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  1. pyro banding issue

    well you can try adding noise(changing with time) to your source in Y-axis and if you already have noise, then try increasing rate of change of noise and also increasing amplitude of noise. Basically, play with noise of source it will solve you issue.
  2. M getting following error in log after launching render, /houdini/python2.7libs\\hou.py", line 42828, in load\n return _hou.hipFile_load(*args, **kwargs)\n', 'OperationFailed: The attempted operation failed.\nUnable to open file: Z:/filePath/FileName.hip Can any one help me with solving this issue!!! Thanks in advance. note: 1. m using houdini 13. 2. M trying to launch render in farm, local machine its working fine. Only difference between farm machine and local machine is graphics card.
  3. Is there a way of generating ST maps in houdini, so that it can be used in nuke to comp. Thanks in advance!!
  4. I was trying to export camera from maya (via alembic), that camera had camera scaled value of 1.5. Then i discovered in Houdini that camera got exported with wrong camera scale, as in render from the cam in houdini wasn't matching the render in maya. Then i re-exported the cam, this time with camera scale value on 1/1.5(i.e 0.666) and the render in houdini was matching with render render from maya with camera scale of 1.5. My problem got fixed, but just wanted to know if this is standard thing with alembic or just my file?
  5. How to get swirling motion on flying off particles

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iq93o3nzwVs&feature=youtube_gdata_player&noredirect=1 got this though, was helpful!!!
  6. How to get swirling motion on flying off particles

    yeah, i tried that but the option to do anything is very limited. I was hoping if someone can help me with popvop for this one, i having difficulty assigning, random bunch of particle, center to swirl around.
  7. How to get swirl motion on particle like this in video. I want to replicate effect exactly like this . Particles are coming out of object and then swirling off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQgZ8hUWKXM
  8. custom attr fails on color sop but works on point sop

    SOP color doesn't support local variable (which all ur custom attributes are) and point node does. here is the list of global variable(hence supported by SOP color node) http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini13.0/expressions/_globals u can read more about sop color node here http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini13.0/nodes/sop/color
  9. Find and process distance between fracture primitive/pieces

    Interesting, I was working on same kind of problem. For that i used popnet(old), I created one particle for each face, particle has no velocity it just follows the centroid of face and check for nearest particle and nearest dist through proximity pop node. then outside pop node i applied a simple vop logic to check if there is change in nearest distance attribute and if yes, i add a Cd attribute. I should also check debris source sop. I have no idea which will be faster.
  10. Houdini in mac

    Yeah I saw that but couldn't find MainMenuCommon I found it. $HFS reveals the path. Anyway thanx for help
  11. Houdini in mac

    i am new to houdini in mac, where can i find houdini folder where everything is installed ? where can i find MainMenuCommon folder in mac ? where are the prefrences folder of houdini in mac ?
  12. is there a particle create tool in houdini

    try clicking on view on vimeo link under it or just open vimeo.com and append /17309337 to it. u can also search it on google by typing "peter quint particle leaves on vimeo"
  13. is there a particle create tool in houdini

    few video tutorial that might help you 1) http://www.sidefx.co...2202&Itemid=132 2) http://vimeo.com/17309337
  14. Disturbing the surrounding velocity field outside of the density field

    You can use vel blur and subtract it from vel field, here is step to create it : 1 create vel blur field(with gas match field node) 2 copy value of vel field in vel blur( with gas calculate node) 3 the blur the velblur field (with gas blur node) then in gasfieldvop import both attribute(vel and vel blur), subtract them and the add the result to the vel field and output the result at as vel field again (this may not giv you result straight away you may have to do some mathematical operation to tweak result inside vop) final step merge the four nodes(gas match field , gas calculate, gas blur and gasfieldvop) hope this will help.
  15. For first problem, you have to convert points from pop to rbd points. I haven't tried it myself yet but i think this is one way. here is a thread which might be helpful for second, you can use stamp function with help of copy node here is nice tutorial on it.