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  1. Basic Glass Fill

    I havent realy used Flips in houdini, so i have this realy basic problem.... So I have set up this scene from shelf tools, and it seems i cant figure out how to make a basic glass fill with fluid, it just dosnt fill up, it seems like particles are been deleted.... I have attached my test/example scene. I hope someone can explain me why its not working. Thanks in advance, Tom glass_fill_basic.hipnc
  2. Procedural velocity damping by area?

    First thing that came in my mind would be to apply opposite force if velocity is bigger than some value (the more it goes over this value, the bigger is the opposite force). But im not a big FLIP pro so maybe there is a better solution.
  3. rendering using cloud services.

    How did they drop the ball? Maybe they have some server connection issues or they have announced something?
  4. I'm currently working on some balloon simulations. What would be the best workflow (procedural) on how to setup about 50 balloon simulation and more? Basicly, what would be the best way how to get those 50-60 balloons in DOPs to simulate as FEM? I would pose them in SOPs and then use some forces on them to push around. Thanks in advance, Tom
  5. FEM balloons

    Thanks for the reply Marty I already tried something similar but I wanted to see if there is some other workflows how to otpimize this, except making bigger tets.
  6. I'm currently working on some balloon simulations. What would be the best workflow (procedural) on how to setup about 50 balloon simulation and more? Basicly, what would be the best way how to get those 50-60 balloons in DOPs to simulate as FEM? I would pose them in SOPs and then use some forces on them to push around. Thanks in advance, Tom
  7. Space Challenges | Ad

    One of the recent CG ads my team at BlueLake created, where Houdini was used to do FX and some geometry magic. Project was done for the spaceedu.net Concept art: Final: Cheers, Tom
  8. Space Challenges | Ad

    Paldies! Thanks Happy to see other Latvians diving into the Houdini world
  9. Hi. I would like to ask for an advice for making a tree growth animation in Houdini. If there are some tutorials or any other kind of materials that could help me, I would appriciate if you could share with them Growth happens for around 2 minutes. Tree growth will start like a seed (very small/thin trunk) similirat to this animation but without leaves https://vimeo.com/32134340#t=6s As more branches grow, thicker the trunk becomes. This animation has to be very art directable, so randomly growing is not an option (except the very last levels of branches). My inital plan is to to manuali draw first 2-3 levels of branches (including trunk) and then run it though some assets that I will build wich does the growth (with all the animation controls and etc). I have attached concept images that have to be replicated almost 100%. Thanks in advance! Tom
  10. How to create a realistic soap bubble shader in Mantra, that would be used in live action footage? With default shader, it seems I cant get the right look.
  11. Soap Bubble Shader

    Thanks Marty and John for the suggestions
  12. Tree Growth Animation

    Well, thats the look I need to make even if its not the realistic scenario.
  13. Tree Growth Animation

    This is my current progress: It takes 2 files, where each one containts different level of branch curves and does the growth based on them. Also thanks to Johnny Roek for his example scene, that can be found here https://www.facebook.com/groups/HoudiniFX/1066421030040292/ Next problem: I would like to do is create behavior like this. Where branch that "borns" follows the growth. I have attached two scene files. One with the progress and one with the follow behavior example. Tree_Dev_Day1_progress.hip Tree_Test_002.hip
  14. Basic Glass Fill

    Thanks for the idea Anthony. But that didnt work either. It works only if the thickness of the collision object is increased (also the volume collision works properly then) I'm just wondering why the colision are not working even when the collision volumes are looking good, for thin objects. I have updated the scene. (it might be useful for others) I added POP Wind for air resistance, to make it more stable (so the water wont shoot out of the glass lika a rocket ), is this is a good practice on how to make the FLIPs "stable" ? This is how it looks now: glass_fill_basic_v2.hipnc
  15. Arnold, JF Nested Dielectric

    Anyone knows how to get this in Houdini? I have never used custom shaders, that are not for Mantra, so I have no clue what one has to do to get this thing to work in HtoA http://www.psyop.tv/psyop-releases-jf-nested-dielectric-open-sourced-shader/ I hope someone can guide me in right direction. Thanks in advance, Tom
  16. Arnold, JF Nested Dielectric

    Thanks, got it working, for some reason i forgot to drop it in procedurals maps.... these little mistakes
  17. Arnold, JF Nested Dielectric

    Thanks, but it seems support page currently is down. Gave me "HTTP 500 Status" error message.
  18. Challenge Topic/Format

    I agree to eetu, although its not the hardest thing to do, but it looks nice and at the same it can be challenging to add some artistic/techical twist to make it unique +1 for the color thingy.
  19. This topic is pure gold! Things like this can only happen in houdini land. Thank you Jim for this brilliant work. Cheers! Tom
  20. Houdini Indie

    4.5k a month would be more logical, you cant live with 0 income. But i dont see where is the problem, this is still much more usable than Maya LT and cheaper at the same time. Only big problem for freelancers/hobbysts can be the 3rd party render engine limit.

    Clouds move quite fast, seems like its supposed to be like a timelapse/accelerated version. Or clouds are very close to camera... Nice work regardless I like those small splash droplets.
  22. Octane Render 2.0

    Redshift already have passes and all the stuff, except volumetric rendering (wich is gonna be there soon) and its just so much faster than octane and cycles. So only limitation is bugs and some other integration things (like not supporting all procedural textures). After using redshift for some time i can say that GPUs will replace (and are replacing) CPUs soon, atleast for freelancers. So id be more willing to have Redshift in H, than Octane or other gpu renders (except Mantra itslef, that would be awesome)
  23. Yes, you can submit bugs (and they get fixed quite fast, but that can depend ) or RFEs, even if you use free apprentice version.
  24. Can you stick to flip the object?

    Check this topic http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=25343&highlight=sticky+flip This video was made from scenes that are found on that topic.
  25. Houdini PRT Exporter

    Check my post here http://forums.odforce.net/topic/19125-prt-ropdriver-how-to/#entry116758