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  1. Rainbow over water

    Cheers Ian!
  2. Rainbow over water

    any houdini methods?
  3. Rainbow over water

    How would i end up creating a rainbow over the water spray i created.Whats the approach for creating that.
  4. hqueue?

    Its expensive for an individual though!
  5. hqueue?

    thanks for the info Peter..I often encountered the word Hqueue with amazon cloud rendering Could hqueue be used to cache the frames simultaneously too? i mean to render out the bgeo and .sim files simultaneously(running 1 frame in 1 proc). Caching and Rendering is CPU Intensive or GPU intensive??(I know a little that cpu is needed to push to gpu) .Can hqueue be used for that too. I have not tested HQueue yet as I was not sure about its purpose
  6. HQueue errors in Win7x64

    does hqueue works with the apprentice version? or we have to get a master license
  7. hqueue?

    I am not sure about Hqueue still.I dont have a renderfarm at my place. Is it possible to render the frames simulatenously using HQueue.i.e. for example to split the frame in each core of my machine and run it..for that kind of stuff,what is the prerequisite.
  8. multiples GPU

    Very useful topic https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/469402/
  9. Build me a houdini desktop

    wow thats great to hear!! opencl simulation?
  10. IGAD Houdini Lectures on Procedural modelling are online.

    thanks for the link kim!
  11. multiples GPU

    @marty: awesome
  12. multiples GPU

    One of my friend suggested to go for a mother board which has sli x8/x8. 1)So right now im going with evga gtx 7806gb does that mean that i have to go for the same gpu if i later think to upgrade my system with my second gpu. or go with crossfire. 2) sli goes only with nvidia card. amd goes only with crossfire... can the second gpu be from amd and the first gpu be from nvidia 3) how do we set 1gpu for graphic and 2nd gpu for compute how do we set up this.. would be great if someone shares info.. sorry if anything i posted is silly
  13. Simulation render issue

    chances are there if u have cached it only till frame 157.can u share the hip?
  14. Build me a houdini desktop

    decided to go with evga 780 6gb and i7 haswell board..
  15. Flipsolver transfer the Point Colors to Fluid Object

    when you use popsolver in flip,try to change the rehomeparticles to left most generator also play with force override ballistic0 (full FLIP) to 1 (particle network forces only) in particle motion tab for mixing colors, see peter quint tutorial.usually some gascalculate,gasmatchfield and gasparticletofield microsolvers are used