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  1. Roberto Domeneghini - FX Reel

    Hello everybody, my name is Roberto and I'm Italian. I would like to show you my reel. I'm looking for a Jr. Houdini FX Artist position; I'm in Italy right now, but I'm willing to relocate. Here is my reel: https://vimeo.com/51462229 and my website: www.domefx.com Thanks for your attention Roberto
  2. Fractured Ground

    thank you
  3. Fractured Ground

    Hi all I want to start to thanks all the community because this permitted to me to learn a lot anyway this is probably my first post here and I would love to start showing one of my last personal work I made this to learn something more about smokesolvers and microsolvers The smoke and dust are made of three different grids. mainly microsolvers I used are about disturbance, dissipation and some sort of turbulence in post-solve and velocity imput. I used to emit density from particles for the main explosions. The dust between the ground pieces is made of sprites. Hope you like it and to receive comments and critiques https://vimeo.com/49460385