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  1. Use Sop attributes with instancefile

    My hero ! Thanks Tomas ! I don't use much material node generally, easy solution and great result Thanks as well for the packed primitives solution !
  2. Hi everyone, I apologize if this has already been asked but i couldn't find an answer for this precise case. I have points with a bunch of attributes and I'm using an Instance Node to render them. Each instances is set by an instancefile attribute. I want to use the id attributes to export aovs from the shader but I can't find a way to have the instances inheriting the points attributes. You can see in the example file what I wish to do with the instance display node unpacked. I saw post about the function instancepoint() applied to the object to instance but I guess that in my case I cannot use this with instancefile since files are written ahead. Maybe should I find an other way to instance my geometries which are currently in files debris.0001-0050.bgeo.sc using the attributes pieceNbToInstance to somehow filter the piece to import but ideally I'd like to use the easiest way if possible so I don't write unneeded stuff in the IFds. Any ideas ? Thanks ! Chris instancefileWithAovsUsingAttributes.v1.hipnc
  3. HDA or Gallery ?

    Hi guys, I've been searching a lot, trying a lot and now I'd like some input as well from experienced users. Everywhere it's always about HDAs and there is really not much about gallerys but they don't seem some so useless to me. So I wrote the Pro and Cons which concern me the most and I'd like to know what you think of it. The real question is not really if I should use HDAs or not, it's more about where could be the limit between gallery and otls, is it worth using otls for everything ? Then what the gallery manager is made for then ? Or is it a relic of some older Houdini versions ? Gallery Pros - easy to save, modify and visualize Cons - not sure if it's memory efficient, is it all loaded with Houdini or only labels ? In which case, it would make the decision easy - no versioning HDAs Pros - versioning - updates can be shared through scenes Cons - saving a new version is a bit painful and if you mistake in the order of doing things you may have to redo some stuff (promoting parameters from parameters interface rather than type properties for example) - the versioning is not so good and we would probably make our own versioning system anyway Thanks for your wisdom ! Chris
  4. Stop wire sim after collision

    Hi, I have a bunch of wire elements being projected and falling onto a flat surface. I was wondering what way I have to just stop some objects from my wire sim or take them out from the wire solver once they collide with the ground. Currently they keep moving after settling down on the ground. Cheers Chris
  5. Use geometry curvature to increase emission

    Alright, I got what I was doing wrong, I was Overriding Cd directly from the measure SOP, I thought the Min/Max parameter was acting like a Fit but it seems to act like a Clamp. Should have checked the details view, lazy me ... Thanks ^^ Chistof
  6. Hi, I was trying to use the measure sop and the curvature mode to filter the flat part of my object and emit only from curved area but I didn't find very successul, does anyone know any other way to filter those areas ? Thanks ! Chistof