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  1. Simple Character Rig With Blendshapes

    I never would have thought of that, Thanks very much fellas. If I were to do fluids, say, coffee spilling over the lip, would I use particles linked to metaballs? I've only mucked around with particles when I was watching some 3D Buzz tutorials. In other packages I wouldn't consider it.
  2. Simple Character Rig With Blendshapes

    Hey, thanks Edward, I'm honored that you took the time to check it out. I see what you mean about the lipsync controls. I was using a subnet instead of parenting and I need to adjust the pivots. Thanks very much for the suggestions for onion skinning. Jason's motion trail HDA is pretty cool. It was a good opportunity to become familiar with Digital Assets. Tinkering with the Open GL tab on a new camera was fun and along the way I learnt about the memory controls and how to set up hot keys. I learnt a lot today! Gurbo
  3. Hello, I put a pretty clunky rig together for my coffee cup 'Cuppa Joe'. I started setting some keyframes on it - just to test it out. Please have a look and check it out! Couple of tiny questions.. Does Houdini have any onion skinning feature that can show previous keyframe poses or a trajectory? I still have to apply a POP network to get some steam and fluid. Not sure if I should put the emitter out the spout or inside to get some particles colliding and sliding. Gurbo cuppa_joe04j_animjump.zip
  4. Thanks old school, I'm not that familiar with the Capture Proximity SOP, thanks for explaining it. I am coming up to painting weights so I appreciate your tips - I'll have your post up for reference as I go through. The quote above, I take it that the bones have already been made but that you are just (selecting and) adding them to the Capture SOPs. I got confused with this last time I was skinning. I ended up having different Paint Layer Capture SOPs all over the place and not sure what any of them did. Thanks Gurb
  5. Thanks for the reply MatrixNAN, I've tried using ZBrush and I must say that I found the interface for 3D tumbling to be strange. Great for experimentation. I found the Z spheres cumbersome but the painting tools were nice. Their concept of edgeloops seems to be different to other 3d apps(?). I decided not to pursue it because I found managing the poly count a little difficult, the gallery pics I've seen tend to look hand painted and people seem to go so nuts with the displacement modelling that the models look like they are blistering. Other than that a lovely tool and I'll check it out a bit more thoroughly. Cheers
  6. 3dstudio Maxya?

    From what I've been reading Alias has been scaling back on their R & D since version 6(?) and Max was written by third party developers anyway so perhaps new tools and toys will be sometime coming.. I'm more interested in the industry response to this acquisition. My impression is that Autodesk is seen in a similar light to Microsoft. While having a huge user base of max and maya users combined perhaps it will give 3D apps like XSI, Lightwave, and of course, Houdini a chance to catch up market share. No need to slash the price of software anymore. Gurbo
  7. Box modelling with reference images?

    Stu, Thanks for the reply, It took a while for your reply to sink in... I've been able to get it to work now - I was looking for the transparency check box in the shader parms. Just curious though. I set the OpenGL tab in the VEX plastic SHOP networkto 0.3 but it still looks fully opaque in the the SHOP viewer window. Is this a graphics card thing because it is Open GL? Thanks Gurbo
  8. Hello, I glad that this topic has been revisited since I last posted the initial questions. At the time I was scoping out possible topics for a Master's thesis. And as Jason O states in his book that the techniques are not software specific, I'm comparing the approach between maya and Houdini to see if the principles of visimes is actually a new development in character animation. I hope to post the finished paper and associated workflow in Houdini when I'm done. I'm still plugging away at it. Thanks for the info about the wireDeform, Edward. So far I have found it easier to carry out the task in Houdini - but I did have a bit of giref with weighting the eyelid points. Thanks for the feedback Gurbo
  9. Howdy, I know nothing about compositing in Halo, This is more a general question. I saw a couple of clips from a studio here in Melbourne, Aust. They show different plates which make up a shot. It has me stumped how they make a 'roto matte' like an alpha channel, from live action footage so they can comp CG elements in behind. These are crowd scenes so I'm wondering if they hand painted these mattes or if there is a software solution. Tar Gurbo
  10. Howdy, From time to time someone always pipes up asking if Houdini has Non Linear Animation capabilities.. I was mucking around with the Take Pane and I noticed I could merge different Takes together. Admittedly it was the translation and rotation of a box. This may be a bit simplistic but I don't know much about using Takes. Could this be a quick and dirty solution? Any comments on the Take Manager would be gladly welcomed. Tar Gurbo
  11. Hello chaps, Thank you very much for the suggestions. I got it to work in a very rudimentary way - but I was deleting histories and copying geometry to the one SOP where I hooked them all up to a Blendshape SOP. This seems to be the Maya way but I've gathered that this approach runs counter to procedural paradigm in Houdini.. Jason, I'm still getting the hang of the Morph tool but I enjoy using it. It appears to only like point data and not being driven by bones. Edward, So, if I pose the bone, go into the SOP level create a null and lock it, do that again then I have two blendshapes I can blend between. Elegant. Arctor, Unfortunately I know little about Hscript - and I can't find any learning materials apart from about 10 minutes in the introductory Buzz VTM. I'm not familiar with the UNIX command line interface either. /obj/my_box -> sopcreateedit name sop1 sop 2 'name' is the label of the edit tile that will be created and sop 1 is the SOP that I am copying from (null1) and...I don't get what sop2 does. Do I have to make a SOP to copy the pose to.. No that's not right.. I made it work - but I'm not sure how. I check the new tiles and they all appear the same. Do I need to lock them, perhaps. I've learn how to change directories! Gurbo
  12. G'day, I have had a wonderful time modelling a head complete with teeth, gums, mouth sock and tongue. I popped some bones inside and captured the geometry. I opened the jaw (his lips are still stuck together) and now I am using the paint capture layer to set the geometry of the lower jaw to my jaw bone. I've found this is a good way to wrangle all those points into some resemblance of order.. Is there any way that I can capture this pose at the OBJ level and make it into an edit SOP so I can use it as the basis for a blendshape? Thanks very much for the help.
  13. This is the only place where I've read about someone paying out on animators. I'm coming from a 2D animation background and to get more 'bang for your buck' it is suggested that the animator 'break' the joints. Momentarily crack the knee backwards as your character puts their foot down to get a cartoony motion. Richard Williams advocates this quite a bit in his book. As far as 3d stuff goes I find this technique really hard to pull off in terms of rigging. Is it best just to not bother and accept this as a limitation of CGI character animation? Gurbo
  14. Aah, Now I get it. (Had to read it several times) Yeah, funny you should say that. I've been trying to wrangle the head mesh and the eyes altogether in one OBJ tile using visibility SOPs. I'm sure this will make things easier. Also I think I was making things a bit more difficult because I'm trying to interpret a Maya tutorial. Maya doesn't have that nifty little trick of offsetting a bone from it's parent (Cntrl+MMB on the parent when creating bones). I think I can now simplify my rig. Thanks Arctor! Gurbo
  15. Pretty straight forward question, I've found I can't assume anything in Houdini will be the same as Max or Maya. Is it best to rig characters in Houdini with pre-bent limbs so the IK bends the joint in the right direction? Also I notice that Valerie puts together a IK chain of three bones in the SideFX rigging video (a Bicep, a little one in the elbow and the fore-arm bone). This was considered a taboo in Max. Tar Gurbo