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  1. How to reconstruct PBR beauty in comp

    Many thanks! P
  2. How to reconstruct PBR beauty in comp

    Thanks, but I was wondering if there was a mantra equivalent to this arnold formula: direct_diffuse + indirect_diffuse + direct_specular + indirect_specular + refraction + deep_scatter + mid_scatter + shallow_scatter + primary_specular + secondary_specular = Beauty
  3. Hi, Could you kindly please list what aovs are needed to recreate the beauty in nuke when rendering mantra pbr? (H15 mantra pbr) Many thanks! P
  4. Hi, I'm using the lovely volumeCloud shader from the waterfall shading masterclass to shade points as volume puffs. What I like about this solution is that it doesn't require the creation of a volume grid in the scene. However I would now like to add more advanced features in the shader such as fade out based on camera distance, density driven particle attributes etc. Is there any other way to achieve this other than turning the points into volume and using a volume shader? I'm thinking about creating a custom shader from scratch, but would need a bit of help, please :-) (Please find attached the example shading netwrok from the waterfall shading masterclass) MisterP BasicShaderSetupSpray.hip
  5. Ocean Deformer Blend with Wave tank Flip sim

    Very interested in the subject too!
  6. How to stop deforming RBD?

    One way in sops, before piping the object to dops, would be to transfer the red color back to the deforming chunks and run a sopsolver to freeze the deformations of the points for all points which turn red. This will ensure that all objects which turn active will stop having points deforming.
  7. oceanfx reduce tiling pattern

    Hi, I would like to blend multple ocean spectra together to get rid of the visible tiling pattern, however merging/mixing different spectra together doesn't quite work, unless they have the same gridScale and resolution. I would ideally like to keep the solution as upstream as possible, so ideally at volume/spectrum level, as this would allow to drive potential subsequent flip sims which rely on spectrum data neatly, but I'm not sure if this would be feasible. Can you recommend a nice and tried workflow to add a low frequency noise to break up the pattern? Thanks MisterP oceanWaves_v004.hip
  8. Boat At Sea

    fantastic work! any chance of seeing an example scene? I'm especially curious to see the nodes interactions for this context
  9. Hey Hudson, Could you please elaborate on your sentence below? I think I'm missing something basic here, are you suggesting to glue the active rbd objects to a passive deforming one so that they inherited the passive animation? "That is because most of the times you have an static object which you could animate and add to the gluenet"
  10. Ship Kelvin Wake

    Hi SSH, thanks for the fantastic boat_wake otl and example. I've got a bit of a weird problem in H12.5 where I cannot edit the otl's vex code (it shows up empty). Is there any chance you could paste the more complex vex here? Thanks MisterP
  11. Bullet, glue seems broken?

    Thanks that's very helpful! one more thing Hudson/Mawi, I've written another post about it, anyway I bumped into a basic issue where preanimated rbd chunks (deforming) behave erratically once unglued due to the deforming toggle being on. Basically what the problem is, is that rbd pieces which break off glue should turn their deformation off, unless there's a better way to handle all of this? http://forums.odforce.net/index.php?/topic/18142-bullet-workflow-questions-animated-passive-objs-etc/#entry110640
  12. Hi Hudson, I now had the time to go through your scene from your last post on this page http://forums.odforc...ts-as-inactive/ And as soon as you preanimate the rigid bodies (effectively deforming the input geo ) the simulation becomes broken: The original animation fights the simulation which results in some pieces fighting gravity and rolling up. I've attached your example with a simple edit to make the input geometry animated to see the problem. Basically what the problem is, is that rbd pieces which break off glue should turn their deformation off, unless there's a better way to handle all of this? dissolve_glue_net_deformingGeo_nonworking.hipnc
  13. Bullet, glue seems broken?

    Thanks Hudson, any chance of sharing that expression you mentioned? I'm intrigued
  14. Bullet, glue seems broken?

    Yeah, I suspected something might still be wrong as despite the strength are behaving correctly the dop details lists strength=-1 incorrectly. But I did change the prefix from "piece" to "baseTop" too. Are you suggesting that the gluepiece sop expect the prefix to all characters up to the first number other than 0? I assumed that, having numbers to have 5 digits padding the prefix would be baseTop and the number 00001 00002 etc. The reason for this is the ability to have pieces sorted by number. I would incur in the problem of pieces sorted not correctly otherwise piece1 piece10 piece2 .... whereas I would prefer piece0001 piece0002 piece0003 .... This in order to be tidy and better sort a corresponding list of points in sop in conjunction with an active dop and the expression point("../SOP_WITH_MATCHING_POINTS",$OBJID,"Cd",0) to enable certain objects based on color. One more thing, is it possible to mix different network glues? for instance two sets of glued objects to another set of glued objects either in dops or sops? I don't like the sidefx's implementation of this. In proprietary solutions I have seen everything is prepared beforehand in sops, you have as many points as centroids of you chunks and the gluenetwork is built without worrying about dopobjectid, just class attribute. Also I don't like the whole complexity and different way variables are handled and data manipulated in dop, it is a different logic to other contexts making things obscure and harder to manipulate