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  1. Hey guys! I'm wondering how to prepare a rocky terrain for a rigid body simulation. The scene I've provided is a small-scale version of a scene that I will be working on. The ground is a noisy plane, and there are "rocks & Boulders" scattered on the geometry. In this scene, there are 3 just to represent what I am working with, but in the real scene (which was made in Maya), there will be hundreds of these rocks. There will be geometry that will be entering the ground, as well as rising from the ground. My question is, how do you prepare the geometry for a rigid body simulation? I will be extruding the ground to give it the thickness it needs (not sure how think it will need to be as of yet) I understand that the geometry needs to be flush, with no intersections but I'm not 100% sure how to go about this. Any help/suggestions are appreciated! RockyTerrainhip.hip
  2. Hello! I was wondering how you make 2 pyro sims interact with each other. Mainly taking the force of one sim, and having it affect the other. For example, a Flame thrower as the first pyro sim, then it interacts with a floor dust sim, and the velocity from the flame thrower moves the ground dust. I understand that the velocity from the flamethrower can be used in the other pyro sim, but i dont know how this is done. Up until now i have only worked with once source, with once container. Not sure how this works. Any help is appreciated!
  3. Hello! I have a Pyro Fire sim with smoke, on a house which is 100 frames. The pryo sim is 100 frames, with a static camera. A volume light is on my fire, and the light from the fire reflects on the house as expected. I also have an environment light for over all lighting. My questions are; -How do I render out the fire & the smoke? Should i render them out together (Which i know how to do), or separately. And if separately, then how do i split the two simulations? I also have some of the fire light scattering on the smoke & i have rendered out a fire and smoke mask as well, if that makes any difference. -The other question is, since my camera is static, i should only need one frame for the house lit by the environment light. Can i render out the volume light pass from the fire separately, so i dont have to render it all with the house? Thanks in advance!
  4. I appreciate the replies! Im not sure i understand whats going on in that file. Why do the particles point away from the windows, but the fire goes towards the windows? The particle sim, is very small compared to the pyro sim. Why does it still work? And what is controlling the direction of the fire? Im pretty much starting with 17.5, so could that be the issue? Things look alot different. When it comes to smoke, should i emit from the fire, or just create another sim that just emits smoke? And if i want to control the smoke, from the fire, is there a way i could do that without changing the fire sim? Maybe im wrong, but it looks like when smoke is being created from the fire, that the settings control everything. There is no separate set of parameters that only control the motion/shape of the smoke, and leave the fire alone. Also im more looking for how to start the fire. Id like to know how this would be done "professionally". Like would the source come from the geometry of the building? Source from the window glass? Put geo on the floor, like a campfire, and go from there? Is that the correct way to start this, or if a deformed sphere like i already have work for my needs?
  5. Hello! I am trying to achieve an effect of fire coming from a window. I am unsure how to approach this. The goal is to have a flame that comes out of the window, and smoke drifts slightly to the left. Currently i have a deformed sphere, as my source geo. It looks ok, but i feel like there might be a better way. Any suggestions are appreciated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAh92E4UMFw Reference at 3:00 https://youtu.be/s-UOhgKVtQs?t=179
  6. Hey guys. Still working with the sim. Ive given up on the door hinges. At this point, i am just trying to have a decent simulation. 3+ months, and this is what i have come up with. Learned about constraining 2 objects together, which seems to work, but things still are not working as i expect them to. When i try to use the Point Wrangle in the SOP Solver, i just dont feel like its working, so i switched to animating the constraints with the DOP geometry. I would rather have the constraints break by torque, angle, etc but it just dosent seem to work for me. Another issue is whats the best force to break there objects? Ive used sphere geo, and now metaballs. Does one give a more "explosive" look than the other? Lastly is how to get the pieces to just settle after the sim. Some sims are more stable than others, but i dont know why. Ive played with the substeps and collision padding, but still get issues. Any help would be appreciated. Ive learned a TON, but still cant seem to pull off a simple sim. File attatched. House geo is in previous attatchment LostHouseCON2v4.hip
  7. Thanks you very much for your reply! I actually used the help docs to create that scene. guess i still have alot to learn. I had no idea that using packed geometry was the issue. Its seems like i always see people using the RBD packed object, so using the RBD fracture node was new to me. But why is this? Is it because im using constraints generated by the RBD fracture material? Also when it comes to naming constraints, i dont have to use a wrangle node and manually type them in, right? I thought that the RBD constraint properties node took care of all of that. And i also was under the impression that if you have the same constraint name, in SOPS and DOPS that everything should work fine. One thing i am curious about is why and when do you delete the channels on the Overwrite with SOP parameter in the Constraint Network node in dops? Do you do this every time you use a SOP Solver, or is it only used in specific instances?
