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  1. Some Maya To Houdini Tips

    Cheers, I started with Maya, this is helpful for the hotkeys and general info, I still use it all the time. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini9.5/start/maya_transition
  2. export houdini animation to maya

    thanks for this script
  3. compiled HOT file for Houdini 11.0.446.9

    I am sorry, I am not very good with this stuff, especially importing plug-ins when it comes to any program, I think i did what you said correctly, can't get the SOPs or anything to work in Houdini. I am using Houdini 11 and I am operating on Mac snow leopard Please help, I want to start working with HOT and eventually figure how to get it working in Maya with mental ray renderer thanks