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  1. Hi, I used the @Timeinc attribute in DOPS to create an attribute that start when a point is "activated", I found the solution in this post
  2. Snap a move" like in Maya

    It's not perfect but for me it's better than nothing ! I don't know why probably it's the iitalian keyboard, but to activate the function my shortcut is shift+;
  3. Snap a move" like in Maya

    Look at this https://streamable.com/9vhs9 and https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_aLYxfOrh8QGNJSwb7sWhwAm4qj2Bnhu/view When you want to snap you need to press ; but on my keyboard (Italy) it doesn't work. If you CTRL+; it just moves, doesn't rotate
  4. Snap a move" like in Maya

    Thank you, a user on Facebook found this "start orientation picking" option which is similar, do you know what is it ? https://www.facebook.com/alzosmol/videos/2183601271915408/ It moves the object but it rotates it too, it seems to be pretty similar though ... I'll fill an RFE Ray
  5. Snap a move" like in Maya

    Hello, is it possible to move an object snapping to points/curves/grid but clicking directly on a specific point, without using the manipulator ? It's something I do all the time in Maya (on Maya documentation it's called “snap a move”) and saves a lot of time, maybe in Houdini it's possible but I don't know how. I attached a clip to better show what I mean. Thank you Ray 2018-09-21 12-09-15.mp4
  6. H16 Principled Shader : SSS Noise

    I'm trying in H16.5 and it seems that parameter is not working anymore, it has no effect ...
  7. I'm trying to use this setup but is it possible to use an alembic file as animation ? I mean copying an alembic animation instead of the cubes that are now moving, and make the animation start using the same trigger ? I'm trying but with no success Thank you Ray
  8. "Active" Attribute

    Maybe this can help
  9. Hello guys, when I use the Render View I notice in the list of the renderable cameras I have more than one “scene view”, sometimes they become three or four, depending on the scene. For example now by default I have two of them. Probably Houdini automatically creates another view when I activate my saved desktop, but I don't understand where I can see the list of those views and how I can delete/create them, I did some tests and I have to say I still don't get it. I mean, I often have two or three scene views in the render view list, but I don't have the corresponding tabs open in the interface. There is only one scene view tab open, I can't find any other, they must be hidden somewhere but I can't find them Anyone can help ? Thank you Ray
  10. Fracturing animated object

    found what I was looking for
  11. Hello guys I know this was asked before but I couldn't find a solution. I am trying to fracture an animated object, for example a simple sphere deformed with a mountain sop (or an alembic file). I create the RBD packed objects and start simulation, on the static object everything works fine. If I set the RBD packed object to “deforming active objects” the simulation “explodes”. I guess it's because the object keeps going with its animation and adds the dynamic simulation. So I am trying to dynamically set the “deforming” attribute to zero but I can't understand how. My goal would be to set the deforming attribute to 0 when the the active attribute is 1, and controlling the active attribute with an attribute transfer at sop level. I forgot to mention that I applied the voronoi fracture on the static geo and then point deform it using a lattice sop Anyone can help ? Thank you Ray
  12. Export alembic to Maya problem

    It seems that I made it, I created a primitive attribute (string) and put the value "$PR". Then in the Rop alembic output I enabled "build hierarchy from attribute" and specified the new attribute. And it works ! Is this the correct workflow ? Thank you Ray
  13. Hello guys, I just followed this (incredible) tutorial by Tolya Shuverov to create a spider web (https://vimeo.com/163840170). Now I want to export to Maya using Alembic, I used file node or the rop alembic node, but when I import it in Maya it results in a single transform node with thousands of shape nodes inside (one for each Houdini primitive). So I can't manipulate it, and even opening the attribute editor is a very long process. How can I export the file so that in Maya I can see a transform node for each primitive ? Thank you Ray
  14. Controlling active value with paint colors

    Thank you, I opened it, it's very complicated for me but very interesting I'm going to study it in detail. I saw you didn't use the active value node, I guess it's not the best workflow isn't it ? Thank you