animate my camera with no problem. But there is this area on the timeline where If I put any keyframes on it, nothing happens. In this dark grey stretch, nothing happens, and the Parameters turn blue. How can I fix this? http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=6rpnr9&s=8#.VDIXOfldXmc
  9. Hello . I have imported some OBJ's into Houdini. They have been slightly manipulated, and then I write them out as .iges files. The problem is that when I import the files into the other program,it is missing all of the shader data. Is there a way to save it all at once?
  10. Exporting OBJs to .IGS or .IGES

    Ive got it to export. It turns out that I had to have $HIP/ in the output file name before the name of the object to export it. I sent it to the client,and they said it worked well, but there is no shading information on the object. Any ideas?
  11. Hello! I am having an issue with Exporting OBJ's to .IGES or IGS file format. I usually try to work solely inside Houdini, and I have actually never had the need to export anything. I usually just lay around with Pyro. Now that I need to for a job I am having quite a delima. I have been given .obj files of a car window(s). I import the file directly from the file menu. The files actually have 4 different windows, but it just comes in as one mesh. In modo, I have the choice to import the file as 4 different meshes, In houdini i do not see this option. anyways... I then select the primitives on the windows that I dont want and delete them (dissolve because I cannot select them as individual meshes) Make a file node, right click on save geometry, and then Nothing. What am I doing wrong? How do I export these files? I have tried to look everywhere before I created this forum. Any help?