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  1. I was to quick. Sorry! I did try with your file but it is not work because u and v direction do not match when I convert to Mesh. Perhaps there is better way but I do not know.
  2. Can you not use Convert-SOP to change geometry to NURBS or mesh and get curves with Carve-SOP?
  3. Thank you very much! I will try do it this way.
  4. I do calculation on arrays in VEX. It is no problem to write function to return one array but how can I return another array? In python this is easy but I do not know how is possible in VEX. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thank you very much petz! You are right, VEX solution is a lot faster as expression. On my computer it is around 5000 times faster !
  6. The file provided by eetu work very good but if I use expression `primneighbours(opinputpath(".", 0), $PR, 2)` in AttribCreate-Sop it is very slow for big mesh. Is there other way to find neighbour primitives for every primitive in mesh? Thank you very much!!
  7. Thank you very much eetu, this is what I was looking for.
  8. Hello all! How can I find all connected primitives to given prim in big polygon mesh? For example if I have prim number 10 and want find surrounding prims. Thank you very much!!!
  9. @Condor29 Thank you, I did try this but it only works with quads. My geometry is not clean because I have triangles, quads and n-gons (picture in my first post is only example). It works good for simple plane but not for more complex geometry. @freaq Thank you for tip. I allways forget orbolt. I think the asset is locked and if I want change something it is not possible. And I like to learn from it how something like cut with curve can work All tips are welcome. Thank you again.
  10. Hello all! How can I cut Polygon Geometry with curve? Is it possible? Please see Image. Thank you very much!!!
  11. Petz thank you very much!! It help me very much do what I want.
  12. Hello! I have question how connect points only vertical through Pointcloud. I want find nearest point and that angle is over 60 degree. Please see picture. I have much Points so it must be fast as possible. Thank you!!!
  13. Hello all! I have Python Sop and inside node I have function to split some polygons. But because splitting takes long time I want to do it only if geometry of input does change. I tried to use hou.Node.addEventCallback but it does not work for me. What I have so far is code below: event_types = (hou.nodeEventType.InputDataChanged, hou.nodeEventType.InputRewired) def split_polygons(geo): "do some splitting" return polygons def onchange(**kwargs): node_in = kwargs["node"] geo_in = node_in.geometry() split_polygons(geo_in) node.addEventCallback(event_types, onchange) polygons = split_polygons(geo) "do something with polygons" [/CODE] This does not work because I do not know how I can get the polygons which are returned by function only if input change. Thank you in advance!!!
  14. Hello! With right button over node i can use Preview Window just for this node. Is it possible to make same in Python? I found hou.FloatingPanel and hou.PaneTab and then set to SceneViewer. But how can I make it to show only geometry from specific node? Thank you!
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