  8. Hello. Ive been struggling with this scene for a while and ive exhausted myself trying to figure this out. I would like to make a door explode, and leave some of the fractured door swing on its hinge. I would possibly like to destroy the rest of the house later. Ive been self studying for a while, and i understand how the constraint network in dops works, how glue and soft constraints work, but im unsure how to approach this effect. I think im doing the right thing in SOPS, but im not getting the results that i want. I understand adding the active attribute to the featured geometry to make an inactive area as well. I would like to do do somethging similat to this video with the door swinging by the hinge, as the remained of the door remains fractured. Look here https://www.sidefx.com/products/houdini/whats-new-17_5/ the video is at the "interactive RBD constraint" section. Some of my issues are; Why does the geometry fall when the sim starts? I understand that Glue is on/off, but i still have it fall once the sim starts. (not including the inactive area) How to constrain two objects? If i would like the wood frame to be glued to the wall, how can i do this? Is it just a matter of drawing lines (RBD constraints from lines) to connect the objects together? Ive also tried using geometry as constraints, with 0 luck as well. Should i just use an animated bounding box to make the area "active", and then have the sphere break the door? Or is there a way to have the door break, only where the sphere collides with it? I am familiar with DMM in maya, and im not sure if animating a passive/active region is the way to go, or is there a better method? Odforce_hinge_scene_zipped.zip
  9. Thank you so much for your reply! I believed that i figured out the issue! I had NO IDEA about the open CL stuff. Theres a ton to learn in this amazing program, and i look forward to creating more! Thanks again!
  10. Did you ever figure it out? I was playing with this too, and couldn't get tit to work either. Trying to get that directional emmiter effect!
  11. So i just realizes that the artifacts are coming from the rising letter, reacting to the groundplane, stretching over it. It pishes the groundplane up, like its cloth. Is this correct? Do i need to figure out how to stop the letter from colliding with the plane, or is this correct, and i just have to hide the groundplane geo? I didnt even know that was possible!
  12. Hello! I have recently been offered my FIRST FX job! I am familiar with Maya, and some Max, but this job requires that i use Houdini, so now i am all in! VERY EXCITED!!! I have a scene where i have to make some letters rise from sand. The issue is that i cannot get things to collide correctly. Doing my research i have tried using it as a RBD object, and using a trail sop to computer its velocity, but i still dont see any collisions. I use static object, pointing to a VDB smooth as the proxy geo, and all of the collision detection/mode set to volume, but no collisions still. I set the sim up with an initial state file too. Could that be the issue? When i take away the VDB to polygons and VDB smooth, delete and just run the sim as a regular static object, everything works! But...i get some weird artifacts rendering. What is the best approach to this method in Houdini? Im sure the solution is just a setting away, but im lost here. Any suggestions? LetterSetup_001_collProbs.hip
  13. I have a scene where i need a bunch of objects (arrows), to follow each other. For some They need to follow a rigid path (think steps) where they would go, lets say move 10 units in x, 15 units in y, and then 10 units again in x. At other times they will need to have a more organic path. Kind of like an S shape. Im not sure how to approach this. If there was a way to draw a path with a spline curve, and have objects, or instanced objects be birthed, and the begening of the curve, and die at the end, that would be ideal. I know i could keyframe animate the arrows, but that seems tedious, and feels like its the long hard way to do things in this situation. The scene needs to be able to work in Maya as well. Can anyone help?
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