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  1. Awesome, Jordan I sent you a message. Yeah looks like the reset simulation flag is off. Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Bringing up an old topic on the offchance that Jordan may be able to answer this question. I'm coming up against a wall because of Deadline's logic errors. I can't get my Houdini sim's to run on our farm with Deadline 7. Jordan is there any chance you'd consider releasing your re-written hrender_dl.py and submission nodes to the public?
  3. Hello! So here's my problem. I have a pre-fractured wall. What I would like to do is be able to pick one piece from this fractured wall and fracture it dynamically again with the "Make Breakable" tool. At first, before looking at the tool, I thought I'd be able to just select that piece and click the "Make Breakable" button and it would just work on THAT piece (because I have the wall falling a certain way or else I'd just simulate that ONE object separately). But unfortunately, it still does the dynamic fracturing on the ENTIRE wall. Anybody have any ideas on how to do this? Thanks for any help!
  4. Thanks for the response ehsan! I took the suggestions from you and one other post at sidefx.com Yeah, I just used "Grouped Dynamic Objects" on all objects BUT the one I wanted to fracture. Then I deleted that group, which isolated the one piece I wanted to fracture. Seems to work alright. Thanks for the help!
  5. Hello! I'm working with a low res fluid sim and have an object passing through the fluid. The viscocity on the fluid 0 but the fluid still moves a great deal with the object. I was wondering if there was a setting somewhere that would allow me to adjust the amount of influence an object has on a fluid. Or do I just have to hack it and get creative with the type of object that I'm using? Thanks!
  6. Oh great, yeah that seems like it should work. I'll give it a shot! Thanks.
  7. Hey Macha, thanks for the response. Yeah I think that helped! Let me make sure I'm in the right place. I'm in the top "pyro" node in my autodop network..(The node with the 4 tabs: Guides, Initial Data, Fields, Slice...Then under Guides there's like, 10 tabs) In the Guides tab I go to the "velocity" tab and there I turned the scale down to 0.5 Is there any other place to turn down the velocity? Thanks!
  8. Hello, I'm currently rendering out my scene with mantra and the renders stop at random frames. The error I get is: Command Exit Code: -1073741819 I tried not using "Max Processors" and only using 3 of 4. Same error. I get this error when I'm writing out images as any format but I do NOT get this error if I render to "ip". Houdini Apprentice HD build: 11.0.733 What I'm rendering: A fairly simple geometric scene, however, a lot of sprites with the dustpuff shader attached to them. I have one spotlight with raytraced shadows enabled. Computer specs: Win 7 x64 i7-950 overclocked to 3.2ghz from 3.07ghz 24gb RAM Geforce GTX 460 SE
  9. Oh wow, good to know. Thanks for the advice!
  10. Actually yeah I think that did it. I cache'd out to .bgeo's and everything seems to work fine (with "ip" rendering). I haven't tried straight rendering to an image sequence but I imagine it works now. I bet my computer just couldn't handle the data and just stopped when it got to its peak. Thanks for the advice!
  11. Ah I am not sir. I assume I would just use another render ROP to do that. Although, I'm not sure which file format I would use. Is it .ppc? Oh and about the anti-virus software. I wish that was it but I'm not running any anti-virus software
  12. Hey hopbin! So here's how it went down. I would hit render in the Mantra node. The little render progress window would come up and start rendering. After a few frames the little render window would disappear, then the Mantra node would have the red diagonal bars across it. When I middle clicked the node to see what was wrong it would say, "Command Exit Code: -1073741819" This is sort of a separate question but could possibly relate to the error: I've been rendering out a sequence with "ip" instead, then saving that sequence to .jpg's. For the most part it works. However, especially last night, the little mantra rendering window will pop up when I press render. Houdini will render out around 10 - 12 frames in "ip" just fine, but then, Houdini freezes. The little mantra rendering window says "Running Vex Code" and just hangs there. I don't get any error messages, everything just stops rendering. The only way I can stop this error from happening is to reduce the amount of sprites I'm rendering. For example, I just got this recent render out where I reduced the impulse birth rate of these particles from 35 to 32 and then everything rendered to "ip" just fine. However, I'm worried about any bigger sims I'd have to do. It would be pretty terrible to be limited to such little amount of sprites. I attached a picture so you can get an idea of the scene I'm rendering. Thanks for any suggestions!
  13. Hello! So I have a basic scene here. I have a few copied geometry pieces attached to particles. Those particles are imported into an autoDOPnetwork via the "POP Object" tool. Everything works great except that when the particles look as if they should come to rest, they keep bouncing and won't ever freeze or come to rest. I tried RBD AutoFreeze but that didn't work. Should it have? Or is there a node that would let me do this? Or do I need to use some expressions in an "Active Value" node? Thanks! I attached the file I'm working with. :-\ particle_rbd_dops.hipnc
  14. Oh snap. Well that was easy. Thank you sir! I really appreciate it.
  15. Hey all, I remember coming across a forum post about this topic: Basically just activating an object in DOPs when the "activator" object gets to a certain $TY value. I've searched but haven't found it. Anybody remember this post or could point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  16. Someone over at sidefx.com directed me to what I was looking for. It's the ChoreographedBreakup scene in the help file, that's where I saw it from
  17. Hello forums. I was wondering how one would go about creating individual groups from a pre-fractured object. Let me explain further. I have a pre-fractured box. All of the pre-fractured pieces are already named piece*. I then have a group node that groups primitives based on a bounding sphere. However, there's a problem. Say I have 10 fractured pieces and the sphere is intersecting 5 of them. Well those 5 pieces get put into ONE group. What I would like to do is put those 5 pieces into another unique name like "bounding_box_pieces". So instead of getting 1 group with 5 primitives, I get 5 groups with 1 primitive each. There has GOT to be a way to do this, but I am completely stumped. I've attached a .hip file as a start if anybody cared to use one. Thanks! hip_file.hipnc
  18. Hey Siberian, I came across another topic of exactly what I think you and I were trying to do. The original scene file is a bit complex (for me at least) because it deals with animating geo, however, I stripped it down to the bare essentials (I think). I don't quite understand all of it yet but I know that it does what we were looking for. Original post here: chunkActivationExample.hipnc
  19. Hey pg! Well that's not exactly what I was looking for for this particular task, HOWEVER, one of the .hip files the poster posted was exactly what I was looking for for another part of my project. So thank you very much!
  20. Hello! I posted this in the DOPs forum, not sure if I should have just posted here first but here's my problem. I have pre-fractured GEO. I click on "emit debris" with that fractured geo. Now, no particles get emitted from the edges like they should. The only problem I saw was in the debris1 node's "pop network" node. In it it says that there's no birthgroup. I figure that's a problem But I really don't know how to fix it. I attached the scene file, maybe someone could look at it and see what I'm doing wrong? Thanks! forum_scene.hipnc
  21. Well apparently the make debris tool doesn't work for grid objects. The object needs to have some volume. So there, fixed it.
  22. Hello! My problem is simple. I have pre-fractured GEO. I click on "emit debris" with that fractured geo. Now, no particles get emitted from the edges like they should. The only problem I saw was in the debris1 node's "pop network" node. In it it says that there's no birthgroup. I figure that's a problem But I really don't know how to fix it. I attached the scene file, maybe someone could look at it and see what I'm doing wrong? Thanks! ps Sorry for multiple posts. Clicked my button too many times and can't figure out how to delete the other posts. forum_scene.hipnc
  23. Oh man, fantastic tip! I was wondering about how to stop that from happening. Thank you sir!
  24. Ah yeah this is exactly what I needed. Thanks so much!